Let’s Parley!

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a conference between opposing sides in a dispute, especially a discussion of terms for an armistice.

Dear @double-u and @ctime / @mariuszkarowski

It is clear none of us really like each other, but that’s ok, we do have one thing in common, we all love Blurt! @jacobgadikian thinks that @double-u can potentially be good for Blurt and possibly do great things, I’m happy to be proven wrong in that regard for the betterment of Blurt. If you share the ideas with me in a diplomatic fashion, I have no reason not to consider them and happy to help make them into reality. @ctime / @mariuszkarowski this extends to you and the Polish community as well.

What is off the table however is the notion of the founders’ fund being usurped, that ends here, the funds were minted at genesis and immutable property rights just as your funds are. @ctime at no time did anyone say your balances would be altered or taken away from you, the only talk of moving funds was your social engineering of the Blurt community to pressure the foundation to relinquish them and now further talk of legal action to strip away these funds. This is not Pirates of the Carribean here.

I clarify and put to rest that your funds are SAFU and in no risk of freezing or alteration. I also put it to you both that when you have a problem with me, the best way to resolve it is not to make a post about me and throw me under the bus, come talk to me like gentlemen with good will and you will find me to be alot more accomodating.

Please also let your constituents know it is not ok to verbally and emotionally abuse Blurt members in the name of free speech, that is in fact the opposite as it causes them harm and fear to express their voice further, impacting on their freedoms. Blurt can and should be better than this.

So let’s try live together and grow this great chain, according to @rycharde we are more profitable than both Hive and Steem at this moment since they are in haircut mode.

I have something cool to share in the next week that I have been working on with @eastmael and an external dev team, was supposed to unveil this week but all this stuff happened.

Looking forward to your reasonable input for the betterment of Blurt.

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My goodness! What patience you have! 🤣🤣🤣

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I was invited onto Blurt just over 1 month ago... And I am so GLAD & HAPPY to be a part of this GROWING Community. Please consider this my small attempt at streamlining an Onboarding Process for Blurt & TipMeACoffee too...

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BIG THANK YOU To EVERYONE that helped get me onto this platform TODAY

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This is 30 Minutes of Crypto #Ibor Onboarding split into 10 videos https://turntable.fm/quantum_party please watch these and give me feedback...

I have always said you just an amazing person. Seen that you are the first to offer a hand of friendship amidst all of these leave me with no dount about your person. Cheers. You are indeed the hero in this episode. I know blurt will thrive again. You are great!

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Nice to see this proposal from you sir. You have shown again a big heart. Now we want to see positive reactions from @double-u sir, @ctime sir and @mariuszkarowski sir etc. I checked all comments available here but no comments from them. Perhaps they will reply taking time.

We know all that Blurt is a tremendous and amazing platform. But these ongoing conflicts have changed the atmosphere a little bit. Users are posting very less. Price is still decreasing. That's not a great sign for our beautiful community.

Hope all things will be OK and all blurt members will live happily and try to grow it rapidly!

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Blurt needs a peaceful atmosphere. Let peace reign and Blurt will grow tremendously.

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You're a great man Sir and you've done very well. Blurt must get better and conflict must end. What Blurt needs now is teamwork and unity. Please all efforts should be directed towards pushing the chain forward instead of verbal fights.


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The real measure of a man is the height of his ideals, the breadth of his compassion, the depth of his faith, and the length of his patience.🥰

Blurt is always awesome & powerful 👍💪💪

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Hi sir great to see again good work for blurt. Blurt is social media platform for earning and learning. Here I learn a lot and earn a small but happy. I have a problem when I searched any user on mobile phone device then they can't search and show some errors. I think this is technical issue. I am grateful to you for correction. Overall BLURT is well.

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Thank you starting to build the bridge again with above parties. And I do hope everything will be back on the track and I hope @double-u, @ctime , @mariuszkarowski will consider this offer to solve all problems. Let's stop any kind of old wars happened in steemit before started here.

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"I clarify and put to rest that your funds are SAFU and in no risk of freezing or alteration."

"immutable property rights"

Your words are worthless. You say something different in public and something different in private conversations. You wanted to "freeze" the accounts of people who had different opinions. The very fact that you wanted to do this shows your communist mentality. Everyone knows that this post (and the withdrawal from freezing accounts) only was created because you were scared of the legal consequences, users leaving and the price of BLURT dropping.

"verbally and emotionally abuse Blurt members in the name of free speech, that is in fact the opposite as it causes them harm and fear to express their voice further, impacting on their freedoms."

LOL #clownworld

You don't seem to have learned anything from this situation as you try to manipulate people by making yourself and your buddies the victims.

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it is my understanding that nobody can freeze anything

what they can do is block access specifically to blurtwallet.com

we just need more people to host alternative wallets for blurt

so this can't happen

that's what decentralization is supposed to be all about anyway

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The very fact that they are considering how to 'freeze' someone account (even without tokens) is worrying.

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I AGREE 100%

but let's remember, blockchain is supposed to be a TRUSTLESS SYSTEM

if you don't want someone to block transactions and or freeze accounts

you have to make a system where it is IMPOSSIBLE to block transactions and or freeze accounts

you can't just "trust" a "hero" to "protect" "us"

you can't just "trust" a selection of less than 20 oligarchs ("witnesses") to "protect" "us"

you have to make it nearly impossible

more like how it's nearly impossible to modify bitcoin's code because of the 51% consensus that is required

this is bitcoin's strength - - not its weakness

people love stability more than "updates" and "features"

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So well said I say the same thing that everything needs to be code not personal opinion for rules to be fair.

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if we want blockchain to be "the new internet" then we need to lay the foundation for a truly content-neutral system

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Agreed other wise it might as well be twitter with people taking things down because it personally offended them and that doesn’t give room for growth. Let’s say for example we are back on 1700 it would be considered offensive to say you are gay or that women were equal etc. The majority vote back then would be that was offensive and to be killed or imprisoned for even suggesting such a thing. If we want to evolve as a society we absolutely have to allow free speech even if it’s offensive to us else we become like 1984 eventually where only one opinion rules and everything else is worthy of death.

