The End of WHO!

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Mixed Pictures from and own work

Today there is so much negative information flooding us from all sides. More or less consciously, we duplicate them by feeding negative energy to the intentions of those who do not wish us well in any way.

So I thought, maybe it's time to change it?

For example, by spreading images that describe the positive course of events in the future?

I think all of us are fed up with negativity and dystopia.

  • Let's show those who think they are going unpunished that people wake up!

  • Let's continue to share images that affirm a positive, not negative, future!

  • Let us make them available everywhere and wherever possible. Make your own, share them as memes.

  • Let the internet flood the wave of positive news straight from OUR new world order;)

Feel obligated to make them available and use them wherever and whenever you want and wherever possible.

Why in our articles and films we still have to duplicate the scenes of the gloomy reality that the "elite" would like us to | prepare for us, when we can create a different reality?

Feel free to downloading Gimp project with this meme and make your own.

Follow my channel! Share and duplicate all the content that you can find here without restrictions ;)

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