Probit Listing: Founder Address to the BLURT Community

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Today we, the BLURT community, stand together in unity watching the sunset of the past while anticipating the sunrise of tomorrow.

Our community has eagerly waited a listing on and now that time is upon us! As we wait on the buyers and sellers to end their stand-off and eventually establish a stable market price I wish to take this time to address everyone and thank you for taking this journey with @jacobgadikian and I.

Without each and every individual here, we could not be where we are today. Blurt only exists because each one of us is Blurt, a part of the social atomic structure that makes Blurt alive!

Friends, I don't know what the future holds, I cannot predict the value of of our token, but to me and I'm sure to a vast number of you, there simply cannot be a placed upon Blurt, it is in itself priceless, for you cannot put a price on freedom and new beginnings.

For all of you who had a rough past either in your daily lives or in the crypto-space, Blurt is the beacon of hope in the distance, the dim light that grows ever stronger as more people arrive with their inner light to add to the brightness of the existing community.

As we stand at the precipice of a future value of BLURT, I stand humbly before my own maker with the utmost gratitude, starting from being a writer on Steem in June 2016, becoming a blockchain entrepreneur, consensus witness and now today a founder of a blockchain community that I can help shape into what I always hoped Steem could be. For all of this I give thanks and am humbled at the semi-charmed kind of life I have been blessed with.

My biggest prayer is that Blurt can grow both in community and value to eventually rival the topmost cryptocurrencies, we are the underdogs, the gladiators the paladins, the squires aspiring towards knighthood, we have what none of the other communities have, we have love, we have hope and we have each other!

As Blurt grows we will uplift the weak, the impoverished and put food on the table for the hungry; we will open up a world to them they could only dream of, so for this I pray for growth, so we can make a difference and bring about change.

The world needs us, we need to be strong and we need to never cease to endeavor to reach our goals, not for self-enrichment, but for the enrichment of the world!

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." - Winston Churchill

Yours Sincerely,

Ricardo Ferreira
Blurt Founder


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I can feel your excitement sir,
There is no greater fulfillment than making life easy for others... Blurt has been a hope for us all.

Together we will make that great dream come true to achieve a great world. Good luck to all!

Damn! Those are some beautiful words. Thanks for letting use be a part of it too :)
You're an awesome human being who've done stuff that mattered on Earth!

and you made everyone of us part of this.🙂

A friend of mine introduced blurt to me, and I'm ever grateful for that opportunity. All along, I've been busy wasting my time, energy and resources on Facebook, uploading pictures, creating posts, commenting on posts, and lots more, all I could get is a mere number of likes that add no value to my life.
Though I found it a bit difficult to believe that one could register free on a platform, create contents there and be rewarded for it, having been around here for the past few days, I now can believe and salute the efforts of the administrative team of this platform.

Seeing the vision of the CEOs, I can say that there are still people across the world, having the interest of others at heart. While social media CEOs enrich themselves with their users resources, blurt Admins thought of rewarding their users fairly, for the resources. I will take blurt to everyone out there. I wish blurt was established years ago. Right away, I feel so cheated for my time, energy and resources wasted on social media platforms.

Listing of coin is one of the factors that kill some other platforms. But blurt has got it right here. Listing of blurt on exchanges to ensure users get rewarded for their efforts. Kudos to @doube-u, @jacobgakian, @megadrive and others.

I'm so grateful to be in a community that is big enough to contain me, but small enough to know me!
As I introduce myself to blurt community today, blurt-to-the-moon.

Long live blurt.

We all together will make that wonderful dream come true, to achieve a better world!
Excellent work you have done so far

It's a source of joy to myself... We love you guys.. keep it up sirs


Great news, and great to see so many comments!
We were talking about the lost art of commenting, so I hope all the community come to see comments as the social glue that binds authors together... as well as being more rewarding than the "other chains".

BLURT would become better than other graphenes blockchain in 2021 and it wouldn't be less amongst the top 20 cryptos where we would be heading over to the top 10 in futures. I will work and live towards that near goal for blurt.


do you mean that blurt will be in world top twenty Crypto currency?

