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Penna is an angel that brings
with her messages of love, blessings,
peace, light and protection from the divine.
It doesn't matter what's going on right now or what negative energy you must have
accrued, it will be washed away by
divine love and light


Hello friends, welcome to my blog today, I want to show you how Penna was painted in Photoshop,. Although I'm still thinking if I should mint this, I really don't want to mint everything I create because painting is one thing I enjoy and I do no want to base it all on money...

Well, here's the painting process...

I made a little funny sketch and painted in her skin colour

I painted her hair, I just knew I didn't want black so I chose something lighter

I added her facial features and started painting in some fur and feathers

I painted in more fur, feathers and added lighter and darker tones which brought her to life..

Her hair looked too simple so I painted in more strands and added different colours.

Here I painted the feathers around her eyes and hair area and also added her necklace..

Finally I put in a glow around her necklace and added the marks around her face. She's an angel, she doesn't have to look ordinary 😚

Kindly check out my art collection on OPENSEA, Penna might be available soon so please check it out and support my art journey..

And that's all, thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog today, have an amazing Tuesday...

Cheers 💓💞

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