Thinking about freezing and actually freezing are two different things.

We must be judged for the actions and based on our thoughts.

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So don't you think about how to do something in order not to do it?

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it can still be a bit of a worry if you hear your parents secretly whispering about murdering you and your siblings while you sleep

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thanks for the laugh

Omg! So true.

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Peace talk will always be misinterpreted as fear and weakness.
You need to understand this talk from a rational perspective and stop being naive and short sighted.
The call for peace was made by many blurt members,witnesses, and me before being embraced by the foundation.
You can check my comment on ctime's post earlier.

Not until the rotten tooth is pulled out, the mouth must continue to chew with caution
I believe megadrive post was made with absolute caution not to draw bad energies for BLURT rather to bring favorable terms and conditions for everyone.

I plead with you to see the need to grow this platform away from selfish interest and bullying.
Refrain from sending negative energy to the major parties involved.
I thank you for understanding.

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you're wrong. the point now is that one person is able to decide whether or not someone's resources will be frozen on the wave of emotions. There was no public debate first, or any attempt to understand the position of other investors like @mariuszkarowski or @ctime who are holding really large sums here. There was an immediate sentence, charges of bulying and FUD, and a threat of freezing accounts. And all this in light of the fact that the foundation is printing a lot of "blurts". So what is a hand drawn to consent, since the problem and the threat that one person may decide about such matters and it still exists in this way? that's why @ocotuchodzi is so skeptical.

Well for saying that I am wrong, I will say you are not far from the Truth either.
For We disagree to agree.

First of all I will like to inform you that the case of freezing is now in the past as no account is going to be freezed.
Thus we cannot continue dwelling in the past if we really wish to make a better difference.

The public debate you are asking for is right now at your disposal yet you are choosing to talk about the past.

It is clear now that after the call by blurt members, witnesses etc, megadrive and the team is open for talks to understand the position of the aforementioned and thus reach a favorable consensus that will favour all and sundry.

This now begs the question!!!
Should we continue bragging over a problem whose solution is right before us to pick up.
All the initial problems to me was a total misunderstanding between both parties, and now one has taken an understanding step for resolution.

I do not know much about programming languages and blurt printing.
I am sure the founding fathers have something favourable to tell us since they have chosing this path of BLURT growth.
ctime, mmmk and others who understand this should reach out to megadrive and the team to resolve all this matter in a positive manner free from insults and accusing fingers.

If one person is deciding all, then I don't think this post and the one made by Jacobgadikian would have been made.

Please you guys should join hands and let us get BLURT back up and running.
Thank you

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First of all I will like to inform you that the case of freezing is now in the past as no account is going to be freezed.

because megadrive say so?

but it's still danger of when he change his mind he can do this even without waring enybody and that is the problem.

how can you trust someone who has absolute power here? this is a contradiction of what a decentralized blockchain should be ..

I don't feel safe here as long as someone can steal my funds or profile at any time for any reason.

I didn't say that because he said so sir.
I said that because megadrive, Jacob and other witnesses have said so.

EDIT: For clarification purposes, funds will always be SAFU, and even fair warning given to extract them. "Freezing" refers to blocking governance and social functions.source

The initial message was even misunderstood as the word freezing in that context wasn't intended to harm ctime funds.

Trust is certainly needed if BLURT must move forward.The trust I have for BLURT is non negotiable because I have met real friends here than every other blockchain I have been. But who to trust is not my call for you. I can only ask you to put your trust in the peace we are all beckoning on.

Meanwhile let me enlighten you that people still have trust in steemitblog for steemit and blocktrades for hive, yet the benefits we have been enjoying here is not comparable to the aforementioned blockchains. Sincerely speaking, I believe that we both know that no one is going to steal our funds here because BLURT has no thief in its team or witnesses.
It's time we call a spade a spade and settle all this misunderstandings once and for all.

Our actions today can make or mar our lovely blockchain.

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I know that in order to agree to something, there must be more wittens. The problem is that the foundation controls so many printed blurts that it basically decides who can become here overnight
top 30 witnes and who is not. in this way, whoever controls the foundation's account can essentially decide who will be at the top and select people who agree with his views. you can also blackmail such witness that if they do not cooperate, the vote will be withdrawn. However, there were suspicions that megadrive has access to this account, so it turns out that if it is, he has unlimited power.

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This was beautiful to read , intelligence is a real gift not many people have .


Good to see this matter coming close to being resolved now. We are ALL on the same team, we just need to remember that more often and especially in tough times. 🖖

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Lovely 😍

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Thank you sir @megadrive for the peace talk...with anger we achieve nothing than destruction..lets all come together to reason as one.....
one love blurt❤️

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Yes, we all love blurt and must see it grow. Any obstacles on the way must be crushed.

For the 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💞 of blurt.

Way to go! 🙏🍀❤️


Thank you. Please include @mariuszkarowski in this as well. Without large investors, blurt is literally (almost) worthless and (almost) nobody wants to blog here to earn half a penny on blurt.

Please also let your constituents know it is not ok to verbally and emotionally abuse Blurt members in the name of free speech, that is in fact the opposite as it causes them harm and fear to express their voice further, impacting on their freedoms. Blurt can and should be better than this.

Please show your respect when communicating even if you feel like dropping a million F and C bombs, as this will only result in your actual message being totally short changed and ignored. It's time to compromise in EVERY way.....from BOTH parties.

The result will be a win-win for everyone on Blurt....the failure to do so will result in a huge lose-lose for everyone on Blurt which we are already seeing play out.

Thank you @megadrive for taking the first steps to securing the price and future of the platform. EVERYONE is patiently waiting for some more good news.

I for one will cancel my powerdown and not sell and continue to participate in a more positive way (no more posting on hive...there is my compromise) once I see that @ctime and @mariuszkarowski are welcome to stay and cancel their powerdowns first. Further more, if @double-u repurchases his large position this would send the price, the vibe, and the future of Blurt in a wonderful direction with momentum. The average user will be very happy, and the user base and small investors will surely grow faster than ever.

