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It really feels good to see this.
also if someone noticed the url it's megadrive.local:8080

Well spotted :)

My eyes are sharp 🤗

Gotta have mdns guys, gotta.

How do you ensure you have MDNS?

looks like , you ran it successfully.

It's alive, it works. This will change the dynamics of the Blurt platform. Go go go

The condenser is the Front End? I need this in my house

yes , and you can run one from your local host easily at port 8080 by default.

you should try it.

As of today I have a witness node from my home, but I didn't know if the Front End requires additional equipment. My equipment currently works with debian 1o.

@freakeao @blurthispano we will soon release an Arch Linux image for Raspberry Pi, the image currently has some bugs on startup and required some manual changes after. Shouldn't be long now before we have a working image which includes Consenser built in.

We will switch to home mode when this image is available. An impressive work


I think the bugs are fixed. New image released.

Hello @freakeao , i think you really don't need any additional equipment for running the front end from your local host.

Also for the arch Linux there is some problem and most probably it will be fixed soon.

I was reading a documentation where I recommended Ubuntu and the node works with Debian, so I did not know if it required additional equipment. Can I use the same equipment of the node to configure the Front End?I want to configure it however I was not clear how and where I should perform the configuration

don't worry about that , you can run it easily from ubuntu without any issues.

I will do one thing , i will create a tutorial on how set up a Front end from your local host (Ubuntu OS).

It ll help everyone.

i am sorry i forgot to tell , you will be doing everything inside the terminal and at last yarn run production will run your frontend from the localhost:8080.

Good luck sir for future also🙂

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Fantastic. I need a Raspberry Pi.

Congratulations for running its successfully ...
And best of luck for future👍🤟

Good day sir

Can I have the link discord group for blurt community....

I lost my phone, just got a new one

Wonderful news. This will separate BLURT to the rest of the blockchain.

Blurt on ...