Yes that is right.

wow that sounds good

Boss...I need the link address for blurt discord....I lost my phone just got a new one now

Since it's a nice time to appreciate everyone who supported you and how far blurt has come, I also want to use this period to appreciate certain persons who have assisted me here on blurt and have made life a bit easy for me.
Using your own words

For all of you who had a rough past either in your daily lives or in the crypto-space, Blurt is the beacon of hope in the distance, the dim light that grows ever stronger as more people arrive with their inner light to add to the brightness of the existing community.

Surely blurt has presented that much opportunity for all of us. We don't down vote here, we don't make people feel intimated here, all we have is love, love and love. Thank you to @r2cornell who has given me everything anyone can ever ask for. He is kind caring and a good example of a humanitarian. He motivated, employed and assisted whenever the need arises and is ever ready to lend a helping hand. Thank you for all you have done for me and thank you also to @double-u who have always been a source of inspiration to me and his support on my posts I appreciate you.

For creating a peaceful supportive, conducive atmosphere like #blurt I wish to say well done and more things to come. Using your words again @megadrive I am sure when your earthly life is about to finish you will beat your chest and say yes we changed the word!
Long live #blurt long live @megadrive, long live @jacobgadikian long live @r2cornell, long live @double-u

Blurt to the moon 🚀 🚀 🚀

Love Meli ❤️

That is a lovely sentiment Mel, we appreciate having you along with us on this journey, please keep inspiring others as you have just shown me you can do!

this is awesome saying

Thank you for leading the Blurt Community. Although I have flaws in my character, I believe that those will eventually be healed, with the help of our Creator, here in Blurt.

I haven't noticed any flaws in your character, you are trusted by me and the foundation.

yeah, I was thinking the same thing :).

Maybe he means the existential kind of flaw like how the pope has flaws too?

I was just humbled by what @megadrive wrote. Humility begets humility.

As we stand at the precipice of a future value of BLURT, I stand humbly before my own maker with the utmost gratitude...

These type of messages are what touch me.

When reading this publication, I can't help but look beyond the achievement of being on the probit list, which I celebrate with you and everyone for this one more step of many that are to come. Beyond that, I can receive your emotion and pride for all the effort and dedication that you have achieved in alliance with @jacobgadikian, it is at this moment where to thank all those who make the existence of blurt possible becomes imminent, because they are all important.

All the witnesses, all the developers, all the users, dreamers, curators, friends, partners, investors, all of you make blurt breathe, live and fly to the moon and beyond.

Thank you @megadrive for being humble, for sharing your thoughts and the dream you hope for, but also for recognizing and giving value to all those who are part of the blurt family.


Turn on the good vibe blurt

Feels great to be part of a growing community towards positivity :)

The world needs us, we need to be strong and we need to never cease to endeavor to reach our goals, not for self-enrichment, but for the enrichment of the world!

All our paths are paved with stones, which we must constantly to avoid, a good friend once told me, who is no longer with us. Through him I came to the block chain. Today I see with different and open eyes what he meant. Thank you for your motivating sentences. Let us help the world, the people of this world with our strength.

Oh lala! What a nice comment, this is the beauty of the blockchain that you can meet people who have never seen each other and be separated by thousands of kilometers, but who can transmit motivation to others, and you are part of that, your perseverance and belief in blurt also make it possible today to see this achievement. Thank you.
Good vibes and see you soon in the power UP team lol ;)

" Let us help the world, the people of this world with our strength."

That says it all! Strong words also from your friend (I think I know who you are talking about) I was not allowed to meet him personally. Nevertheless I learned a lot from him. Not only concerning Blockchain and Steem at that time. Simple things in life. I am very thankful for him and think about him again and again.

Greetings Michael

Each of the words in this publication touched my heart, so much so that my skin stood up and a tear ran down my cheek. I wish all possible blessings to this community full of faith and optimism, I love the good energy here, and I can expect nothing less than prosperity for Blurt. I also imagine that soon the price of the token will find its balance, in the meantime I've been having a little fun playing trading, with my Blurts, hoping to have a lot more by the time the market stabilizes. I've had a great time here.
Thanks for these words, I really appreciate them.
A hug.

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I can only agree. Noble words for a beginning of the greatest community that will be created. The price is not so important at first. It should already be tradable and also have a volume. Otherwise Blurt will only be smiled at from the outside. I wish that we grow slowly and constantly. I wish that great value is placed on the quality of the posts. I wish a fair communication with each other and with the developers and the makers of the platform.