What I'm clearly saying here, is peace combined with a 3 cent and growing price is a hell of a lot better than rebuilding a hate filled disaster from a .001 price months down the road.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

There's a chance this could be a turning point. I don't see the right ingredients quite yet, specifically still a lot of dishonesty from the top, and no clear path forward... but we COULD some day look back on this as where it started to turn around. Of note is the fact that there is a lot of Blurt buzz out there right now - most of it very negative, of course. But if we suddenly pop back up to the surface, and better yet take flight to the sky, those eyes on us will take note. It could be a springboard to amazing growth. Could. All depends what happens now/next.

Blurt is the most talked about place right now 😅

No press is bad press.

  ·  5 days ago  ·  

we do seem to be distilling our "core values"

zero tolerance for "black-listing"

zero tolerance for "freezing accounts"

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

I agree I think this is an important phase the community is here specifically for certain values like free speech and no downvotes. The opening of the site says it’s here for free speech and no downvotes. When that is challenged sometimes you have to fight for it. I agree this could well be the turning point in heading there, there is at least more movement happening and more community speaking up than I ever saw on hive and steemit where everyone lived in fear of an opinion due to downvotes. Sure it’s messy but freedom never came that easy in history lol we are breaking down new barriers.

  ·  4 days ago  ·  


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My position for now is I want 50’percent in liquid and 50 power up which, is what I’m doing now, I’m not actuallt powering down fully I just want to do two then stop. Because right now it’s fragile to have everything powered up and then someone else is threatened and before you even get chance to power down it’s on zero. Probably no one cares cause I have very little compared to you and others but I did spend 6 months working hard for that amount because I believed in the platform. I don’t really want it to be 0 at the least I want a holiday or something from that effort.

I’m in watching mode now really and just seeing how it goes. I really think blurt needs to decide what it is and what it’s policies and rules are then we know if it’s a place we want to be, a place we want to just put a little effort into , a lot of effort. I think what causes so much drama and disillusion is that it makes certain statements or promises then switches on itself and does the opposite. If it just decides what it is and what it’s policies are in a clear concise way, people would just moderate their own engagement accordingly. Most people are here because of statements put out they aligned with so if they are suddenly switched without warning after people have invested time and money of course they will be pissed.

Like is blurt free speech... to what level... can accounts just be frozen on command ... is vts ok
Is this an sjw safe space. All of those are actually ok but they should be discussed before investment and time is spent or at least announced if there is to be a change as if I go on the homepage it seems vts is ok, free speech is on, it’s ok to threaten to power down, it’s ok to self vote and it’s ok to hate on self voting too. The problem I see is blurt displays certain ideals then acts in an opposite manner at times with specific cases and people.

We also need to know is md in charge here? Do we have the right to make changes based on consensus? Etc etc I think the main thing needed actually is clarity. People can’t kick off later if they know what they are getting in on.

  ·  4 days ago  ·   (edited)

I really don't know what to say. I just don't think I can invest my time, money, or energy here when the man in charge has a track record of running off/pissing off top investors, an entire German community, receiving consultation from hive watchers, tries to tie a business's name to one side of a war, wants to sensor popular authors like @lucylin, threatens to freeze the largest and most important curating accounts, threatens to "walk" leaving the entire blockchain and wallets dysfunctional, and that is just in the few months that I ve been here. If you wanted to write a book about how to all but destroy a business, all you have to do is study the actions of @megadrive. How can I be confident about anything here knowing a guy with this type of track record is in charge?

What do you think about this @ctime, @jacobgadikian, @double-u, @mariuszkarowski?

At this point I'm all for a fork, new front end...whatever. Just take the keys away from the drunk driver. Enough damage has been done.

Beautiful mate! 🙏🍀❤️That is the way to go!

Thank you brother.....but looks like there is still much work to be done. I will be putting my final effort into this soon, with minimal hopes of success...as this is way bigger than you or I, and wounds have now been cut deep.

  ·  4 days ago  ·   (edited)

Like I told you under thedorkydork's comment... This place is nonetheless still way better than the rest! 🤙

That certainly can not be denied. Much respect for your fore-site and optimism.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Thanks for your kind reply, is ctime and MK not the same person? I believe them to be.

Also I understand you arent happy you werent funded for doing Blurt promotion, I don’t know or remember receiving such a proposal, or maybe was received and I got side tracked with other social or technical drama, feel free to propose to me in a comment on any of my posts.

This is a reply from my question of what he and @ctime plan to do now. I take people at their word until I have very good reason not to. So it seems clear to me they are two different people.

About me being happy....it was a little disappointed when my award winning veteran digital marketer cousin with her own marketing firm was basically ignored every time I mentioned her, even her blog post was mostly ignored, you can see it here.


Not only is she top in her field, she lives in Sarasota Florida, one of the wealthiest cities in America. She's well networked and surrounded by very wealthy investors. Normally she charges a 100 dollars an hour for consultation. But mention Blurt and my name and you can talk to her all you want for free.

(941) 216-0832

After the blunder of (probably) chasing off your top investors, dividing the platform, and diffusing any built up confidence in current/potential investors....The least you can do is give her a call and see what she can do for Blurt. I guarantee you'll get far more money in return than what you put in (talking increased blurt price through investment)....especially compared to 700 dollars worth of blurt flip flops in Pakistan.

I'll say it now directly to you. With much respect....I know you are doing what you feel is right and you have a lot on your plate and maybe you are surrounded by poor influences or "yes men". But by not playing ball with and embracing blurts largest investors you have single highhandedly dismantled months worth progress here on blurt; and in that regard, I'm very unhappy...like most the platform. I and many other smaller accounts here, bought in the 2-4 cent range, and that is now unnecessarily being wiped out. So yes, I'm not only unhappy, I'm extremely disappointed as this was all completely unnecessary.

With much respect,


  ·  3 days ago  ·  

This is the first time I have heard of Amberly so please don’t take it personally that she wasn’t noticed there are many posts that don’t get seen and go unrewarded and receive no engagement, that is a generally community problem that we all need to try and improve and be better at welcoming others.

