Should we encourage the use of Blurt as an Instagram alternative?

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I came across some posts by @sanjalittleboo, at first I thought they might be used to farm rewards, but upon closer look the photos were of herself and events of her daily life.

For example, this post here is about a hedgehog she encountered, it didn't look like a stock photo and I think hedgies are cute.

Then there is the post entitled "Yesterday was a summer day 🌞" which had a fun title with a sun emoji and a photo of her out and about enjoying the day. This blogger seems to post daily, pics of her activities and poses with friends etc. These are her own social capital and not a copy paste of stock photos from the web.

So this got me thinking, why did people start using Facebook all those years ago? Well it was because there were real people there and you could be nosey and peer into their lives or just check them out because they are cute or because you were looking for who was single or had a breakup, find your school and college friends etc, hence why the relationship status on Facebook was probably one of its biggest contributors to its success.

Why not add things like relationship status on Blurt? I'm married for example, sorry ladies :). Also for those who want to add their previous workplace or places of study those fields should maybe be there too, to help find your friends and to build networks with them.

So let's get people posting more about their real selfs, real photos and videos, sharing social things like relationships status, heck ask for a date on Blurt, maybe a rich crypto millionaire will fly across the world to take you to lunch in Paris, who knows.

Blurt has the unofficial slogan of "The Social Blockchain" let's make it that, bring social and society back to blogging, keep it light and fun and we will attract users from across the globe.

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I have been slow to respond to this post:

First I want to thank you for being so kind and sharing with us your thoughts and ideas.

Part of the success of the social networks that Facebook mentions, Instagram is the ability to bring together people with similar interests, its artificial intelligence or algorithm immediately brings them together in a robust notification system, which always sends a series of alerts that lead to reuniting you even with people from your childhood. It is a system designed to highlight precisely those common interests. I think Blurt could use to reactivate first of all the internal notification system of the platform because not everyone uses discord and expand the profile of the users. It would allow to add more information about it, thirdly to add an algorithm that allows to make the mentioned notifications.

It is true that talking about social liquidity is important, talking about the connection between users, something that we must rescue and enhance precisely are the gestures of community that we are strengthening as the recurring comment. An example of this is that we are commenting on a post that encourages debate, exchange of opinions and we can feel empathy for the comments made by an author. I would take as an example the #newvisionlife community which found the perfect formula for users to talk more about their life experiences, this created immediate connection with people from all corners of the world, who now have a space within Burt to exercise, make or enhance social liquidity. So we need more specific communities with common interests for users.

It is notorious that there are many people who want to share a photo with two comments, although many users may not have time at a certain time and are free to publish it that way, we must go a step further and seek to understand what added value really brings such a content. It may encourage social interaction, it may be rewarding, but if you want to rank your content in the major search engines it may be useless content. We must take into consideration that nowadays other networks seek to promote the use of SEO in order to obtain more visibility, to advertise, that the content published there can be located through indexed searches, so they are promoting a more complete content at least 300 or 500 words, other chains this type of content of a photo and two lines are called Shitpost, because they do not provide something beyond the playful to share. This is a point that I would like to analyze in depth with those who may have more experience than me. To know how the use of SEO and the minimum word count of a post would help the blockchain.

Here I leave this post that touches part of this topic. the author is @practicalthought

Hi @megadrive Some blurt can be given for posting. @suborna

Blurt will have relatively low operating costs, and may even be able to be run by the community itself. This means that we are not as dependent on generating income as other chains. Right?

So I think high-quality content (whatever that is) is nice, but even nicer are the interactions between the users. Isn't it wonderful to be in contact with people all over the world? I don't know any other place where it happens in such a pleasant and respectful way than here on Blurt.

It might be great to write, hey guys look, I'm at the summit of mount everest. But, the day you baked biscuits with your mother is also important. Maybe even more important.

So yes, let's build a human chain where not everything is always perfect.

Ach, das hast du wieder schön gesagt. Danke!