We are on a good way and I am glad to be part of it.

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I would love to see you and @jacobgadikian actually holding hands like that looking at the sunset with happy tears. epic blurt video


Hi☺ I'm just a newbie here, but Im a 2 years member of steemit. And as I read this blog of yours @megadrive it gives me motivation to continue and help you to grow even if I still dont know what could happen to me in this platform. But because of this goal you have it's inspired me more that Im really willing or my pleasure to help to the both of you @jacobgadikian ☺☺☺

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Dear LORD, hear our prayers! Please Make BLURT rise among all crypto. As the crypto of good, honest people.


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We are the underdogs, the gladiators the paladins, the squires aspiring towards knighthood, we have what none of the other communities have, we have love, we have hope and we have each other!

Words that make me inspired, you are really very extraordinary sir @RicardoFerreira, one thing I want to say The world revolution (Muhammad SAW) said in his hadith, who is really sure he will get what he wants without exception. Keep spirit✔️

@megadrive let me put it this way: "If you are not patient with the little things, you will cause the big projects to fail." - Confucius

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Blurt Community is indeed, awesome and exceptional. To be candid, I see great future ahead here. I'm in short of words by the magnitude of humility in the post accorded by @megadrive. Eversince i started following your post on discord, through you I've seen the true definition of a Leader worthy of emulation. I believe the Blurt Community will never stop appreciating the level of selflessness, hardwork and sacrifice you've demonstrated so far. Sky is definitely not your limit but
the starting point for you and the entire blurt Community at large. I feel great and privileged to be part of this wonderful community. Thank you and greetings from Nigeria😊

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Thank you with all my heart for this @megadrive, @jacobgadikian, and all the individuals that is making #blurt blockchain/community a success.
#love #hope #honor #freedom :D

This is awesome news! Blurt have gone from just Steem airdrop/fork to a an real HODL for me over the months. Thanks a ton for all you've done for the community :)

We need to get @coingecko to update their Blurt stats:


That was really emotional, intense and I hope blurt does well in the near future for the betterment of us all.

Reading this announcement post makes me realize that Blurt was founded for a good cause. I wish much success for this platform and everyone who uses it. :)

thank you for the hardwork, both of you have done to blurt.
i am hoping for the best for the future of blurt, hope the balance and empowering social media that we are always wanted can be achieved.

Well done on your dreams and journey so far.
I had my reservations about it but seems to be doing fine and standing on its own feet.
Will it be higher than hive or steem?
I doubt it but stranger things have happened in crypto.
Ultimately the price will determine the success regardless of people blowing smoke and suggesting it doesn't.
Once the dumpers have dumped and the stronghands have bought we can see where we are at until then just keep working hard 👍
For me Blurt was always 3rd but in the past few weeks has replaced hive at 2nd.
Steem is Steem but doent mean cant be challenged or even replaced
Good job so far

I'm sure Blurt will be the best of the best. I feel an aura of optimism as a blockchain social media entity. A strong sense of kinship and embracing each other is clear evidence that the founder of Blurt is not arrogant. I am very happy to be here.

I just joined Blurt a few days ago. But it seems to me that he has a great community that day by day places a grain of sand so that this grows more and more. I hope that very soon the results of all that effort and love will be sown here in Blurt. In the union is the strength!

Now a days blurt community makes thousands of dream true. Many people changing their life to join blurt community. Blurt community has been a great source of joy and inspiration for all.

I hope this positive minds of yours will inspire enough of all Blurters. Of course some good things are waiting for us in the future on Blurt platform.

One day as I lay down drawing my last breaths of life, I will look back upon this time and smile, remembering that I was a part of this!

That feelings when you realize you've written your name on gold and you've touched so many lives, then what's death?

I'm very happy to be part of this community.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Frankly speaking, I believe Blurt will grow bigger and bigger. I am personally promoting blurt to my friends and I also stake more Blurt everyday. I hope I would be a whale here in the future.

I never give up to stake blurt into my wallet. I am glad to see my power grows gradually... :)

Thank you @megadrive for leading our community..

We are very happy for this news. Hopefully blurt price will increase soon.

Thanks @megadrive 😍😍😍

Indeed, I am grateful to our AMIABLE, HARDWORKING, GREAT Leaders (@megadrive and @jacobgadikian) for all their efforts and contributions in growing this great Blurt Community.