The reason @nabeeel was so successful in getting our attention was that he started posting regularly, created a Blurt Whatsapp group, indicated he quit his job to be full time Blurt (can’t verify that) became a witness, engaged in the witness discussions, took the initiative to host a witness Discord meeting, made contact with me knowing I am key decision maker and then put out his proposal, he actually was really good at selling himself and getting himself known.

If you had faciliated a warm intro to me I surely would have taken a call with her. I’ll make contact with her now anyway.

Respectfully, I think you and I have different views of what investors are, those who purchases stake only to use it to threaten the community with crashing the price unless their demands are met, are not in my view investors but rather individuals with an agenda and a risk to the community.

If you had faciliated a warm intro to me I surely would have taken a call with her. I’ll make contact with her now anyway.

Thank you. I was going to reach out to you after she posted that post. But I talked to her on the phone a week later, and she was telling me about how full her plate was, so she said maybe it's not that good of a time. But please go ahead and call her if you would like to. Nothing wrong with that.

In regards to you comment about investors. I have a problem with your choice of the word "only", but it's no big deal.

@ctime @mariuszkarowski, @double-u have done far more than threaten to crash the price with their stake. How about they bought in the first place! Thank you! Held the price up, Thank you again. And had been generously supporting the community with handsome up-votes, encouraging more and better content creators to come, which in turn spurs growth and further investment. Thank you as well. How can I accommodate you a little more? That would be my approach.

I also have a problem with how you have very little appreciation to the fact that with out large investors all the bloggers here would be earning next to nothing. Without them bringing the price up, blurt has no value. The main goal of a corporation is to keep their investors happy and the price of the stock and growth of the company rising.

Large enough investors get a say in corporate meetings and can effect an outcome of a major decision...and if they don't like an upcoming decision of the company, they are perfectly with-in their right to sell, as management knows it will be a factored risk/side effect of whatever decision is at hand, if it is unpopular or flops. No professional receives a threat to sell share's in a company as anything other than just business. If an investor does not like what is going on they are perfectly in their right to announce or keep silent about plans to exit their position.

Threatening to remove one's investment = "Thank you for investing here for the time you did, it really helped us out. Hope you change your mind and come back, the door is always open for you." That would be my approach.

I believe an appreciating price comes with giving up some of the decision making to the people who have paid the most to for it. Not only will this hold the price up through keeping your investors happy, it will encourage investment and growth as well through a strong healthy market.

Finally, I certainly have not heard any "demands" from the said investors that would be worth driving them off the platform or especially to suggest freezing their accounts. (that sends like the worst message ever to the community at large, I'm not sure how you did not realize that beforehand, you'd probably never get another large investor ever again if you followed through with that, forever tarnishing blurts reputation as a place where you can get your account frozen.)

Anyway. We have our differences of opinion. I'm very much in the strictly business camp. I want to see our investors treated like VIP members here....because they are.

With much respect, hope you are having a good day.

  ·  3 days ago  ·  

@pertrapurple @ultravioletmag CC’ing you on the above

I’ve still had no answer as to how many people voted in the shoe project though and I’ve asked several times and the answer is always wishy washy.

It’s not rly personal to that project it’s just to me quite a random one, if it was building an online blurt shop selling merch I actually see that as a good idea but irrespective I am jjst intetested how money from the foundation is spent. Is there any kind of vote ? Or is it jjst your decision? Because that makes it easy to be manipulated can’t you see? And not very decentralised. I did ask out of the matrix and he didn’t know about the shoe thing so it definitely didn’t extend far in a voting type way. It’s not rly to do with the shoe idea or not the shoe idea but blurt is supposed to be at least somewhat decentralised and if there is a community fund then personally I think community voting on proposals is the best way but failing that at least full witness voting from the people the community have voted in. Especially coming after the wallet freezing stuff it all just looks very unfair.

  ·  3 days ago  ·   (edited)

Blurt Core (formerly The Foundation) currently decides on what gets funded, I do not make the funding decisions myself, I present it to the team and get everyone’s input, in this case the team wanted me to verify the supplier and I did so.

We did this to be able to bootstrap Blurt more efficiently without community fights and arguements over each proposal so Blurt could rapidly advance in a stage where we had very little tooling and infra.

After the 7th anyone is welcome to submit a proposal, you can start now if you have something worthy, we will help to moderate it for a while as we don’t believe the community has enough decentralised stake. It will be a couple of whales controlling it if we don’t do so.

We are trying to avoid situations like on other chains where projects get funded and then produce no output, generally I suggest the community only vote proposals where the recipient has already presented a first milestone of code in the github/gitlab repo and fund in arrears. Other things you can take a chance on of the user has enough social collateral and not producing results would harm their ability to earn on Blurt, in @nabeeel’s case he had witness collateral and unlikely he would put his witness status at risk by seeing his project through.

Hope this helps.

  ·  3 days ago  ·   (edited)

i show i use blurt funds wisely
I am now at 29 in witness rank, many users love blurt brand slippers but they can't afford because of shipping high charges.
So i request to all of you support me with your best wishes, to promoting blurt.blog in Pakistan

  ·  3 days ago  ·  

Yes its slippers are very cheap for wholes Pakistani just for 1.3$ i am not getting too much money after selling this. I am trying to advertising B!#RT (blurt)

I am also thinking for online shop so could you buy dozens of slippers😀, you can't afford shipping cost.

What is the for slippers selling in Pakistan?
People can get more information about blurt when they see new thing in Pakistan.
It's okay to meet the existing requirement. not pretend

Personally I don’t know who would buy blurt slippers not on blurt? But i guess if theya re cheap enough people might just buy them as cheap sandals but then would they even be advertising blurt if people just bought them because they are cheap/ liked the style ? If i ever buy something personally with a Logo on it and it’s not a big very well known logo I know in advance I can’t think I’ve ever gone to look it up online later. My personal opinion is it would be better to have an online marketplace linked from blurt with blurt merch. Maybe if they are expensive to ship it’s about having distributers in various countries that buy from you in bulk and make profit in their own country for resale. T shirts could do quite well.

