Happy Blurtday!

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It was a year ago today when the Blurt blockchain first breathed life, I use the word "life" because a blockchain, especially a social one, embodies and sustains the spirit of community, it is the ecological tether between each one of us.

Blockchains connect us all in ways we don't even realise; through the Blurt blockchain, each member of our community is bound to the same risks and the same successes as each other, journies intertwined in a beautiful tapestry.

I would codename last year "Adversity" because that's what we faced together, we as a community, withstood both social and technical attacks designed to cause us to fail and hinder our prosperity, growth was not possible in this time, but we came out stronger, honed and resilient.

We as a community have overcome a lot and we have rebuilt what was lost, this year will be one of prosperity as we rise up from the fire stronger than ever.

It is often easy to focus on what went wrong and so we lose sight of the blessings we did receive and the wins we achieved. I this spirit I will give thanks for the gifts we did receive in the last year.

I am thankful...

  • That people came from all over the world to help launch Blurt one year ago today; when we thought we wouldn't have enough witnesses, more than enough came.

  • For having a stable wallet where users always have access to their funds, when we launched we didn't have one but within a week we did.

  • That Blurt was listed on several exchanges, Ionomy, Probit, Stex, Beldex, Hive-Engine, Steem-Engine and Leodex.

  • That the Blurt blockchain is light-weight enough to run on Raspberry pi's making it one of the most resillient edge-of-network blockchain social networks, free from dependency on centralised datacenters.

  • That @rycharde and @saboin have joined the top-tier of the Blurt Foundation, bringing with them their respective skills and passions in mathematics, economics, development, and system administration.

  • For the motivated and passionate core team consisting of @angelica7, @zahidsun, @offgridlife and @eastmael.

  • For the Blocktivity, Blockfolio, Coinpaprika and Coingecko listings, among others.

  • To the @symbionts team for stepping up with a block explorer and joinblurt.com new account creation replacement apps when we needed them most.

  • For the wonderful and motivated people I have met in our community since we launched, you cannot put a value on human connections, those relationships will continue giving long into the future.

  • That the official https://blurt.blog is back up and running, allowing us to continue to enhance the user experience.

  • To @etainclub for creating a prototype Android app for Blurt.

  • For the fantastic and highly responsive group of witnesses (validators) who upgrade their nodes timeously and provide troubleshooting support for every hark fork.

  • That Blurt is a place of zero judgment, where we can express ourselves and our ideas without being shot down, persecuted or downvoted because of differences of opinion.

If I have forgotten anything please remind me so I can add it to the list of things to be thankful for. I am thankful to each and every one of you who have embarked on this Blurt journey with us and contributed to the community.

Let's make the year ahead one to remember, a year of prosperity, growth, peace, unity, passion, perseverance and teamwork.

I end off this post with a new hope of things to come.


Ricardo Ferreira
Blurt Co-Founder

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Happy Blurtday!

Happy first birthday blurt!!!

You are indeed right, blurt blockchain brought thousands of people close , although many did not believe in it when we started. I had friends who started before me but ended up dumping the account because of the low rate but today, blurt is thriving and moving even when no body expected it.

That's really cool!

Many great thanks to all of you who worked tirelessly to get these done!
You guys are seriously amazing!

Wow. Happy Birthday to BLurt. Still a long way to go. So far the journey is soooooo good. Best wish for next year.

Many thanks to everyone who works hard for Blurt and it is exciting to know that time flies and that Blurt has already celebrated its first anniversary. It is an excellent platform and I am very comfortable here, thank you all. Blurt to the moon.

Happy Birthday Blurt ! Shared with 300 Million people on Twitter…

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I'm happy to be part of the Blurt family.

Many more to come I'm sure, Happy Birthday!

I thanks @offgridlife to let me know Blurtter.

You can use https://blurt.blog

Hi @megadrive

Thanks to everyone and to blurt for making everyone here a better platform, thanks to you and others like you who are on your team giving their best to keep this platform fighting.

Attacks are not good but in this case the attacks were from those who know how big blurt will be, and thanks to those attacks BLURT IS BIGGER.