Human Chain... I like that!

Isn't it wonderful to be in contact with people all over the world? I don't know any other place where it happens in such a pleasant and respectful way than here on Blurt.

This is because we don't have downvotes, which attract angry people who use them as weapons to fuel their natural desire to be mean to and bully others. Bullying is a worldwide problem and the foundation does not support it and neither does our witness set.

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Oh, dear Recardo, you speak completely from my heart!

I am very very glad about your article.

Thank you so much for this!

And your ideas in the post I find very good and support them all.

Wonderful thank you for your support @double-u, now we know people like the idea of shorter form content and we should look at adding more features around that.

I would like to expect dapps built on top of blurt blockchain @megadrive :D

I like personal life posts better, it's good, but in the case of photos I like those that have a story to add about the photo.

Yeah i prefer personal life photos rather than just photos of stuff, a post with a picture of food is not a personal as a photo of the author making the food or holding the dish, a picture of food can be copied from the web, adding yourself to the photo shows it is your unique dish.

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@megadrive you are a great person

I believe in your ideas , I think those features will be amazing to see on blurt .
Setting our relationship status sounds so interesting to me 😅.
Maybe I don't know if i am saying right way but maybe in future we can see a couple who met on Blurt , haaha.
Nice keep it going , i read jacob sir comment yesterday that he is setting up a new office and building a developer team so it seems like this will become fine very soon.
Thank you for bringing a discussion thread today as well.

Yeah i think more than relationship status, we should be able to set what organisations we are involved with, like what schools we attended or workplaces we are part of etc.

Once, within the discussions between curators, that possibility was raised: make blurt a means to meet couples? I remember at that time, that several of us were enthusiastic about it.
So maybe anything can be possible here, we require people who are willing to create wonderful things.
He imagines something like, a large virtual cafe, where people meet after contact through Blurt, virtual reality type. Friends, dating, encounters Blurt, you will never be alone. :)

Ooh a virtual cafe for Blurt where you can earn Blurt tokens for interactions would be cool, maybe you can purchase virtual items with Blurt. I hope someone builds that. Yes at Blurt you will never be alone! This is a great mantra to help all those isolated people around the world in these hard times of Covid.

Yes anything is possible on Blurt , and i am just visualising how it will look like , a couple from Blurt.

Haha yeah I hope a couple can meet on Blurt some day.

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Great idea.... we can already add more details in our profile bio... like artist, photographer, happily married, single etc .... I think the best thing about Blurt is that people can use it however they want and if people like it they upvote, if they don’t like it they don’t... they move on to the next Blurt post. Blurt is the best of all Worlds if you ask me. Blurt can be as Personal, as Private, as Public as each person wants and there are no “titles” to choose from... nobody needs to check off, Married, Single, it’s complicated etc.... but anyone can add whatever they want. And also add a link to their Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram page also.

Yeah man links to all their other social sites would be wicked, It can become a central social profile, the big boys like FB and Twitter don't want you linking your other profiles to lose traffic, at Blurt we don't care we are very liberal and encourage multi-platform use.

I especially like it when they include a link to a YouTube Channel... I always go and subscribe and watch some videos to help them earn $$$$ .... it’s the least we can do right ?

Yes...the key to Blurt’s Success will be that unlike all the other Crypto blogging platforms and even Instagram we encourage people to share their other social media links and profiles.

I would like to put my opinion in this comment now :

  • Bringing features like Instagram here on Blurt will no doubt be a good thing according to me.

  • Many people i have approached to ask them join Blurt have asked me Back that what will we write there? we are not professional writers and even if we write a blog we can't do it daily.

  • but if we had a seperate option while writing blogs where people can choose category and choose if they are writing a normal casual post from Life or a professional blog.

Anyways the idea sounds good to me and these can be implemented in future for sure.