I’m 99 percent positive c time and mmmmkkkk are different because they speak different and I feel have different energy. Will stand to be corrected if I am wrong.

world travel can answer for himself but it was me that bought that up, because in numerous calls we spoke about funding proposals. Clix money made several posts about proposals and how to make them that kind of ended up just going down a dark alley and not seeing the light and in at least 3 calls I witnessed with witnesses wtp bought up his cousin saying that she was a professional marketer who had worked with people like Disney and was interesting in maybe doing some marketing for blurt on a kind of mates rates basis as she was somewhat interested in the idea of blockchain and has a family member on here. I saw wtp ask a few times how she could get in touch with someone, could she jump on a call with someone etc and it just didn't get much interest at all. She even came on and made a post. She isn't a regular blogger so of course it just needed the witness to be like sure... get her to call this number, or email this person etc and we can jump on a call but there was really a total lack of interest or follow through. Now maybe someone would chat with her and not like the idea, not think she was right, not want to bother with it but it wasn't even followed up, or given a chance so it was me that got someone pissed to then see someone get thrown money for making sandals and then the ecosynthesis run by opedia get funding. Or thats at least what it seems I was told. It felt very unfair like the only proposals that get considered are friends and it's not a really fair system. I also asked who decided on proposals and how many people voted on the sandal proposal and still to date not one person has told me how many people voted to pass that. I am absolutely ok with proposals I don't think are that great if I am in the minority but it just seems the community is not involved in proposals at all and I don't even really know how many witnesses get to vote on them as out of the matrix had never been asked about the shoe proposal and he's a number 25 ish witness, and Imran couldn't tell me despite me asking 3 times how many people voted on the shoe one. I personally would just like to have more transparency on this proposal thing and what is involved in selecting projects.

Ecosynthesizer is not run by Opidia.

Ecosynthesizer is a large team of developers and who build Blockchain stuff for Steem, and Blurt.

Here's one of the tools they created for Blurt. This is by no way related to Opidia. You start believing rumours. You need to calm down and gain some information.


Posted from https://blurt.live

I said on that one that it was just a possibility. A rumour is neither true or untrue till confirmed. Who knows what to believe these days.

Well, you know now. No one should spread a rumour as if it is a fact until they are sure if the fact.

Anyways, Ecosynthesizer has built a lot of stuff for Blurt. Like the block explorer I liked about, they built a page for new users and a few more stuff.

Posted from https://blurt.live

@UltraVioletMag Sarah you keep telling that Dan was ignored. I was right there and I showed plenty of interest in what he was saying.

You keep repeating and completely ignore my efforts. This makes me question why do you do that?

Dan is in my Discord, he can and always text me. But he didn't. How am I going to know if she made a post? Do I have like some Harry Potter shit that tells me and the team that Dan's cousin made a post?

You need to stop with this misquoting. I have clarified a hundred times here and it is on ClixMoney 's YouTube channel. You can go watch it again.

And about Clix, he had one proposal and it was about getting Delegations and he was informed about it's status.

Clix has a new proposal right now and I wanted to help him but he is under emotional stress right now because of what is going on here and he said he wants to take some time off.

Posted from https://blurt.live

To be honest. I got a similar impression, that it was going to be a struggle to get much enthusiasm behind her. So I encouraged her to do a post, she did not tag it correctly for blurt (introduction), as she is a busy business woman and didn't consult me before posting. Regardless I and others re blurted her post, and it did not do well.

Frankly, she is in such high demand, she feels awkward "trying" to get blurt as a client, as often she has a waiting list for new clients and it was very much a favor to me. So I didn't want to push her or blurt any further unless there was an obvious interest in having her do work for Blurt.

There are no hard feelings here. I'm not "unhappy" about this. It's really no big deal, but it was just brought up by @megadrive in the above comment, so I hope this clarifies things further. She's just not looking to push for a position here, she really does not need it. It was more to see if there was a push for her services from top people here on Blurt who were aware of her presence.

Which brings up one thing I'm noticing lately is that instead of a go get'em aggressive business attitude here, I see more of a top down, you all should all be happy we even do anything at all attitude here because we have other projects to work on and other things to do, which has been stated by @megadrive. I would love to see an opportunistic business approach coming from the top here, not a we'll keep this things running and you should be thankful for it attitude.

That being said I am thankful that you guys do what you do, you keep things running, you build, develop, code.... But the community demands business, investment, growth...not life support.

Business needs to come first. With no business, no investment, no money coming in....what do you really have?

We can't focus on anything when we are just trying to repair everything.

I had written a post about all the time we were attacked. We spend all the time repairing Blurt.

You see the current situation was created by Double-U and then from there on carried forward by Ctime and MK and the whole gang.

If these people had good intentions for Blurt they would have acted in a different way.

Posted from https://blurt.live

Why would they invest 100s of thousands of dollars in something they have bad intentions for? To screw their own investment? Good/bad "intentions" does not make any sense. Different direction for the platform, and difference of opinion should not be taken as "bad intentions". You re paintaing them as sabatours of their own investment and blurt in general...again who invests in something with intention to destroy it? The only true proven ones with bad intentions are the attackers from Hive, which @megadrive is so quick to get consultation from and playcate too. Get consultation and playcate to investors, not hive watchers. Did hive watchers push the idea to freeze accounts?

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Excuse me 👋

Just some advice...

Close your discord room and RENOUNCE hivewatchers.

Regards 🥓

Again....Bacon knows best!

Here is an idea @megadrive and @imransoudagar. Why don't the top decision makers reach out to successful people like @frankbacon for fresh ideas and free consultation before big moves are made. He is an asset and a resource, why not use him? He would have happily given free consultation on the latest destructive decisions made to the platform. Surely he would have advised ways to avoid all this and instead have a win-win outcome for everyone.

But instead I see an inner circle of similar minded people sharing similar ideas. Why not bring in some fresh new ideas/consultation from straight shooting out of the box thinkers and successful investors like him?

