Other Side of Life Spectrum!

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Why is it so dark in this light
Going to another room
Quickly collide
Why is democracy?
Why do daggers look at friendship
Warehouse is full of grains but why is so hungry
The body is strong but the soul is so weak
Why is there a fear of loosing home
Why is this light in this darkness?
For many days it's been shining
Anger and staying angry is quite painful
Brain veins have crossed their limitations of flexibility
Blood is on normal blood pressure deviation
To control the stress of the anger, angry in the forehead
Try but neutral
Hot headed people are beginning to look around
It is a matter that people holding head in their hands
Try to torture something
Fearless people are roaming but blood is hot
Open to hide a reasonable pain
Now any one has said that it is beautiful to the world
How come?
The world is going to be as beautiful
How we are going to be equal
But staying
Die like a simple man
Without any profits and nagging
But do not die unclaimed
What about the other spectrum..
Die but no widow cried after death
A child does not get orphan
Die that no one has to force the forehead
Fishes in water like death
Do not die to be immortal
Die on someone's shoulder
Keep the head in that dock
For which lifetime
Do not die in sleep
Do not die everyday
Do not borrow
The desire to live
Do not die
Do not die in despair
Do not die in failure
Trying to die we repeatedly
But we won
Many died but we have to win
Removed from home but we won
Cheated but stayed
Insults are hurting everyday
But staying here
What about the other spectrum...

There is always a bright side, bright future, bright living and bright lights. But on the other side of spectrum there is misery, poverty, helpness, sadness and a whole world of upside. What is this world? Who these people are? Do we know each other?
If we see clearly through the spectrum of life there has always been a other side, struggling and suffering constantly. We often cross each others path but that light is beyond our multidimensional and futuristic spectrum. Are we ignoring this or are we the one ignored? Is there any hope on this other side of spectrum? Is there any choice? Are we the ones who created the other spectrum? How far we have come that there is no turning back now. These is wide gap in dreams and reality now.

Offcourse We are, How could be then this division in spectrum of origin occurred? I see everyday innocent and helpless faces staring at the bright lights of our so called well-off spectrum. It is shame the divide between both the sides of spectrum is increasing day by day. Is the other side a wasted spectrum and if so than why do the people of other side toiling hare doing the labour for rich ones and bringing more light to the well-off spectrum. Is this division of spectrum of humanity justified?

As long as the name of the lights,
I do not have to burn every lamp.
The darkness of the night came,
Keep burning every lamp until Noon.

Hope in our eye,
love in the heart,
burn the evil of inequality,
fill the oil of humanity.

Break the threshold of poverty,
fill the richness into heart,
Run the new dimension to the relationship.
Whatever the light is, just get into a single spectrum
The spectrum of hope, prosperity and peace!

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