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Hello Friends, Greetings 🙏😊

This is my First Digital Art. I had created something very basic using Inkscape, but as this was my first time so it was very difficult for me to get myself aware of Inkscape and create something from the Scratch. I had tried some digital art creations earlier but that was with pictures and it was much easier as compared to creating something from the scratch. I hope you guys like it.

So let's start with basic break-up images and then i will show you some cool magic of AI.



Final Image


Friends, this is my home sweet home. 😊 Ok, don't laugh. I know its very basic but trust me i spent a lot of time drawing it digitally, i had to go through Inkscape tutorials to learn its features. I was never good with hand drawings but digital art is not easy either . But good thing about digital art is it can be enhanced with effects and other features. One of my favourites such feature is generative art using AI feature of Deep Dream Generator. I generated 2 dreams of my Art using the above base image created by me and style images from Pixabay, now feel the magic

New York Hut
style Image used-

The Dream-


Castle in the Sky
style Image used-


The Dream-


I hope you liked my creativity, I will keep working on improving my digital art skills. Here is My Deep Dream Generator profile to look for my other creations.

Art has no limitations and boundaries . No one is born Skilled , its upto you to acquire new skills and be creative. Art is the best way to turn dream into realities. Enjoy the Art and be an artist, Blurt is here to support you. Make sure you must try.

Thank You so much and Have a great day. 😊🙏

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