PS....He is always up for a phone conversation or chat on telegram if privacy is an issue.

By the way you don't have to like him, but you got to respect that the guy has a great business mind especially in this crypto/blogging world. He stays up to date on all the latest and can talk circles around me in regards to tech, steemit/hive/blurt and has great connections.

  ·  5 days ago  ·  

WoW 🥺

Thank you!

But I will need you or UVM in the room with me to help translate good info to Gate KEYpers!


  ·  5 days ago  ·  


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  ·  6 days ago  ·  

I think this is a good step towards healing. And at time after seeing all of this play out I may have even been too critical of @double-u and questioning his motives.

I hope that @c-time and others can see this as a step in the right direction and we can de-essculate all of this. I do not think that the weaknesses in the fundamentals of blurt are so bad that we can not still rally around making blurt great.

Look at this everyone exercised their right at free speech and said some things that should not have been said or were untrue but we are still on the same boat.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  
Time for Parley between opposing sides for the betterment of the community as a whole rather than to land a knee, kick balls, punch the kisser, and poke each other eyes trying to take charge of the stirring wheel of the moving blurt bus otherwise we can never get to our destination but rather to a "final destination."

It is a high time for settling this issues down because the world is already in hardships, let us not take those hardships inside our online home Blurt platform. I know that we also have cultural differences on the side and a whole lot of other differences but we have a common goal which is to utilize this platform to improve our lives and it will not happen if infighting continues which will just make us a laughing stock to other people who just wants this place to fail and burn.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

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  ·  6 days ago  ·  

This is pretty refreshing to read. Been on a low due to recent offline job switching so settling down and getting well into the team has been quite daunting and still would be for a couple of weeks or months.

However, I've followed the conversations closely and I'm grateful that you have set up this parley. In the spirit of friendship, and with the love we all have for Blurt, I hope the other parties accept and we can get back to a favourable position and building Blurt.

I'd be back!👍

He who lives in a glass house does not throw stones.
Blurt is for all of us and we all can make it retain this status quo.
No one is meant to be bullied or insulted in the name of free speech.

We are happy to see that @double-u and @ctime both have a chance to work to the betterment of BLURT once again.

The word "please" and "sorry" are great words of unity mostly mistaken for weakness.
Please @ctime and @double-u we love you both and cannot continue to fight.
Kindly take this opportunity to resolve things amicably with megadrive and the rest of the team.


  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Nobody has the right to not be insulted.

Calm down sir
Reduce your adrenaline level and let us get peace for blurt growth

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

That's just the truth, nothing to do with adrenaline.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

I noticed something distinctive the moment I joined this wonderful platform; I noticed a love and unity that was lacking in the other chain. On the platform, I saw how the conflict between the whales affected the value and price. I simply ask that things be resolved peacefully.

Long live Blurt, long live crypto

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Great to see this.

Looking forward to your reasonable input for the betterment of Blurt.

Hope everything gets resolved for the sake of the project. Looking forward to better days on blurt.

We are glad to see this development from you sir.
Empathy is choosing to see ourselves in another despite our differences. It's recognizing that the same humanity - the same desire for meaning, fulfillment and security - exists in each of us, even if it's expressed uniquely.

Two wrongs will definitely not make a right

@megadrive You are in no doubt a leader for choosing this harmonious part of resolution as suggested by @jacobgadikian

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

I am too short here to understand exactly what this dispute is about. Also, the posts are always in English, which doesn't make it easier. But an outstretched hand to offer peace is always a good thing, if it is sincerely meant. talking to each other helps, always. And we all just want Blurt to grow and prosper.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

I take it that my opinion does not count? 😱

  ·  6 days ago  ·   (edited)

You are welcome to share, Blurt is a place you can speak, however you did leak a private witness chat, that’s quite serious (Jacob agrees). All of this wouldn’t even have seen the light and discussed away internally if it wasn’t for that. Sometimes people say heated stuff in private because people are being jerks on chain.

  ·  5 days ago  ·  

even the supreme court leaks

obviously the information was "of grave concern" to "the community"

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Huuuu, I don't know if I understand this correctly! So the witnesses are not allowed to give out anything concerning the platform and its users if they feel they are being run over by the members of the Foundation ?
The Witnesses have the function to run NODES and keep the Chain running, they are not serfs of the Founders or the Foundation, they are also elected by the users, not only (and here we are at the dark core of the story) because there are still those unfair power distorting VOTES of the Foundation.
Again, it's not a company or have I missed something?
In a company, someone can have a voting majority from the beginning, but even that is not set in stone, and here in a community, there is clearly an abuse of power when these stakes still vote, they do not represent the quorum but only secure an instrument of power for the current rulers.
And I doubt quite openly that Jakob said or meant this, I read it differently, sorry, but we can talk about it, but I am not alone with this opinion ;)

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

I do not agree. In my opinion, the conversations of witnesses should be publicly available (read-only). These are people who represent their constituents, and their constituents should have the right to control the witnesses.

I realise that there will probably be a super secret group for witness interviews anyway.

This is the only thing that has destroyed Steem / Hive in my opinion. Witnesses didn't give a shit about the people because they were counting on the brass. They said publicly one thing, privately another.

I have no demands, I have some proposals and ideas.

