Edification Corner Issue 1: Thanksgiving Day Edition

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In this edition, the beneficiary for 99% of the rewards will be @mattsanthonyit.

Also, due to the weird way that the system views my upvote on this post as being a self vote, I won't be voting for any more of my edification posts, which actually started with my last one despite calling this one issue one. Instead, I will upvote the person being highlighted 100% if they come and comment on the post itself.

Before I begin, let me first wish those who celebrate Thanksgiving a happy Thanksgiving. In these trying times filled with stress and worries, it's perhaps more important than ever to pause and recognize the blessings that are perhaps obscured by so much negativity.

Especially when it comes to a day like today that those who would have us constantly angry and worrying have chosen to make one of their battlefields.

We are told now that we should hate this day. because some ( a small percentage) of the original settlers weren't actually settlers, they were in fact invaders who didn't mind throwing in some genocide to take what wasn't theirs for their own.

We have see many of our institutions, even in the form of books attacked in such ways. Ffinding things banned and destroyed. Nowhere was this as evident (to myself) as in the controversy regarding the book Huckleberry Finn.

Objections over the oft used N word in association with Hucks best friend Jim missing a few points. The first being that at that time it was widely used, and not necessarily due to a form of denigration. Which is nowhere more evident as in this book itself.

The more important part that is missed by those objecting is the fact the way the author wrote of his friend Jim was in such a way that WE ALL WISHED WE HAD A FRIEND LIKE JIM. In fact, one could say that due to the attachment of the n word to Jim as it was done, we all could even perhaps view the n word as a positive word. Due to its association with the many great, often heroic actions that Jim took for Huck. Often imperiling his own life because of the real life threats one with the n word attached to them actually faced at that time.

I know I wanted (and still very much welcome) a friend such as Jim. During my long life I can count quickly those I called friend on one hand, relegating most to the realm of acquaintance. Jim, as written in that book would have indeed been a friend, and the use of the n word in association with him could also be seen as a critique at that time by the genius Mark Twain (Samuel Clement). A thorough examination on how common agreements associated with words and their structures can often lead those who don't look deeper to agree to something that is contrary to the real energy behind the dynamic or being in question.

Returning now to Thanksgiving, here is the energy I know.

From childhood, I was taught of this day as one of cooperation. One in which the natives here took pity on the newcomers, on the ignorance of land and how to best use it to survive the harshness of life. That they welcomed the newcomers and had a great feast with them, a showing of respect for life, for the health of life regardless of appearance and being a force introduced for the first time(s) into the ecosystem.

The celebration from my youthful vision to this day is really a celebration of that welcoming, on the selfless love those natives had for the newcomers. And much like we saw with Jim despite the N word attachment, a strong real life example/structure on how things should be between life. Cooperative and filled with caring.

This day has always evoked a thought of thanks for myself. Thanks for my own abundance that so often can be overlooked if compared to many, to thankfulness for those natives who cared enough to share and teach.

And while such a narrative as I was taught misses the mark of what happened, the energy behind it is beautiful, and something that benefits those who would pause and reflect on what such actions produce. It doesn't matter if that vision really happened is the point I'm making. What matters is the energy behind the idea, the reason so many bind this idea to themselves.

It is bound to be thankful, a reminder that loving one another is something to be thankful for. And for myself, the only controversy involved is with those who would cancel it under some misguided notion it celebrates the conquest and genocide of the natives. For most of us it does no such thing, it in fact creates a reverence for those natives.

Having that out of the way now, I wish to move on to the focus of todays post, who is the beneficiary.




I discovered him quite early after joining Blurt. I can remember scrolling through the new feed in search of someone I could connect with. exasperated as I could almost feel my already thinning hair shed just a little more, I paused with uncertainty when I saw his beaming smile confronting me after such a harrowing few moments of search.

Checking the title, my heart paused just a bit more, as it indicated there might actually be some quality to go with that winning smile.

Opening the post, to say I was anything less that mesmerized would be an understatement. I found a man who put lots of time and care into his how to post. Taking many pictures, he described in his own words steps and processes.

Hungry for more, I went to his blog from there. My concern that the post was a fluke rapidly dissipating as I saw this was a consistent creation from him. I saw his joy in post after post, his care in crafting detail rich original posts demonstrating a pride in himself, a caring for how others could benefit from his actions within the community.

Much like one who pans for gold, I knew I had sifted the sediment and come away with some gold.

As I wanted to know more of who this man is I'm proud to call neighbor here, I discovered much more as a testament to his heart and character.

Living in Nigeria, a land filled with oppression and hardship, this man has refused to buckle under. Refused to allow despair and anger take residence in his house.

Working with the handicaps forced on him by others pretending to serve the country, he is indeed one who has made a tasty lemon-aid from the lemons given to him.