Happy first anniversary to Blurt and everyone who works on it. With all the motivation for Blurt to continue growing.

Nice work

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

It's really been a year. I don't think so. This is the talk of the day.I am very happy. I am very grateful to @megadrive. Thousands of such birthdays come to Blurt
Hopefully, Blurt will grow a lot bigger.
Happy Birthday.

So happy to have been part of the dream that is now a reality! Thank you to all founders and witnesses alike, Blurt on!

Thank you for your work!!

Thanks to @offgridlife I'm here and a lot are here thanks to him as well !


Happy birthday blurt, as a photographer am really glad to be part of this community. I have learnt alot and I strongly have big faith in blurt.
That is why I keep powering up all my blurt

Thankyou for starting this project 💗

Happy Birthday!

And a thousand thanks to all who have worked so much and tirelessly for BLURT this year!

Many good wishes for you. You too are a devoted soul for Blurt. You too are a huge partner in the development of Blurt. Thousands of good wishes for you.

Happy Birthday blurt! Congrats to @megadrive

Happy first Blurt birthday. A big thank you to all Blurtlers. Especially a big thanks to the developers and witnesses, without whom we wouldn't be here. I look with joyful eyes to the coming year.

Happy Birthday Blurt!🥳🎂

i am so happy on this day blurt was came and thanks to all of them for whom we can be a part of blurt, i wish in future blurt will grow more and more. I didn't remember this day thank to @megadrive for remembering us.

Happy Birthday Blurt, Today has been a memorable and joyous day for all Blurt users. Thanks to all the members of the Blurt team, especially @megadrive, for gifting us a beautiful platform. Thanks a lot....

Wow!!!.. as a new user am glad to be celebrating blurt birthday today.

Happy birthday 🎂🎈

Happy birthday blurt the most popular social blockchain. I wish the growth of decentralized social blockchain will continue.

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Heppy birthday 😊

Very interesting
I only joined about a month ago and it really feels good to be here.
Blurt all the way

Happy birthday blurt. Thanks to all who have gifted us a stable blurt community. Special thanks to @megadrive. I am waiting to see a birthday surprise from you and blurt. Love to stay with it.

Happy Birthday Blurt . First I was very skeptical about Blurt and I am even more happy that I gave Blurt a second chance.
It was an exciting year in which I learned a lot.

Totally amazing! Happy birthday to this awesome blockchain! This is a really good place to call home, because this community is totally incredible! I hope that we could have a lot of years together!

Always working to bring Blurt to the moon!

Happy Birthday Blurt. Feliz Cumple años y que sean muchos muchos mas. felicitaciones a todo el equipo que hace que esto sea posible y aun se mantenga de pie.

Gracias por compartir tu publicación en #Blurt. Tu esfuerzo significa mucho para nosotros; por eso has recibido un voto positivo.

Te invito a votar por @blurtlatam como Testigo / Witness


Happy first birthday blurt!

Yes, many things to be thankful for. Also and especially for the pub where we can exchange ideas and spend nice hours.

Here's to a healthy growth in the 2nd year of blurt's life, may the good vibes stay with us. Cheers!

@megadrive it is extremely important the thank you you do as this attracts positive things and success for Blurt.
Today marks its first year, a dream of its founders after so much work and effort. And as you say after so many obstacles.
Venezuelans say: 2 for back or to catch momentum2. Always forward and with our heads held high.
Happy Birthday Blurt.

Post de instagram de felicitación de cumpleaños para amigo con holograma colorido.png

Happy Birthday blurt 🥳🥳, I am glad to be a part of this community. It's commendable how far this community has come in a year, kudos to team and users. Keep it up, Blurt to the Moon 🚀🚀👍

I am sincerely grateful for all the love and attention received here at Blurt, we are all connected by a dream, and trust and respect has been a very important means. Thanks for the recognition and your beautiful words.
Thanks to all who have shared their joy and trust so far, the witnesses, users, investors, administrators, programmers, dreamers, creators and everyone who believes in Blurt.
Happy anniversary to Blurt, let's toast warmly and let's have a big piece of cake.
May many years of success and good vibes come. :)