I can confirm this as I was invited to a super private chat back on steemit chat. It was defo cause I was a girl and a guy called Kye or something invited me, he by the way was fine . I saw what makes up a decent part of now ocd in there and their behaviour was disgusting. In public they would pretend to help newbies who joined the chat and in private they would laugh at people, and pick people at random to nuke to zero for fun whilst laughing about it. They chased so many new members off that platform who never even got a chance to get started. For disagreeing with them I got kicked out and put in a private chat group where they would just say rly nasty things about me and mute me so I couldn’t engage. I mean that doesn’t bother me it’s the fact that they can downvote you to rep 0 and 0 earnings that’s the issue here. They did it to people for fun and just took the piss out of people behind closed doors. If I spoke out about this no one believed me at the time years ago.... I bet people believe it now. There are not many witnesses from that time as hardly anyone was in the private group, just most of now ocd and the people they nuked tended to just leave. They ended up obviously falling out wifh each other eventually and having two chat rooms then the whole of steemit chat died off at some point and became discord. I’m very wary of these private groups I wish more talk was out in the open for sure. I appreciated seeing Jacob and megadrive somewhat disagreeing publicly because it felt real and it felt transparent. I think the whole point of blockchain is that it is supposed to be more transparent. That does mean what you say is there forever though so we also need to learn to be more forgiving that people say things in the moment they later don’t mean.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Thanks for that info about ocd. They were incredibly nasty to me multiple times on Hive. If you don't suck up to them, they dislike you. They appear to have some political ideologies that don't mix with mine, also. And they love to support certain people when it suits them, to make a point even, or to profit themselves. And deny support to those that don't play the game their way. They are powerhungry and a menace to the blockchain.

I absolutely could have just sucked up, laughed at them nuking newbies and probably been very rich by now though lol

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Yeah but you're smart and wise, not just another pretty face. And you have integrity too. So that was a possibility but then again not really! Glad to have you on the good team.

sometimes having integrity sucks a bit for the wallet right lol almost all my issues on hive came from standing up for people that I saw getting treated badly and not joining in with nuking newbies, just as I stand up for things I feel are unjust here. I feel you on it though it doesn't always pay but hey at least we know we always acted with integrity in life. <3 I would love for blurt to do well and all those who actually had the balls to stand up and walk away form something like that could get some reward.

this was back in 2017 I was a total newbie and it affected my entire time on steemit, I was never really that positive after that and was always kind of half off and half on and didn't trust it at all. Even worse if I told anyone they just suggested I was being over dramatic or just basically assumed I was making it up. I think these people have become far more brazen now and more and more ppl actually believe me now and I can speak about it. I did actually live in fear of speaking out on it for years beyond the odd person and it seems crazy to me now as now I just don't give a flying F about talking about it but I guess I was still attached in some way to the way they try and get their worker drones on the keep your head down and we might just not downvote you to oblivion mentality. I guess I was just attached to the fact I was getting good payouts and had spent years building communities and contacts, essentially like building a business and speaking out or defending people basically destroys that part of your business. I didn't realise back then though how deeply ingrained this was, like I knew they had much bigger upvotes than me etc and I tried to just keep my head down for years and not come on their radar, but then more recently they all popped up again and I saw just how dark and incidous and deeply engrained it was, that it wasn't just me that had no chance, it was essentially anybody or even a group of people had nothing on them, they essentially had control of the entire voice of the platform through fear of their collective downvotes and people wanting the money they had worked so hard for, it feel almost like it was planned that way to get people comfy first then hit them so by leaving or challenging it they have a lot to lose. Steevc once said to me not many ppl complain on hive, lol of course they don't i's like 1984 if you complain your nuked, I think it goes without saying you either shut up and pretend it's ok, turn a blind eye and try and pretend you don't see it happening to other people so you can sleep at night or you leave. There isn't really a complain about it option, which we do at least have on blurt, we can still speak about things we don't like here without getting nuked into oblivion and for that I am still grateful even though there have been some less than great things happening lately it does feel like we can make change and create change here as a community. On hive I stood up for a few people in arguments, not even much, nothing like I do on blurt and I got downvoted as punishment, I was allowed around 80 dollar payouts but anything more than that, even though I put years in at a few dollars would get 'over rewarded' and downvoted even though they were all allowed to earn over a hundred for bullshit posts or screen shots off twitter. I had that loser mr boom downvoting me cause I posted on steemit, yet I bet they don't dare touch acidyo who farms on there all the damn time... of course they don't. I was actually just really miserable on there towards the end, I got no enjoyment I would just try and post and log off, if you ever got a good payout and were like wow awesome then you literally would have to sit there wondering if it would make it to day 7 and especially on day 6 as you know thats the day they are going to strike, because it's far more fun for them to strike on day 6 or 7 than it is day 1 lol. It honestly became such a negative energy and I really didn't even realise how much it was affecting me on there until I left, it's like living in constant fear that if you say anything wrong or speak up you will essentially lose all potential income you just spent hours working on that week. It is probably the most toxic thing I have ever been involved in in my life, I really wish I had pulled the plug on it way earlier but it's kind of addictive to just think I can just go on post, come off and not engage at all etc but even then it gets too annoying. I ended up having to sabotage it to make myself never go back and it worked as I have not even logged in there at all for about 7 months and I feel infinitely better. I would never ever go back on that site as long as it has the structure that it does.

  ·  5 days ago  ·  

Definitely something sinister going on. What we know is that they are evil plotting scumbags who will do whatever they can to make easy money and stay in control. What we don't know is how deep it goes. I bet it goes all the way to the core. I bet there was/is a conspiracy to use the hard fork process to capture the freedom-loving people of the world on Hive, and destroy them there, like happened to me, you, and thousands more. A plan by some of the blockchain elites, you could say. Organized off chain, where they think they are totally safe and their scheming will never be discovered. But even that will some day become known to very intelligent machines scouring the internet and analyzing everything from every possible angle. Any action will eventually be known, and potentially judged/punished. Who will control that process? That remains to be seen. Hopefully it is the people, not the current powers that be. As technology becomes more powerful eventually we will be able to catch every cyber criminal, calculate every instance of gaslighting, and financial terrorism, and fraud, etc. The cheating bullying lying bastards will not get away with it forever. But yeah, great comment, your experience really matches mine and I identify with how you felt and feel. I know that I was only accepted when I was bringing in new investment by putting out great content. I was tolerated. But once I finally had a good bunch of grassroots curation support, and decided to make my very first powerdown, they nailed me. They pretended @MediKatie and I were farming money off the platform and hurting the community, along with other "crimes". None of it was true. Did we vote for each other's posts and comments, yes, but not unfairly whatsoever. I would tend to give her 1 or 2 votes a day, myself 1 or 2 votes a day, and everything else went to manual curation of other people's content. They couldn't get us for anything else, so they pretended we had self voted too much. Bullshit. If we had, it sure didn't work! Were we making millions like they were? Nope, barely pennies per day. We were just grinding from zero like most other non-insiders. Always told we could someday withdraw and begin to profit.... but once that day came we were denied. You know, I put in more than 4 years of fulltime work on Steem/Hive, not to mention a lot of time and effort spent by my wife, and our team of canna-models the @GirlsofGreen. All to create content for the blockchain, original and high quality stuff that people want to see. And yet we never got the support of the big curators, who prefer curating each other, and themselves, and lucrative chosen projects. We had to get tiny votes from minnows, day by day, putting out piles of amazing content just to equal the payout of one of their single-image meme posts. YEARS of sacrifice, and I invested 0.2 BTC to power up our accounts. That was always welcome. But to ever withdraw funds, that's not allowed. They suddenly decide you are abusing the system and can't be allowed any further payouts. And you will be downvoted toward full censorship if you continue. I was actually told "if you struggle it will only feel worse", like rapists say to victims. Totally sick fuckers. They delight in intimidating, controlling, abusing, and harming others. Censorists, liars, blockchain terrorists, nonconsentual sadists of the worst kind. A disgusting cabal of damned souls, most of whom are unable to stop what they're doing or become ripped apart by their fellow devils.