Thank You

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I think blurt is different things to different people and it is really adaptable that way. The ability to use it like instagram was one of the ways that I have identified with it as a photographer. But even instagram there is an an art to curating your own photos and I dont think we can expect curators to get too excited about things if you dont do a bit to currate your own work first.

The Black and White Photo challenge #bnwphotochallenge is interesting though because I believe one of the initial rules was no explanation. This adds a bit of a mystery to those particular photo sets. But even Instagram allows you to add a lot of written content and as creators we should try to put our work into context. Also some curators like @r2cornell when you look at their requirements they ask for at least 2 paragraphs of 4 lines of text to go with photos. This was something I just learned today. So there is some benefit to following what is going to get you the most amount of upvotes.

But perhaps for this attractive young lady, photos of herself will do very well without much text or context.

But perhaps for this attractive young lady, photos of herself will do very well without much text or context.

Yes, I think so! ;-)

First we as a community need to break the thinking that Blurt is a blogging platform. Second, front-end should encourage short form content. Not having this limit (like twitter does) gives the user the impression that they need or have to write a long post for it to be 'acceptable' to the community.

I agree fully!

Hi, unfortunately I do not understand you exactly.
If you have a limit, what does a user who wants to post a long and very detailed article once?

I think that we should not have a limit.

But we should always tell that we are social media and not book authors ;-)

These enforces users to write short form if we want Blurt to become more social. If we want to post lengthy posts, we can use another front end or interface.

My answer was based on the context of Ricardo's question if we should use Blurt like instagram. Instagram is short content, mostly just pictures. Having a front-end with limit relays the message to the user that it's okay to write short content.

I think we could do it more cleverly than that, perhaps we can just simply have a toggle between post types, a short one can be a "Blast" or "Blurt" and a long form one can be a blog. The same Ui should cater for both I reckon. Otherwise you have a disconnect between what is displayed and what you can post.

Example, a user sees a long-form post and then wonders why they can't do the same on the short-form app.

I also think everything should be available and possible in one frontend. Short and long posts.

Division is often bad. It often makes finding familiar users even harder. And it always splits users again.

We have the tags# to categorize.

We should mention very clearly in the introduction, promotion and description of BLURT that BLURT is a blockchain-based social media platform. Anything can be posted on it: Photos, selfies, food, diary, stories ... up to a doctoral thesis in chemistry ;-)

And my top and most important thought in everything is always:

Keep it simple!



Agreed, and also to return to what a blog originally meant.
blog = weblog = web-log = a personal diary.
The format was never intended to be "professional", but turned out to be a useful way to catalogue articles from back in the day when the alternative was to post a new HTML file for every post.

Is it even possible to create a new word?
Something to jar people's mind!
eg "tweet" was a new word, instead of the more boring "message".

It's a Blurt instead of a tweet, maybe instead of the "Post" button we could put the word "Blurt"

Exactly! That kinda thing :-)

I agree with you @eastmael , many people avoid joining our platform because they have a dilemma that as they are not bloggers they are not meant to be part of blurt.

Maybe our platform can be defined as a universal platform where one good characteristic can be Blogging.

But let's open the window for everyone officially. This will take time but let's keep this all as a future goals of Blurt.

The posts of only photographs of daily life are cute, but as you say, how do we know if it is only for easy reward? I am struck by the doubt of differentiating those who create content, which requires a greater investment of time and do not lose enthusiasm when they begin to see the difference in rewards based on profit and effort. But we must be open to change and what is best for Blurt is welcome.
An application from the phone would be great, as a special token space.
The connection that is generated by sharing content quickly is effective because daily things in life are shared.
Good vibes.

Also maybe we can have separate space on the platform where on one side we can find post of type ( photography , daily moment etc) and on other side normal blogs or announcement etc.

we already have tags to differentiate contents but maybe something more precise to seperate the categories.

Yeah i think people's blogs could have a gallery type thing, maybe a gallery tab next to Hot, Trending, New. This will show gallery type posts from each user, perhaps people can upvote those differently.