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Empires are built at epicenters of vast networks of lucrative trade routes. Civilizations need goods, commodities, and trade to grow their economy; the more trade routes we forge for the Blurt network the better positioned we will be for future growth.

The Blurt foundation was recently approached by Nia of Blokfield Inc, offering a Blurt bridge into Binance Smart Chain and a farm offering on their upcoming DeFi platform launch on the 1st October 2021.

Blokfield has proposed a BLURT-BNB pool with the RBS native token incentive, all of which would be at no development cost to the Blurt community. They only ask was that our community provide as much liquidity as possible on their platform to offset their integration costs.

Our due diligence on this platform includes requesting a security audit and the Blokfield team was happy to comply with a link to the TechRate audit

We have also noted that the team runs consensus witnesses on Steem (@roadofrich) and on other blockchains which they would likely not want to lose due to bad reputation. Their About us page details their blockchain presence, including game development of titles such as Road of Rich.

Having said this we still caution users to do their own due diligence and research prior to investing funds in any Dex.

Our concern is that the mathematics are not in Blurt's favour, ideally, we would have greater demand for Blurt before establishing a pool and farm, at the moment we risk the farm being drained of the BNB token if users' only intent is to cash out of Blurt. However since the pool is incentivised by the RBS token, it could drive demand for Blurt to make up the BLURT-BNB pair.

If the community stands together and provides liquidity on the Blurt farm, harvests RBS, and purchases BLURT-BNB with it in a rinse-repeat manner we have a chance of creating some positive buy-side pressure for Blurt.

In this post, we invite our users to comment a show of expression of interest to provide liquidity on Robinia Swap of any staked or pooled asset and more specifically the BLURT-BNB farm offering.


Please note that the Blurt > BSC bridge and the BBLURT contract will be owned by Blokfield (Robinia Swap), it will not be official from the Blurt Foundation and classified as third-party the same as BLURT and its bridge on Hive Engine, which is owned and operated by @yehey.

Call to Action!

The success of this venture relies on the Blurt community and their willingness to positively participate in the Robinia Swap Dex economy with the intention to benefit Blurt.

Help the drive social effort!

Follow and support Robinia Swap on Twitter, Telegram and join their Discord.

For more information about Robinia Swap please see below:

Please indicate in comment below whether you approve the Robinia Swap integration and if you will support Blurt or any other liquidity and farm offerings on Robinia Swap!

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It's a great news. Hope it will work perfectly. Waiting for the 1st October

It actually works now for adding liquidity, head over to and setup your positions before the reward flow tomorrow.

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So my very limited understanding is that in a liquidity pool like this the major risk is impermanent losses. In this case you have to put in both BNB and Blurt. It is beneficial if both coins raise and then you also get rewarded in the robinia swap token.

The impermanent losses would come about when you want to withdraw yourself from the pool and one token has risen a lot compared to the other token. Lets say for instance while my money is tied up in the pool blurt goes to the moon like we have all been dreaming for and BNB stays relatively static.

What I understand is the fund will then pay you back the initial value that you put in a mix of the two tokens. So if blurt went to the moon in this case you would be paid back more BNB and less blurt, so in essence you missed out on the growth of blurt in that upward movement.

I could see the other risk being the robinia token where it could be traded and how easy it would be sell and its liquidity also.

So is this a correct understanding of the potential for impermanent losses and the risks of a pool like this?

What I understand is the fund will then pay you back the initial value that you put in a mix of the two tokens. So if blurt went to the moon in this case you would be paid back more BNB and less blurt, so in essence you missed out on the growth of Blurt in that upward movement.

Yes exactly you have understood 100%, such pools work nicely when both tokens got up simultaneously like for example Osmosis-Atom pools, if both go up you win big.

If you started with fiat value I guess you won't really care what coins you hold as long as the fiat value is higher.

So we are betting on 3 ponies here and we all need them to go up for this to work well. Blurt, Rubinia and BNB. But if blurt goes to the moon without BNB then you would lose out on the growth of that blurt you have tied up in the pool. So in a way someone doing this would need to be confident blurt is not going to exponentially move upward yet.

There is still alot of whale downward pressure so does make sense to do it, flush out the whales, also I look at the dollar value, if the RBS rewards outweigh the IL it is worth it, as long as your portfolio is worth more tomorrow than today, I consider it a win. APR's are high, I can't see too much downside.

Ok good to know. But with the 30,000 minimum that is more like 20 percent of my portfolio and I need to come up with BNB to match. Lets see how today goes and if there are any tutorials coming out. Sadly I did not prepare for that sort of liquidity to get in today. I will have to start a powerdown I think as other liquidity will be used to get BNB also.

I think this has been expected a lot)

Hi, @megadrive,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

Please consider voting for the witness @symbionts.
Or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn a portion of the curation rewards!

To bad it is Binance Smart Chain and not Binance Chain Network . On ionomy u get BnB Token but 4 the Binance Chain Network.

Dont get my wrong this sounds like a good chance for Blurt it would only be mutch easier to get BnB 4 Blurt User if it was Binance Chain Network-

Great, I like it. Looks like another great option for the use of blurt.

I don't really understand what it all means ...
And I think I'm not the only one.
It would be nice if someone could make a simple explanation ...

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hello @elkezaksek
I try to explain it as simple as i can.
As far as i understood:
Robiniaswap is a defi swap and will start on Friday and Blurt was offert a Bridge to the Binance Smart Chain on Robiniaswap.
This means also that Blurt gets a Blurt>BNB Pool so that user can Trade BNB 4 Blurt or Blurt 4 BnB .

This means that Blurt gets the opportunity to attract the attention of users of the Binance Smart Chain and thus of the Binance exchange.
But this can only work if they do not try to make money quickly with Blurt but also pay into the pool.