A farmer, an internet entrepreneur who has mastered blogging as a means of income and planting seeds for his future. He has manifested incredible fruit from what appears for so many as a barren landscape.

For myself, he is one of the real life examples of a system such as we have at Blurt being a blessing for others who worry about that next meal or how to pay for a necessity.

The support we can give to another so deserving as he within this system is one of the best riches this system allows. When we support him, it makes an immediate impact on the quality of his life, of his families life.

And speaking of family, not so long ago he posted some photos with his young daughter. I couldn't help but smile just a little bigger than normal when I saw she also had the same contagious smile as her daddy. A smile one can't fake, especially at that age of truthfulness.


From such a smile one can see indeed his house is one filled with love.

I would suggest that in many ways (perhaps if only intuitively) this man is indeed a true alchemist. Working the land and those around him with that special ingredient, transmuting all who can appreciate his magic as he continues transmuting his own heart. Transmuting it to be free of dis-ease that pollutes the landscape called love.

I'm thankful for the day I was fortunate enough to see and know this man is one I see as worthy of being my brother, fortunate enough that everyday at Blurt is a day of thanksgiving where we can be thankful and manifest blessings to those whose heart is open to us without fear.

With all the forced narratives these days on fear and anger, I prescribe all to visit this mans blog and see the magic he creates. He is a shining example of bringing ones true self to Blurt. My life is enriched when I read his sharing, and I hope that if you were unaware of him before this post, you will see that he can enrich your life as well.

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It's a very mind blowing post. Thanks for sharing

You've made this post so beautiful. You're really appreciative. No one really supports you the way you did.

The cancel culture mob are just a headache and get way too much attention. They try and steel roller over everything. Beautifully written post 💗thanksgiving isn’t a thing in the Uk but I’m sure we can all do with a day of gratitude. I’m grateful for this platform where I actually feel safe not to be attacked by downvotes! And everyone is super welcoming.

Thank you.

I really believe Blurt is the best platform. It allows for disagreement without hatred. Some of those I support most and who support me too have some disagreements, yet it doesn't stop us from seeing one another and appreciating the qualities we have in common.

Blurt is a platform of freedom, respect and ownership rights.

couldn't agree more I just hope it grows, the other good thing is we are early so we can build from the beginning which, many of us missed on the other platforms. <3 So far I have seen no control or power trips here and the quality of posts is growing all the time.

I believe as more understand how this system corrects the problems built into the other chains it will become a mecca for those who wish freedom and respect.

I think it takes ppl to get downvoted a couple of times when they finally have a really good reward.

Or watching those they care about get their accounts nuked. For myself when I left more than a year ago, it was from watching those I cared about getting flagged and gaslit.

Time is always best spent on self development and improvement than arguing.

  ·  4 days ago (edited)

I think it’s fear of losing control. Back int be day there were not rly any talented ppl on blockchain blogs. You could get a way with a biro scribble that took 2 mins or a single photo on an iPhone with no editing or decent presentation. They could just circle vote one another. Now there are so many talented people on these blogs and they know deep down there is no way they can compete when these people have decent voting rights and power. It’s true tho and your totally right the less attention paid the better!

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We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia in saying that we can be thankful anytime, I will view @mattsanthonyit blog now.

Wow @practicalthought. You are such a good friend. Even from the very beginning when we met I know you are more than just a community friend or something. You are like a blood brother and a family to me. We share alot of ideas even when we are not in the same country or continent but the secret of FARMING can never be shift to one side at all. Also being a blogger, vlogger is a great privilege as well. I'm so happy to see you evertime on my page , commenting, supporting as well.

I always show my wife so many things about you through our comment conversations and more importantly your huge Support so far. I'm so grateful ❤️😇🙏.

I'm very thankful that Blurt has allowed us to cross paths. :)

Absolutely it is a thing of joy my brother 💙❣️. I'm so happy for that and also for the gift of life too.

Really awesome, much better. You've made this post so beautiful. You're really appreciative. No one really supports you the way you did.

But the picture of the child is really good. There is no violence in it. There is no sadness in it. You have portrayed them in such a beautiful way in your posts which is really commendable

Aha thank you so much for this post on a couple of levels. Let me start on the most shallow @mattsanthonyit had fallen off my radar because so often when I come to blurt now it is about work and my curation project. For some reason @mattsanthonyit has stopped using the tag #blurtafrica and I have actually been feeling like I miss something in my day to day life. I share a lot in common with this guy even though we have never met. The agriculture posts hit close to home for me and making something from nothing. I will be going to his page directly now with intent.

