My Actifit Report Card: September 14 2021

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Things that make you go hmmm………🤣
The Mrs said it was going to rain!
It’s hard to believe that the weather can change so quickly!😲
From a Northwest point of view, today’s weather was wet……….very wet Lol!😅
“Liz didn’t you say you needed to get a few things in town?”
Shopping steps… least we are dry honey!🥰
One of the benefits of being retired is when the weather gets bad, I can stop and work indoors. Look at the third photo taken at the Great Western Lumber Mill.
The work keeps going rain or shine!
I needed another tarp for my extra firewood pallets, and Liz needed paper coffee cups for my Lattes and her Mochas!
That was worth the trip to town!😇
Check out Liz in the fourth photo…..
“Honey I don’t think you picked up enough cups Lol!”🤣🥰
The first photo was at the local Harbor Freight parking lot where we picked up my firewood tarp.
Words cannot add to this foam decorated car!😇🤣
“Honey is the Sun coming out tomorrow?”
Everyone stay dry….. Silvertop is finished shopping!
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike😊
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