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Moon you can see, every view from the sky
Tell me what the moon is saying to me

See, tell me what you feel
After drowning in tears, I wakes up overnight
To console you have something to do!
Immense with pleasure , mind is in leisure
Have a lot of love, ​​lovely with loved ones
Tell me what is sleeping in the memories

You just say it, moonlight has got it
By making showoff , it is laughter
Why is it going to be unknowingly?
Tell me what is lost in love

After the night, afternoon, after the distance
Chill weather, subverse lame, lukewarm
Being drunken, after the heart.

Are we tasting happiness
Blossomed after our simplicity ..
You come, like angel
Get illuminated look, after the arrow.

This is a kiss, for whom is love
After getting us a wisdom.
Forget us, I am worried
Go away from where we are a day
After life will stay in your heart.
Yes, go to her and say why sadness

Both are living under the same sky
The same is the same and the same wind
The only Moon is drinking the moonlight
There are some distances on love now
Love is a sake of sadness, tell me

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Beautiful poem…. Shared with 300 million people on Twitter. #blurtlove

Thank you so much 😊🙏