Digital painting - A Perfect Place

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I found me a perfect hideaway
where I can escape from all the craziness,
a safe space to breathe
and put energy into myself

Have you found such a place, would you like to have such a place? I think everyone would and some persons have found it in their homes, garden, sea or mountain. I think this is important because we all need a little bit of alone time in a place we treasure....


A perfect place is tokenised on opensea, you can check it out there and buy it if it resonates with you...

Let me show you the few steps I captured when making this piece...


I started with a little sketch

Then went ahead to paint the background with the image and Idea I had in my head..

I painted the floor and flowers

I went ahead and added the lighting, her seat and the dog behind her

Here, I started painting her skin, dress and hair

I then added her facial features, eyes, nose, mouth and brows


This is the final capture, her jewelry, I added lighter and darker tones and painted in more flowers


Do you like this piece? Tell me what you think


Thanks for visiting my blog today, have an amazing day/night

Cheers 💓💞

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