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Laughter heals all wounds, and that's one thing that everybody shares. No matter what you're going through, it makes you forget about your problems. I think the world should keep laughing - Kevin Hart

The more I get angry, the more angry.
The more sounds of the sound, the greater the sound. Blood pressure climbed and the back is pulled. If you get a little more severe, you will be fed with tear into your eyes.

I laugh too much, laughing. It gets bigger and bigger. If you make a smile, Depending on laughter, body is also hidden.
And I'm into tears. I smile too much.

It is said that 'Laughter is the best medicine'. And yes it is. Sometimes you need it and sometimes you don't. If we really think, anger cannot justify our actions. It definitely is not a solution to anything. I can't stay angry for long, I am more of a jolly kind ☺️.

Some people prefer anger intentionally to make things work out for themselves, they always carry an angry man image. I don't think how that influence on others. But it definitely doesn't impress me, moreover I may be frightened. Everyone wants around to be in company of humour and laughter. And a person who faces adversities and difficult times with laughter and happiness is really blessed.

What motivates your actions most, is it anger? Remember, Controlling anger is too difficult. No, it should not be anger.
Now, I wrote like this, I am calm and happy.
I wish I'm sick with laughter, I would like to write today. Is it possible to write with anger?
Well what you like ....

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Passive Income

The need for income pipes has been talking several times.

Do not worry from now on, you should make it right now. If someone is a music or a book, there is a talent in the income pipe. You can make, but the ordinary we are not easy.

I have to make it still. Unconditional ~~~
You have to make yourself and make the way you are investing and making it unconditionally.

The future I am looking at is for those who have not ready this pipe in advance
It can be difficult to compare to now.

I believe that steaming can be a pretty decent tool. Take advantage of steaming among various pipes. Here you can do a lot of stable income here.

Now a wide range of good cars, big TV Delicious food, I do not know ..
It is also important. However, you must construct the portfolio well.
Many seem to be invested, but they are not actual investment,
It can be.

Make it quick if possible ~ ~

Create, enlarge, increase the quantity, increase the type
And ready to be responsible for the minimum amount of money.
Must be very fast ~~~

You should quickly prepare the world.

It should be prepared to be small. Be sure ~~~

Do you just feel it ??? It will be getting harder.
Stable job is not easy to self-employment that is not easy.
So we now have to prepare several income pipes.
It is not to encourage anxiety. I am thinking quickly.

If you do not have anything now, let's really troublesome !!

Suddenly I remembered.
If you have a lifetime guaranteed income
We can say that we are economically free?

Every person wants to have the desired lifestyle. I am very simple and no greedy person. If the value of the current income value is on the level, I will be free to be free.

I do not care anything, I have to come in.

Then most of the study travel volunteer activity, You can do what you want to do.
It is not very crazy, but it is not lacking.
I do not have much important this.

So is it possible?
I think it is possible.
It is possible to be possible in the system.

I think it's a thrill. You can work a little bit short. It's a bit played and eating it.
Rainy day just a pleasant imagination
I worried about the realization method and turn it off.

What is the criteria for your economic monthly income? Please comment 🤔

Thank You and Have a Great day ☺️🙏

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