I'm indeed humbled and happy to be among this GREAT COMMUNITY OF PROGRESSIVES!!

Long live #Blurt
Long live @everyone

It will be a very interesting day, indeed! I hope very much for you @megadrive, for @jacobgadikian, as well as for everyone else that we all can build a lasting community with the potential to become what many hoped Steem might become.

As we sometimes say around here — when life seems to be getting a bit dark — "a single spark can provide a light even in an ocean of darkness."

I am sure there will be a long road ahead, because the work never "stops now." We all just have to keep plugging away at it...


With the current ecosystem in BLURT, I am optimistic about BLURT's future growth. BLURT go go go ...

For all of you who had a rough past either in your daily lives or in the crypto-space, Blurt is the beacon of hope in the distance, the dim light that grows ever stronger as more people arrive with their inner light to add to the brightness of the existing community.

Together we can do it because we are the strong community and thanks for brining this news among us. As a user, i love to contribute with my engagement, content and other ways as possibilities.

good day

This is amazing and I'm really inspired by your story, I'm blessed to be here,
I hope to learn more and also contribute my quota to make blurt achieve it goals..

Especially putting food on the table for others and uplifting the weak.

I'm here in full support.
Let me know anything I can do to help sir.

I'm so glad to be part of this #Blurt Community.
Keep up the good work bosses! @megadrive @jacobgadikian
More wins to this great community.


Obviously, Adding #Binance will bring #Blurt a lot of professionalism . Thank you very much honorable @megadrive Sir.
GO... GO.. GO ! BLURT! ! Go ahed #Blurt go smooth and bravely and win million of great trust.

Actually we all thank you , for this great work.
and all the developers as well.
jacob , ericet and everyone working hard for the platform.

We all together will reach great heights , Insha Allah.

Thank You sir @megadrive.

This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey for the Blurt community.

Kudos @megadrive, @jacodgadikian, and the core team behind Blurt. You are making Blurt a great place to be in.

This is just the beginning.. Blurt still has a great journey ahead. Together we stand 🙂☺️

It is definitely a world of opportunities that we all have in this community, and when the people who run it demonstrate humanity to the most disadvantaged, this community grows larger.

thanks for the opportunity to be here with all of you.

From Venezuela, he has my support so that this community continues to grow.


Awesome. I am so glad to be here on Blurt ! The future is very bright.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Thank you and to @jacobgadikian for your efforts... To both of you for making this community a hope for everyone, for trying hard to make it a success that one day we will be the best platform in the world. Go go go!

I can just say that i am happy for blurt. If it is good for blurt i am happy. It listed on probit exchange and in future more to come.
Thank u everyone.

This is amazing news for all of Blurt Lover.

GO GO GO BLURT with more and more smoothly

Wow its a great opportunity #blurtians to moon

The moonship will be sailing for Blurt in 2021, prepare yourself!

Lol I love the witcher

Finally! There is only one way from here. To the moon!

It such a great feeling to be among the Blurt Family.. The Future is Bright Go Go Go $BLURT

@jacobgadikian @megadrive thanks for this great idea that turned reality... Visionaries is what i call you and everyone that gave birth to this success... Y'll are the best!

Blurt community have proved thier strength. Hope in coming days lot of great news waiting for us. Blurt On🚀🚀🚀

You are doing a really great job. Together we will one day fulfill the dream. Let Blurt will be a platform in the future where everyone who works will find satisfaction and Blurt will be a platform of love.

Blurt! Go Go Go !

@megadrive sir,I am so much happy for probit listing. We hope blurt will be lised binance soon

I love this fast growing Community. It's been a wonderful experience and also great moment to be here ❤️🙌. Greetings from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬

I'm in love with your kind words and the great vision on which blurt is built.

Keep up the good work, dear founder. God bless you.

I am happy to join you guys share this same hopes and endeavors for blurt. Probit is just a start and there would be more and the most popular exchangers for sure.

Just be transparent to the community members so we could all adjust and help you out as well if we can. We would love to contribute so much as well and not just gain from the rewards here.

I have been so active in APPICS and put so much effort to it and will also be active here too.

I will ensure to gain more members / bloggers so steemit and hive cannot monopolize great content creators here.

