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Hello Friends, Today let's talk about our subconscious mind. Subconscious mind what it Is? and how it works, have you ever read that humans only use a part of their mind? We use both parts of the brain scientists have never studied it deeply and we still do not know much about it. But we know that it can run and control almost everything. How to wake up a mind. How to Activate Subconscious Mind? 🤔

For example, once you meditate and begin controlling your breath, you receive control from the subconscious and provides it to your conscious mind. You start with deep breath from your stomach. Then you stop controlling it and your subconscious mind starts doing it. You do not have to think more about it. Your breath will remain loosely until another excitement does not change it (for example stress). Everything is controlled behind your head.

Another example of the subconscious is that the information coming from the senses. Your brain bombards hundreds of information per second. If it was to review and process everything then it would have explode. This is the reason that there is an obstacle between you - the subconscious mind. It controls everything, it will give your mind the same information that you are thinking at this time, which is now useful.

How to Activate Your Subconscious Mind?

Ask yourself

Start with asking. Focus and start asking yourself for what you want. Remember that you think about it, talk about it and pay your attention to it, in fact you are sending you to the Universe of your mind.

So start thinking about what you think about the whole day
Are you immersing yourself in positive, uplift, joyful ideas?

Do you keep in mind the pictures in your mind and want in your life?

Or do you often criticize yourself and others, complain about your life and focus on the lack of your abundance?

Excited, enthusiastic, emotional, happy, joyful, love, appreciation, rich and peaceful thoughts and emotions that remove positive vibrations. Deliberately start to make your future in your mind, and then tell the way to reveal your brain's universe.


And the next step towards achieving your goal is to imagine it. It is based on keeping faith in the result. Do not expect that the desired results will be correct, but assuming that it is already true.

One of the most powerful techniques is imagining your life when your wish has already been completed. Set several minutes in the day to imagine your life after closing and achieving your goal.

Make it as much as possible:
What are you wearing?
How do you work?
How are you feeling?
what are you doing?

Take action for which thought!

Of course, once you believe that you will find what you want, then the second part of the faith phase is to take action. To get your desired results, the actions made by you firmly strengthen your belief that you want it within your reach.

After all, if you do not expect to show your future situation, will not you take action? So take your step to show your faith.

Sharp will power

Your subconscious mind will also work on those ideas which are expressed with the desire. Powered by desire, your subconscious mind will do anything to get the object of desire. It will also open all the channels available to the conscious mind.

When your goal becomes a passion to consume your life and you have a vivid desire to see it true, then you will be successful. When you set your subconscious mind on the work supported by a strong feeling, it will allow you to see those opportunities in life which will take you to your goal.

The best athlete becomes the best because the desire to become their number one is burning. Apart from this, there is nothing else, which they want from life. This is the main dream of their life. They are ready to achieve it because they have a vivid intense desire to get it inside

Stay late after the training session and practice more of your skills.
Do it to expand their skills set and become better than the rest.
Determine their subconscious mind to seek opportunities to achieve their goals.

Self Talk technique

One of the best techniques is the self talk technique. The essence of the technique that, what you want, how you want to be successful, you have to say it, repeat it (and loud) to yourself. Also you can try saying it in looking yourself in the mirror, it will increase your confidence. Try this at least once a day or whenever you feel stress and anxiety. It is a positive trick that will help you to overcome a difficulty or afraid. The more you repeat it with a positive thinking, the more strong you believe in it, the more you believe in your words, the equally better result.

According to many scientific studies, one of the main reasons for the disease is ... Hypochondria. It is the art of convincing yourself that you are sick. It is a powerful auto-tips spells powered by negative thoughts and feelings like fear.

If this is possible, then your mind should also explain that you are healthy, happy, good and mentally strong.

Thank You and Have a Great Day 😊🙏

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