Failure is a symbol of Success!

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“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” - Robert T. Kiyosaki

If we see to an extent, we learn a lot from small failures in life, which later can turn into great success.

Friends, No body wants to be a failure, sometimes things just don't happen the way we wanted, that's normal, don't get stuck into it, move forward and find out the reason behind it.


What lessons failure teaches :

Perseverance and Never Give Up

If you have a true passion in your heart and your own self confidence, then you will definitely achieve anything. This is the truth of this world ... all of us are well-being.

When man gets failures, he becomes a little disturbed. It seems unhappy because he did not succeed after trying, so he lost, so the first point of lessons learned from failures is work hard and never accept defeat, One day win will be yours.

Learning from mistakes

Mistakes are common , there is no such person on this earth, which does not make a mistake, even behind it, there is a logic work that any work has to be made from it, suppose a man do 10 work then all 10 work may not be correct, we can expect 1 or 2 work must be wrong every time it is never a mistake. Sometimes the results remain 100%.

We are talking about mistakes and remove them, how to find mistakes ... If you have a successful business then see how your business is going on, if you do a job then see is something wrong in your work. if you are a student then see your studies have no trouble in the Schedule ...

If it is, then understand that what is happening and what will not happen if you do this work, then your big problem will be solved and you will learn another lessons learned from failures.

Get Strength from Failures

You must have seen many times, you have done it too. We put much effort to do any work, trying again and again because it gives us a power because it has not happened this time but I have Self Confidence. It will happen and then it gets spreading, but wins at last, this victory comes from the power of failure.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” - Thomas A. Edison

Thomas Alva Edison, we all know who invented the bulb, after failing 999 times, he invented the bulb ... I mean to say, how many times we Fail is not acceptable, because the strength is getting strength from the failures.


Always be Humble

When any person fails to face failures then obviously his nature becomes a little irritated. All this person does not do it himself. This is because of the MIND set ... he says no When success was found, it became happy and when the failure was found then he should not work.

You kept doing karma and believe in your karma and do not give up, many times you will not be scared, because you have to give luck once to win and in this way you will win, but how can we be? It should be polite.

Gaining experience and knowledge

When you do something a lot of time then you know a lot in that effort, then you start telling the other way that you have received from your experience, Point is to experience and get knowledge, share it with your team, share with your business partner, in this way you will become a good person and an experienced advisor.

Friends, I wish you never fail in life. All the success of the world should be at your step and everything you want you get it.

Thank You and Have a Great Day 😊🙏

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Learning from mistakes is growing and the fact we aren’t perfect is perfect and fun !