Ways to stay alert without coffee

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Ways to stay alert without coffee

There are many ways to keep the mind refreshed or to reduce fatigue, besides drinking coffee.

The coffee world is famous for keeping the mind energized in the space of work. However, drinking extra coffee increases insomnia as well as various health risks.


According to a report published on, here are some ways to stay alert besides coffee.

People who are very busy in life usually have a lack sleep. As a result, you have to rely heavily on coffee to stay active during the day.

It has such beneficial aspects. There are so many harmful aspects.

According to several studies, drinking one to three cups of coffee a day is beneficial for health. As such, coffee plays a major role in reducing the risk of cancer.


However, studies have warned against drinking too much hot coffee. Excessive coffee drinking raises blood pressure, causes insomnia and even problems like anxiety and depression.

So other ingredients can be chosen as an alternative to coffee to keep yourself energized.

• Food: Reducing the amount of caffeine from eating habits and adding healthy and nutritious ingredients helps to keep the mind and health good.


Excessive eating at once should be avoided. However, if you fall asleep after eating too much, drinking a cup of coffee works great.

Excess protein intake

Excessive sugars and carbohydrates such as rice or pasta should be avoided. Not eating enough protein in a day is the primary cause of weakness.

Staying moist

It is important to get used to drinking water without drinking coffee again and again during the day. Staying moist increases energy and keeps the mind well.

Water keeps the organs of the body active. Removes toxins from the body. As a result, the amount of walking also increases.

Humidity and temperature of the room

The right room temperature and weather helps to keep you physically and mentally fit. It also contributes to better sleep.


Warmth: If the room temperature is too high, coffee is the only hope for sleep. Excessive warmth brings lifelessness and increases reluctance to work.

Listen to music

Leaving your favorite song on your mobile phone and listening to it with the help of ‘headphones’ to spend time helps to keep the mind well.

Noise level

When listening to music, one should be careful about the level of sound. Listening to loud music damages the ears. So you should control your noise to a tolerable level.

Alternative drinks

In addition to the above activities to keep the mind well, some alternative foods can be eaten. These include-

Green tea

Green tea eliminates fat, maintains good health, maintains good brain health, and helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Chewing gum

Several studies have shown that chewing gum keeps the mind active. So it is beneficial to eat chewing gum without sugar to keep the mind well and avoid tooth loss.

Computer or ‘screen time’

Sounds good to hear ‘coffee breaks’ while working on the computer. However, taking a 10 to 15 minutes break while working on the computer for your own safety is beneficial for mental health. Green tea can also be drunk if the mind wants to eat something hot.

Staying offline

It is better not to drink coffee before going to bed at night. If you need office work at night, commuter can be used instead of mobile phones and it is beneficial to go offline through all kinds of social media.

If nothing works

If you suffer from extreme insomnia even after quitting drinking coffee, you must seek expert advice if it does not work even after following all the above procedures. And the benefits can be reaped by taking the healthy alternatives offered to them.

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