Happy Birthday Blurt

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Blurt celebrates being one year old. It hasn't been an easy journey, and in those rough travels the scars are a testimony to the qualities that Blurt has over so many other so called projects.

I can remember my skepticism several years ago regarding crypto when I joined Steem. Watching all of these projects raise vast sums of money in their ICO's for white papers who didn't really offer anything I, nor the masses would really have any reason to get excited over. In fact, I quickly saw that most white papers were so similar one could imagine they all came from a white paper to scam the masses starter kit.

Steem caught my attention during the last major bull run, when it (Bitcoin) reached the insane high of 20k USD. I saw many videos on it, and it seemed like something the average person could get behind. A social platform that rewarded interaction. The math allowing investment to reward others and not only never touch your investment, but watch it actually grow as you rewarded others.

Between that and the fact one didn't even need to figure out maintaining their own wallet, I decided to dabble my foot in the door.

I still researched some projects, and the more I did so the more scams I saw everywhere. ICO's transferring large sums to creators, leaving many investors holding bags. Many who jump on the train afterwards doing so to see if they too can get enriched by dumping bags on the next wave of suckers coming through.

One video I watched back then really made me laugh. The laughter however was born of sadness.

He was a crypto guru, in that he built a following teaching others (I use the word teaching loosely here) how to buy and profit by dumping their overvalued coins on the next bag of suckers.

What made me laugh? He referred to these projects he invested in to scam others as his projects. As though he added any real value to anything he touched.

It left a bitterness in me, watching the sheer greed and disregard so many have for their fellow life use the landscape of crypto to take from others where they could.

Where was the honesty in all of this? The concern for others? The mindset that through caring and focused intent we could all profit honestly by working together?

Enter Blurt

I started this celebration post mentioning the scars of Blurt. How they were a testimony to the qualities of Blurt. Even now we see so many issues as those scars are ripped open again and again. Front ends having issues, no pictures etc.

All a testament to the honesty of the Blurt foundation. To the concern for others.

To the crazy idea that through caring and focused intent we can all be successful by working together.

There were no ICO schemes giving the foundation crazy profits leaving bag holders.

To this day, the foundation is reaching into their own pocket to keep this afloat. This idea costs them money.

Let that sink in, and the next time you find yourself getting upset that something isn't working remember to check yourself. Remember how not just in the world of crypto, but the world itself folks are around every corner looking to lie to you, to relieve you of your possessions and very soul.

I'm grateful for Blurt, and thank Jacob, Megadrive and the many witnesses and others who work on this, giving freely of their time and money to push a system that would value all of us. In a world of greedy scum, we need more places such as Blurt to give us a shelter against the cruel winds of life.

Thank you Blurt for our first year, and I have hope that a year from now we will see many rewards from such selfless actions as you share by leading with action.

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Still a long way to go. Hope to have much better journey in the upcoming year. Happy anniversary to Blurt.

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Happy anniversary, to me you are one of the most interesting people in Blurt, always with honest words and great reflections. I am very grateful to have come to Blurt and stayed long enough to meet so many people. It is true that the founders do a great job, anyone else would have abandoned the project for not being financially sustainable. But the community that has formed around Blurt is so solid that even though we have differences we end up strengthened. I hope that for the second year we will be much better.

Thank you for you kind thoughts of me.

I'm grateful as well to be here. I was so used to bickering and flags hitting so many I interacted with at the other chains. It's been a joy to be a part of so much positivity. I watch in gratitude at the effort those of you who are witnesses make to ensure Blurt is both inviting and to help us through the rough patches. On the other chains witnesses feel they should only run the code (witness). I always thought that was shortsighted of them.

I too hope the second year will bring many rewards for the seeds that have been planted this first year.

anyone else would have abandoned the project for not being financially sustainable.

I've seen some who have done this, and when I get time they will get purged from my follow list. I see they still post on the other chain(s), which tells me I'm only important to them if they can make enough money (tokens) from interacting with me. Their loss, and if they decide to come back it will probably be difficult for them to gain my support again as I'm already stretched thin on votes more days than not. Others who will shine will catch my eye and there will be little to spare for them.

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Oh! God, when I read you I think I have so much to learn, I have not thought about any of this that you share today, I have entered all the chains with the simple intention of sharing content and making friends, without aspiration of anything else, I have been almost 3 years old because I started in steem and it was always with little, lol it is not that I have money to invest, but if I need to pay more attention to all this that you indicate, for time it is a value and it never recovers, and although I have not invested money , if I invest time, I try not to duplicate content in any chain out of respect for each one, but I think I can do things differently, because they can all coexist, but those are my thoughts as a free pigeon flying in the wind lol.

Happy anniversary dear friend, and I thank Blurt, having been able to have the opportunity to meet you.
Good vibes.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I too am thankful to know your gentle spirit. You are one of the many great qualities that Blurt offers.

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I am also very excited to see what the second year will bring us. My hope is that we get rid of farmers and the skimmers. Yesterday I started programming a tool that we can see the voting behaviour in a simple way.

For example jinnah votes mainly for himself and for naziur, naziur in turn votes for jinnah and also for himself.

Well, everyone can do what they want with their power. The tool should help decide who to vote for and at the same time improve our own voting behaviour. Perhaps, because the votes are now easily visible to everyone, some will rethink what they are doing. That's the theory ;-)

Now I am already tired, but in the next few days I will make a post.

And respect, of course I looked at your Acc, you really distributed your votes very well.

Edit: By the way, yes, the tool runs on my wordpress blog. It's just for fun, intentionally not SEO optimised, I even excluded search engines. That is rather rare, I don't care about hits.

mmm... this is one of the things I'm working on. If you know how to code such queries then maybe we could work together on a full package.

The basis are curl queries that I have programmed with php. So I can do certain things that the API provides.

Full package sounds like work ;-) what do you mean with that?

And respect, of course I looked at your Acc, you really distributed your votes very well.

Thank you. 😇

An interesting tool. I used it on myself for all of my votes out of curiosity. Haven't tried it yet on anyone else. I might not. I've always hated the way people concern themselves over how others are using their stake, partially because of it being categorized as a form of rape which is a ridiculous label for such a thing.

I might though if I'm on the fence about someone, not sure. But can see myself using it for sure from time to time on myself. Thanks for putting it together.

Off topic, but one thing I've never gotten about any front end (be it Steem/Hive/Blurt) is how none of them tell you your voting power. We always have to use another website (I use Ecosynthesizer at the moment) to keep track. Seems like one of the more important things one would like to know.

I appreciate your assistance with the Cosmos wallet. I believe I've set it up correctly.

Blurt.blog displays the VP when voting, but then hangs behind so that you need an external page again. Saboin thinks it would slow down the frontend if he re-reads the VP after every vote. Maybe he can find a way, it would be quite practical.

I'm glad to hear that the cosmos wallet thing worked. No one knows exactly what will come, let's be surprised.

Hoy tengo flojera de traducir, sin embargo siempre te leo y estoy atento a tus publicaciones. gracias por compartir tus pensamientos, tus experiencias. Estas publicaciones me han enseñado un mundo sobre lo que busco incluso en mis vida cotidiana, Nuevamente gracias