Let’s Burn all the Blurt. 🔥

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Let’s Burn as much Blurt as possible.

With higher Fees.

Get it down to 10 Million Blurt Total.

That way 1 Blurt = $10,000

And we will need to creat Blurtoshis

Ha ha ha

Burn it

Burn it

Burn it

“Burning" a cryptocurrency refers to the act of sending a token to an account that can only receive them. Wallet addresses used for burning cryptocurrency are called "burner" or "eater" addresses. The act of burning effectively removes tokens from the available supply, which decreases the number in circulation.

More: https://www.investopedia.com/tech/cryptocurrency-burning-can-it-manage-inflation/


If we are burning Blurt with fees let’s create a Ticker that shows the Total Blurt in Circulation dropping with every post, every comment, every action that requires a fee…

Total Blurt in Supply:



Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Well my account is dead. I’ve only gotten one whale-ish up vote in the last week, and the higher transaction fees are starting to make this not worth my time. (It cost me 6 blurt to edit a post recently.) I was going to create a second account for my comic book, so I saved up some liquid blurt for that, but I don’t think I’ll do that now. I will keep posting till my liquid blurt is gone.
I did have fun while it lasted, so thanks for introducing me to blurt.

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Oh well….

There is always https://Hive.blog and https://Steemit.com

Try https://www.VYBrainium.com and https://ProofofBrain.blog

Good luck.

Thank you @instablurt!!!!
Looks like I’m back, but I do think the higher transaction fees are not good for the long term growth of Blurt. It was already hard for new account to get through the the first week without someone sponsoring them. In my experience when I started it took a minimum of 10 of the blurt you gave me to get through my first week. For Blurt to grow it has to be easy to join and get started. The more it costs to start Blurt, the less desirable it becomes. Crypto social media is already rather complicated to begin with. I quit steemit back in 2018 because of this. Nothing is perfect. There are always pros and cons for any way of doing something, but I thought the purpose of this endeavor was to make long term profit. Because of everything that’s going on @ctime stopping their upvote bot. Upvotes are the most important part of this process. If whales want this platform to grow they should be out of upvotes every day. I love Blurt! There will always be bad eggs, but making going after them the focus of attention is in my opinion counter productive to the intended primary goals of Blurt, and a battle that will never end. I don’t agree with plagiarism, but choosing the right battles make all the difference.

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You should absolutely post your stuff on Hive, VYBrainium, ProofofBrain, Waivio.com ..
Earn those coins and trade them for Swap.blurt on Hive-Engine.com

Buy Blurt every day.

These are the ones I buy like crazy on Hive-Engine ….




I’ve heard bad things about hive, and I tend to focus on one social media site at a time. I actually dislike most social media, and social media as a whole has a very low vibration. My primary goal in this life is to become enlightened. I work as little in low vibrational environments as I can possibly get away with. Thanks for the advice though. I really appreciate it.

Just trying to offer suggestions to help you earn a little more crypto. .. Vybrainium.com is pretty good. No downvotes like Blurt.

Thanks, I will look into it. Right now I’m looking into that VR art gallery for NFTs.

Well .. the idea is that if people believe in Blurt they might actually buy some Blurt on Ionomy.com and Hive-Engine and use that Blurt to Power up, curate other beginners, and send them a few Blurt to keep them going.

Have you bought any Blurt on Ionomy ? https://exchange.ionomy.com/en/aff/f7862c1aeae8e0399176a908fcecbcfe

Not everyone has money to buy (I don’t), and people contributing new content has far more long term value for Blurt.

It’s up to everyone to help everyone … send Blurt gifts to people who need Blurt to keep posting.

Has anyone else noticed that payments have dropped sonmuch lately or did my content just get bad lol

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Well… as more people join, and more people vote on new content the voting power of everyone drops. I know I have been spreading my votes around to new people and my voting power is dropping very low, so my upvotes are very very low….

I try to keep my voting power over 90% to give bigger upvotes … lately I am lower than 60% … so my upvotes are very low. I’m giving lots of Blurt to lots of people…. And people are still asking for more upvotes (On Discord) … ha ha ha …. When I reach 0% my Votes will be worth $0 … I think I need to take a break from upvoting. And recharge my Voting Power


Sending it to null might be worth a try.

I’m going to just keep posting, commenting etc etc to burn a few 100 Blurt a day.

Unsure how that burns it, that accrues it?

Probably same as null.

I would have thought the payments went to devs no?

I see the advantage of higher fees to burn more blurt but on the other hand, the higher the fees, the higher the barrier to entry for new users. It seems like it would be harder to get and keep new users if they have to make a larger initial investment or keep buying more blurt just to keep posting. It can take a while to build up a following to get enough upvotes to counteract those fees. If I buy more blurt I want it to be because I believe in the platform and its future value, not because I'm forced to pay to post.

That’s true. Maybe there is a way to raise the fees on Spammers … @ctime had a good idea … fees going up after you post 3 times (in 24 hour period) … same with comments after 10 ? Want to encourage engagement though … it’s tricky… but there will be a good innovation from these experiments

Wow, I like it.


burning and distribution.

One is just sending to an account withoutbkeys and the other is scarcity by organic means. Meaning more peopke out there have blurt.

The true value of blurt comes from within so it wouldn't matter if there was only one blurt left to determine the price. if the pkatform from wich the value is determined comes from is shity, don't expect the blurt price to rise much. Which is why it is imperative that we force purselves as independents to make quality content and vote for quality content. "Quality" of course being a subjective matter to each individual. And open to debate always. The amount that we vote for stuff also matters. how are the majority voting? greedily as far as I can see but thats ok. Eventually, the scarcity factor will kick in and prople will start to hodle more. However, let me forwarn the danger of mass hoddle can also hurt the economy.

Cheers everyone.

Have a good day.

here's a picture of two cats cleaning their paws. Totally unrelated to the above. or is it? nah it isnt.


Thanks for this comment … paying blurt fees, burning Blurt and increasing the Scarcity of Blurt.


Let the Blurt blockchain be good and stable. Thank you sir for your hard work in promoting the blockchain. I wish you success.

It will become incredibly unstable as it climbs rapidly to $100,000 …. But imagine being able to buy Blurt at .02 cents …. wow.

Thanks for burning Blurt with this awesome comment.

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No idea what any of this means. But why not. Especially if 1 Blurt will be $10,0000

Burn it, Burn it Burn it.

You just burned a bunch of Blurt with this comment.

Burn it 🔥

Thank you for Burning more blurt with your comment.