Best of luck to everyone and it's nice to know you. @megadrive - Ricardo

Great news for every blurt user,thank you so much @megadrive sir. We want to join binance list. Because if will blurt list on binance blurt going to moon

We will do our best to get it listed on Binance, first we have to establish a stable market on Probit so we can approach Binance with confidence.

Yes @megadrive sir it’s a very good idea.i hope if blurt have 2 coin that's will be good like Steem/Sbd.

Thank you for leading Blurt community. Personally I am so happy to see this news. One day as I lay down drawing my last breaths of life, i will be able to reminisce upon this point and smile, remembering that i used to be a neighborhood of this! Great news, and great to ascertain numerous comments!
We were talking about the lost art of commenting, so I hope all the community come to ascertain comments because the social glue that binds authors together.


yes i am also happy for probit listing and also recently created a tutorial for the same.
thank you @megadrive sir and @jacobgadikian sir.

@megadrive and @jacobgadikian
You're an awesome souls.
I wish you more wisdom and long live to actualise your plans here.

The feeling of seeing something from birth, watching it grow and being in that process is amazing! Thank you for this publication, for creating #Blurt and we will make this blockchain a better place for all those who wish to make life in it.

Blurt! GO GO GO!

I'm new here. Really enjoyed reading the post..!!
The prayer was that Blurt could go far..-:))

Hey there folks. I'm new to Blurt but it seems like a positive place to be.

Happy Sunday to all of you.


congrats for this milestone but blurt price has declined , can some one thing of what can be the reason for this decline?

People are focussed on Bitcoin and XRP right now which are pumping, our community also needs to grow a little more in user number and trading to sustain a stable price. Invite as many people as you can to Blurt.

It is seems to be very nice. Best wishes for you sir.

I'm just glad to be on board. May this ship never be tainted. Live long and prosper.

Listing on more and more exchange will enhance the future of blurt. Is there any work to list blurt on binance???

We have reached out to Binance via lots of Twitter mobs, but still no response, we will try contract directly via listing channels.

As binance is one of the biggest exchange and trading is somehow easy as i faced, so it will be very good for blurt to be listed on binance exchange. Wish a brighter future of blurt

If somehow the token is able to get listed on Binance it ll automatically be getting listed on wazirx as well.
And i believe if we are able to get attention of binance on how blurt is doing good already , they might list it very soon.

Hey guys, cool down. I'm a coin miner and I work on the Blurt. Isn't that enough poetry? My stake is double the dollar value of what was mine on the chains before. This is Miner's poetry. This is really blurty.

That's a good news for all Blurt users. I pray that the Blurt be smooth and prolong...


This is good news for all Blurt users.I pray that Blurt will be long lasting.

@megadrive sir Thank you sir for leading our community..

blurt has been a great community. I'm happy to belong here. We'll succeed together.

I am very excited sir.Adding #Binance will bring #Blurt a lot of professionalism . Thank you very much honorable @megadrive Sir.All blurters going to work hard all the time. Thank you sir.

Great news. I appreciate:) Go Now.

Congratulations, i hope this community can be success, thanks

Good news. Good luck.

Very exciting!

God bless us!

Да поможет нам Бог! :)

Glad to be a part of Blurt! Keep building guys!

Thank you so much for all your efforts. This is a great news to see. For the short term, I still don't care. I have not plans to sell anything at least for the next 3 years. This is the time to engage, grow and HODL for me.

Hello @megadrive
I registered on this exchange today, but there is no trading in our token section. To fulfill the stated roadmap, I need to replenish my BLURT POWER. I have 10,000 BTS that I am ready to exchange for blur tokens, but I cannot find a way to do this. If you tell me I will be very grateful to you.
Thanks in advance

@megadrive, Let's hope that your prayers will be heard and both Blurt Community and Blurt Token Value will grow effectively. Stay blessed.

I am very grateful to you for such an interesting site.
True, I'm still new here , but I'm getting used to it quickly and I like to write and communicate! Great idea and its implementation!

I am sure that this site will soon become the most popular!
The main thing is that we should all be attentive to each other!

Thank you for your hard work!

I draw a little, and this picture is just about what is still ahead!

This is my painting, called " Sailboat of Hope"

This ship as well as our site sails on all sails to success!

Hope that bonding will last long sir.