Finally made sold my first Carbon

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For the first time after years, I own no BTC and BNB and sold a decent amount of crypto, most of it with losses. And as I'm sitting 4 days ago thinking that I have to pay the garage for my motorcycle, renew insurance, fix all electrical stuff since nothing one flash light is working and some other expenses, I got my monthly payment from Carbon.


All together for using the platform 2.5 months I had gathered 500 dollars worth of CRBN (their token). And was wondering if I should sell or not, but when you are broke and even sold BTC, you can understand what was my decision.

There was only a little problem. ETH fees. Asked everywhere on different platforms about any solution to reduce them, and got no answer. And I'm talking about self proclaimed gurus talking all day about Crypto. But most of them you see just write general stuff, news articles etc.

After examining different solutions, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Centralised exchanges etc finally decided to go wild. Duck it, I'm using Uniswap.

Allow Uniswap to access CRBN $15

Trade 2820 CRBN for 0.14 ETH ($425)
Plus $15.80 transaction fee

Move 0.1 ETH ($304) to Binance
Transaction fee 0.001 ($3)

Sold on Binance 0.02 at $3322 and got $63. (All spent today and not on what I was supposed to)

Hoping to see the price rise higher during the night, I didn't sell ot all. Unfortunately now at 3030 my 0.062 has a value of $187.

I left $130 worth of ETH in my Metamask wallet. Now have to find a way selling $20 worth of BAT and another 20 of PHNX.

I was both lucky and unlucky. If I waited a couple of days I could sell it today at $3.000 I would get more ETH and therefore have a profit when the price would rise again. Plus paying lower fees. But at the same time Carbon price dropped too, although you could catch it high for a few minutes.

Anyway, no regrets and complains. It was good money for a few minutes per day, You can't post more than 5 posts every 24 hours. And no other network ever paid me that amount in two and a half months.

One of the reasons I didn't sell until now, was the way the rewards system was designed. You could earn even of you didn't post anything, as long as you were holding at least 3000 CRBN.


One day after I sold the platform announced that the system changed.

Lucky me had ...$9.98 USDT on KuCoin and bought some ETH at 3000. If it goes 33% up at $4000 I will have earned ...$3?


Meanwhile I see small differences in price every day.


Somehow, large bot networks have not yet discovered the arbitrage opportunity. I guess the network is still relatively unknown.

If you write quality posts and like to try different crypto social media networks,
Carbon is one of the few worth using.

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