  ·  6 days ago  ·   (edited)

I hope I wasn't there because I was in OCD (but on Discord). The project was done for the public. You had to find a good entry, read it, summarize it, and the article got a lot of money.

I was doing it for a community that now doesn't want me and is aggressive about it. Fortunately, some people have moved on to Blurt.

It used to make me laugh when ocd upvoted me as I know they had people curating for them and I think they couldn’t do much lol

It wasn’t in discord it was in steemit chat and was ran by someone called illuminate something. At the time I didn’t even connect dots with that name. In it was several members from now ocd. It was nothing to do with curating posts that I saw just laughing at people and choosing new members from the general chat to nuke to 0 for shits and giggles. They did always find a reason tho to have an excuse back in the day, these days they are more brazen and don’t even need an excuse. So for example they would decide to nuke someone and then search their account and maybe find they had used a photo from the internet. These people wefe new to steem and rather than explain how they could properly source images for their text they just used it as the excuse to take the whole account to 0. These ppl now are mostly the face of ocd. Notice there is a specific circle that never gets downvoted or considered ‘ over valued’ they are all the guys from that original chat group.

I also think we have to accept people say all kinds of things to their friends that are a joke, can be taken out of context etc. There are multiple ways to see things. I guess most of us here are debating over the Blockchain, our words are here forever and in 5 months we might not even know why we wrote certain things or even in 10 minutes. I think we need to be tolerant with a system like this that everyone is growing day by day.


Somethings can't be shared while they are still being discussed and leaking them out can be dangerous as it can be taken in any context.

Witness chat must be private because we are discussing important stuff.

P.S: A human can think whatever they wish to, good or bad because they have their thoughts and inner voice... Blurt Witness Discord is the inner voice of the witness team.

Posted from https://blurt.live

  ·  6 days ago  ·   (edited)

do not treat adult people and investors who have invested their money here as children. Secrecy is the main cancer that eats EVERY endeavor. behind closed doors most often unworthy things happen because usually everyone wants to brag about those worthy. Wittnesses are here to deal with the technical side of blockchain, usual people make him live and and investors to finance this project. no one here is in a worse or better position and there is no such thing as "important wittnesses matters"

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

"Somethings can't be shared while they are still being discussed and leaking them out can be dangerous as it can be taken in any context."

That's why it should ALL be public, so nothing can be taken out of context.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Yes, Imran, but then it should be that all those private chats are about things that help the community. . . Gossiping about potential bullies are hardly helping. . .

All sorts of things go inside our brains. Not everything is pleasent for others. We must and should be judged by our actions.

Posted from https://blurt.live

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

We must and should be judged by our actions.

What do you mean by this statement, my friend?
Is it regarding juding thise who are claimed to be bullies. . .?
Judging everybody?
Judging ourselves?

Who are we judging?!?!?!

I judge a lot. . . I do, BUT I dont stick to my judgement. I acknowledge my judgement, but i also give the person/situation the chance to prove me wrong! As we all make mistakes. . .and we all deserve to be allowed to do that and then being forgiven (even the geminis 😅😂🤣)

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Forgiving a lot here need to learn. Not only from one side.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

In my opinion, the conversations of witnesses should be publicly available (read-only). These are people who represent their constituents, and their constituents should have the right to control the witnesses.

I agree.
If a person wants to look good in public, but say not nice things in private is not a person i want to make decisons over matters that affects us all. . . (there is a word for them btw . . .)

I do agree though that certian security matters, as he says, should not be shared with anybody, thats fine.
But when discussing the public. . .be transparent!!!

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Happy to hear your proposals and ideas

  ·  6 days ago  ·   (edited)

Some security matters can’t be open to the public and need to be patched/addresses before being made widely known. This is standard practice on all chains, Cosmos and others, not just Hive and Steem.

Even so if you still believe they should be open then lobby for it to be so, don’t do something morally questionable like leaking private stuff, I really didn’t like seeing the other witnesses screenshotted, I have less taste for that than even seeing myself be screenshotted.

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

do not treat adult people and investors who have invested their money here as children. Secrecy is the main cancer that eats EVERY endeavor. Behind closed doors most often unworthy things happen because usually everyone wants to brag about those worthy. Wittnesses are here to deal with the technical side of blockchain, usual people make him live and investors to finance this project. no one here is in a worse or better position and there is no such thing as "important wittnesses matters" everyone has right to know whats going on in witness conversation because we voting on you and give you our trust and funds.

Especialy that we have situation whre one person can without consltations freezing someon's account if he want to. this is huge lack of seriurity!

  ·  6 days ago  ·  

Hillary Clinton didn't like her yoga emails out there either. Because THEY WERE MORALLY QUESTIONABLE TOO.

how weird 😶

LOL that made me giggle.

  ·  6 days ago  ·