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in blurt •  9 days ago 

When I saw it plan. I was very happy but there was no complete information about it, then I give special thanks to my friend's brother whose name is zahidsun, he gave complete information.

Then I became more happy. Then I also made my own avatar. I am very happy to see my avatar. For this I give special thanks to @megadrive @saboin and @tekraze .megadrive saboin and tekraze work hard day and night to bring better plan for us. And I was very happy when I saw the avatar of these three.

I like all three of them very much. But out of these one avatar was very nice. I always want to keep looking at the incarnation of megadrive,then showed it to my friends. They also liked Midriv's avatar. And they laughed a lot seeing my avatar. After that they also opened their own ID in Blurt.

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