Hi Nerdi!
Danke für deine Erklärung.
Ich habe gegoogelt, kreuz und quer gelesen....
Man merkt ja auch hier, daß viele das loben, aber garnicht wirklich verstehen.
Ich stelle mir die Frage, ob das wirklich gut ist,
oder ob das eher ein Abschöpfen von bestimmten Leuten wie bei steem bedeutet.
Ich habe viel zu wenig Ahnung im Cryptobereich und ich weiß nicht warum, aber ich habe kein gutes Bauchgefühl...aber es ist nur der Bauch, nicht der Verstand....

Gerade tuet es dem Blurt Kurs ganz gut und ich hoffe das bleibt auch so .
Natürlich muss man vorsichtig sein wieviel Geld in so einem Pool pumpt ,es gab ja oft Berichte das swaps wegen irgendwelchen Schwachstellen leer geräumt wurden.

I think if you can ask some specific questions about what parts you don't understand, also there are alot of resources on Youtube etc explaining the concepts of DeFi, liquidity pools etc.

This is a great news. Exactly more of this is one of the best things we can do for BLURT right now!

Awesome move for the blurt community

The truth is that I'm still Completely new to the Crypto world, but I'm 100% this is a great innovation I just wish someone can enlighten me a little bit.

I'll be very glad

Thank you!

It is difficult to help enlighten you if we don't know what you don't know. Best is to try research on Google and then ask specific questions to help you fill in the gaps. There are also good tutorials on Youtube, Khan Academy, Udemy and such.

Thank you for you kind response

I've downloaded some videos on YouTube right now.

This is great, another way to earn passive income by supplying my blurt and BNB to the liquidity.

Amazing work, kudos to all the brains behind this

Que todo vaya bien a esta red tiene gran potencial 😎

Thank you for sharing this great news @megadrive I will Support this integración and Support the blurt and other farm offerings too

Wonderful, thank you for joining our movement!

BLURT-BNB pool may make loss. Will there another pools?

not for Blurt, we have been offered one pool for now, maybe later if we show good liquidity we will be offered more pairs.

Please, does this exchange already exist, or is it yet to be created?

If it already exists, a guide for a DAU would be very helpful.

Yet to be launched on 1st October

Yes, I agree :)

Looks like another great option for the use of blurt. I will provide 10 percent of my portfolio for liquidity. May mean a slight power down though.

that's awesome thanks for your contribution!

Of course I would love to see some tutorials and some good information from the community to help me and others understand the mechanics well.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Once Robiniaswap is live with the Blurt-BNB pair it will be easy for anyone to make a tutorial, if anyone does make a tutorial please mention me in it for a 100% vote from me.

A 100 vote from me too.

Congrats on this achievement of Blurt Community. It is just because of your hard work and dedication to the community.

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @r2cornell, which is the curating account for @R2cornell's Discord Community.

Curated by <@bestkizito >


thumbs up

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Awesome. Shared with 300 Million people on Twitter. #blurtlove

I support this idea,
I have been trying to put together Graphene Blockchain and BSC, so this will be good and I'll help with guides once we do a BSC Token.

Can Blurt ever reach to Dollar 1? i think yes because the team behind consistently improving the network by integrating into different blockchain.Binance word attached with Blurt can make this coin moon sooner or later. long live blurt.

Thanks for your positive attitude!!!

Does it mean we have to add in both Blurt and BNB ? Or just Blurt ?

Both yes, then you will get a LP - Liquidity Provider token that represents a ratio between the two.

The importance of getting Blurt the attention it deserves should never be underrated and these small steps, no matter how tiny they may look is of great importance. I think I can easily give my support.

I think it a very great opportunity to network with other platform. My own opinion

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

@megadrive There is a saying in our country that be patient and you will get everything. So slowly getting everything.


This does seem interesting. I think that having some more ways to trade Blurt would be good. The RBS token might have some value and help support the price of Blurt. I'm certainly open to trying out adding some liquidity, however, I'm usually pretty cautious about investing much.

Caution is always wise, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

This is what I've been waiting for. A big leap made by developer Blurt. There is always innovation for the development of BLURT to be even better.

I was eagerly waiting for this announcement.

Please indicate in comment below whether you approve the Robinia Swap integration and if you will support Blurt or any other liquidity and farm offerings on Robinia Swap!

Without a doubt , i will do approve this integration and i will definitely support blurt and other liquidity farms as well.

There is a problem though , here many people might not be familiar with how all this work. People have kept themself limited to CEX and how CEX works.

The beauty of Blurt is that it is a blogging platform, so anyone can create tutorials for the benefit of others and get rewarded for their efforts.

Unfortunately, I still cannot understand these mechanisms well. I say it would be a great thing to see the BLURT token on the Binance Smart Chain

This is very important news for Blurt growth and of course I support this Blurt > BSC integration and any other liquidity and farm offerings on Robinia swap. Thank you for all your work and support.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I plan to support the BLURT-BNB liquidity as well as some of the STEEM farms with some liquid STEEM I have lying around.

I have also followed Robinia Swap on Twitter and joined their Telegram and Discord

That's a great one. I have heard and interacted with other swapping platforms. Will be looking around their spaces to see what they have been able to accomplish.

This is called a big bet and a big leap, I wholeheartedly hope that all the work that is done at Blurt is for the betterment of Blurt and all that this involves.
It is important to be able to think of some action strategies to follow, such as limiting the amount of time or the number of coins that you wish to move or change, this would make it necessary to comply with a series of rules, which can lead to protecting the pool of liquidity.

I wish you and the entire team every success. ;)

I took a big bet on bitcoin and crypto in 2016 and am glad I did, thanks for your good wishes and support.