Miss you guys

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Kayaking adventures.

It looks like @offgridlife is going to kayak until the lake freezes over. I made the pop art edit of his paddle to honor Blurt.

I love this place and the people here are genius level but the bottom line is I don't have much access to blurt.blog so I am using blurt.world and it gets frustrating.

You all know I had a lot of fun on Proofofbrain and I don't have the time to keep up with three or four media sites at a time like my friend. I really have about one hour of free time and after that time is up I have a kids and students and parents and coteachers and the wife.

I'm thankful for my life but I'm just saying that I can't be at all places at once. That's why I delegated a large portion of my Blurt. I hope it goes to good use.

I always wonder about the cosmos drop and I did buy some Blurt yield from Hive-engine. The crypto world is a small world and it is good to keep in touch sometimes.

The last edit of @offgridlife's paddle may cause headaches so be aware.

161533302030083881 (2).gif

Somehow my son goes up to me and asks me, "Who wrote Go Ask Alice?"

I ask him if he was talking about the "White Rabbit" from Jefferson Airplane and he said,

"No, from the Matrix."

Now I get it.

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Hello dear friend, I am happy to greet you and know that you are well. Thank you for always being present in the time that you can. Have fun and be happy, that's the most important thing because when we do the things we like it shows.
I hope you do well and that the family is well too.
If you have some time, I invite you to the PUB this Sunday, just for a while.
Now, who will call me on the phone?
What is Proofofbrain?
Good vibes.

I did start Blurtphone up again slowly for a comedy post each Saturday. You are all very sweet. I will make a special mention for you this coming Saturday.^^

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I'm glad to see you back with an update letting us all know what's happening. Great edits you made and I see @offgridlife enjoys them too.

I saw you pop up over at noise again and that's wonderful. I'm trying to make my way over to proofofbrain but I'm a little sea creature and don't get much traction whenever I visit. Hopefully one day I can grow big and strong like everyone else.

Take care and great to hear from you again.

You are the buffalo...

That's cool

I will help you on proofofbrain and I think @offgridlife can give you a boost.
I wasn't completely sure you were the Buffalo until now.

I got it.

I'm glad you are doing well and think we still have some fun times in store.^^

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That's very kind of you and I think it's time to party. What do you think? I had someone send me beer over there, all I need is some popcorn for movie time haha

And I think I messed up posting this gif too

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Yeah … there are 2 or 3 giant whales on ProofofBrain.io … they pretty much decide who gets the giant rewards. The rest of us get a few crumbs. But they do add up. POB is very much like Hive, but less downvotes so far.

A little bit of who you know rather than what you know on this whole ecosystem from my experiences. I see some postings that make my head spin given amount of time I spend on some of my postings versus some of the postings I see. I'm a relative newcomer to all of this considering most have been doing this for years now. Rome wasn't build in a day and I have much to learn :)

The crumbs added up really fast. It's about being in the right place at the right time. As much as I hate to admit it. Also saying the right things.

Thank you for confirming what I was already thinking. I notice an interesting assortment of viewpoints in this whole space and what comes with this.

Awesome edit. Yeah… I’m trying to focus on Blurt, Noise.cash and ProofofBrain.io these days.
I’m Looking forward to the Blurt-Cosmos #dig airdrop whenever it comes. I think the idea to creat Fractional Real Estate NFT’s on the Cosmos Blockchain is a genius idea. So I’m out looking for inexpensive Waterfronf properties to maybe buy and sell to Dig … https://Digchain.org

Thanks @offgridlife. This is exactly what I wanted to know. It looks like a metaverse. I dig it.