Second I had some conversations just like this, this vary night as I shared some bottles of wine with a fellow American that happened to land in my resort who is actually part of the extended family of the ownership. We talked about many of these aspects of life and literature and bonding that you brought up in terms of Huck Finn which is another mainstay of my up bringing and probably something that hast stuck with me throughout time. I have been fortunate to have friends like Jim from all walks of life from everywhere in the world and this softens my heart every day, and I only hope that have brought even a mere fraction of the value of friendship back to them at least because even that one is pure gold. My development of a human being can always be improved to deliver more and higher.

A happy thanksgiving to you in only the most positive regards.

He is definitely among the top bloggers I look for. My only regret is he posts so much I can't vote for a lot of them. His level of sharing and happiness is something that would make the world such a better place if we had more like him. Glad this served as a reminder so the two of you could reconnect.

It's been closing in on 5 decades now since I first read Huck Finn, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. The landscape he painted to add detail of both Huck and Jims moral fiber and bravery in its own way will forever be unparalleled. The push to cancel that book (among so many other things) is just simply bizarre and makes me just wish for some land to get away from most people. I think to myself when I see the criticism

did we read the same book!

I'm glad that you have had several friends like Jim. I've had a couple, and find they are a rare specimen indeed.

Judging on your character here, I lean towards you are such a friend for those in your closest circle.

  ·  8 days ago (edited)

@leifasaur Smile. I'm so sorry friend it is never intentional at all. But now that you hit me. Lol 😀. I'm coming for you. Always watch my post with the tag #blurtafrica. Initially I thought something was wrong somewhere but I'm back with you fully now. My bad 😫😫.

No worries you have a choice to post anywhere you want, but I just lost you off my radar there for a minute. Glad to see you didn't go anywhere.

Smile. It is a beautiful thing to see you too. God bless 🙏😇🙌

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This whole Thanksgiving stuff was alien to me when I first heard of the occasion. the first time I heard of it was last year and I believe that it was because I started doing online stuff last year and that was when I got to collect you native Americans who are passionate about the occasion.

We do Thanksgiving here but it is not like it is done over there and it is not ceremonial because any household can do it any Sunday they want and they can do it as many times as they want.

This time around, I'm enjoying all the hype that this occasion is getting and I hope to celebrate it with some of my friends when I succeed in travelling out of my country.

As for Matt's, the man you highlighted his post, I can remember seeing alot of his contents the first time I joined Hive. That was in January, this year. I couldn't connect with his work. Heheh.

I curiously checked this Comment section and it seems like I'm the only one that can't connect with his work. It's just me though. I don't usually like contents that has more if images than words especially when it's about leaves or flower or nature related stuff.

But I like the explanation you gave about how you got connected to his contents. It's cool.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving. Heheh

Thank you for your teachings and for showing us different ways of looking at life. Your solid principles are an example to follow. Thank you for bringing authentic people who enrich the day to day
with your publications. Happy Thanksgiving Day

I believe Blurt offers all the tools we need to create a system that so many wish for.

Thank you for your kind image of me, and so glad you find the people I am sharing about to be worthy to view as part of the community. :)

Also meaningful writing and full of reality.
We should feel this like you. You are really deeply thinker as like honourable following person.

I wish all the best. And appreciate about your thinking.

Thank you for your kind words.

I am grateful for your teachings, for above all helping us to wake up and let go of the matrix. You have been a guide during this last year. I am grateful for your effort and above all for demonstrating how to add people day after day, without harming anyone.

As always, I'm humbled and grateful for your high appraisal of myself. Thank you.

I saw his photo. That is insane. Every daughter is a princes to her father. That is the moment when your mind can be more positive, refresh. Something may be seemed as tiny but has deep meaning.

Anyway it is very hard to me to understand your English clearly. Hahahahaha.

Anyway it is very hard to me to understand your English clearly. Hahahahaha.

It's probably a mixture of cultural things I discuss coupled with my tendency for run on sentences and sticky words. :)

Really nice!
You have explained it very smartly. Thaks for this awesome post.

I knew immediately which photo you meant....
Normally I don't upvote 100% for a photo,
but this is such a nice, refreshing, positive picture of him and his daughter that I did....

Hahahaha. I'm so happy for that. My aim and objective is to make so many people believe there is better tommorow and it indeed a great one as well. I respect you so much always ❤️ @elkezaksek

Hahaha, yes it was so refreshing.

When I read his posts it is a good reminder for how petty I often am, so quick to be harsh in thought. Seeing the picture with his daughter and witnessing his energy within her even more humbling. In t he bible they say the sins of the father are passed three generations, yet are so silent on the blessings being passed on as is evidenced within his family structure.

My life needs more of what he brings for sure.

I'm so glad to hear all this and I promise to motivate more people into the community and also be the best I can be always. Much love.