should it be really valued? (Original Poem)

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I valued you for a long time
I put all my passion and sincerity into it
It filled most of my life
nothing else was visible
I knew my purpose in life and lived it
No, I was brainwashed with a goal.

put it down for a while
And I looked around
And I thought.
not a goal in life
achieving goals in life
I realized it was one of the tools.

really precious
I had forgotten what
If tomorrow is the Judgment Day of my life
You can't think so extreme
But what they do now is to me
Is it really precious?

have to think about it
if you come back too far
like that's the goal in life
If you believe and live
Hook at some point and lose strength
There may be such a day.

So it has to be really important.
You need to know what is really valuable.
everything is so precious
It exists and is done for the sake of it.
I think about it tons lately .

I think I saw something else
And I think you know what's important
It seems like it hooked once and the wind was gone
So now I'm focusing on
is in progress based on that precious thing
should it be really valued??

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