Shadow in the eyes || Original Poem

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Between sunlight, city and surrounding,
The clarity has a Vision . What's my place?
Which corner is where anyone can fit themselves?
Questions wait for poetry, like you stand in wait.
Shadow in the eyes, awaits sunlight.

Curiosity awaits, front road, mud, water,
A motor passed now and the smell has stood by the air.
As soon as the stream in the river overflows,
Water got a chance to shine in the sun.
Desperate is all, while living, where I see, where we avoid loving the escape.

There are marks of burning in my hand,
The eyes are heavy by sleep,thinking about
Rest can be so far, so many skies are enough to shine
Poet oriented to love and turn at least one threadache in all the days of the day from tragedies.

There are so many corpses to go between the grave of the emperor's grave
If you can see God's palace also see you between God's fort
Long-term tunnels of ideology, torches on two and a half miles . Where did you turn away?

In the whole day, the pollution, in the trees, tied wrist
Tonight voice will not come, nor will I find poetry in last night,
Looking in the darkness, the source of electricity, we will live until the sun will.
it does not make sense
I forget what I have to write - swinging between dissatisfied, burns, slaggling and simple

Remembering the bowing in front of the body, God became a farm, the war of tragedies was played several times,
All the noise is stopped, when you sings whispered-C, in my ears,
Shadow in the eyes, awaits sunlight...

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