Firing my first salvo of sanctions against @double-u and his supporters

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Disclaimer: These views are my own and not of the Blurt Foundation.

In recent days it has come to my attention that @double-u has not only attacked me personally instead of approaching me in a diplomatic manner but he has also spoken to various community members as if they are trash, in addition to this he has subverted our team by going behind my back to try and undermine me and has also scared off one of our team members with some sort of emotional abuse.

You all know @bestkizito the cool guy who made the Blurt shirts happen, well he is taking a break from Blurt due to emotional abuse from @double-u in private message off-chain*, it was said "@double-u was kicking against his association with the foundation." As such we have temporarily lost a team member and caused a dent in the unity of the Nigerian community on Blurt.

*Edit: after seeing the comment by Bestikito below and chatting to him further, it has been clarified that his mental health has been affected by him witnessing how Double-u treats me and also outsiders that come to the "Pub" as shown by an offended user also below in the comments, there was no DM between the parties other than the one by Bestkizito that did not receive a reply and was taken also to be a dismissal.

I was in the process of recruiting Bestkizito for help with the socials on my @gamestate project which will be having a launchpad later this month and has been selected for curation on, but due to @double-u he is now alienated and suffering alone.

Bestkizito came to me with very low self-worth and felt he had no skills or worth, I told him everyone has value and gave him a shot working for the foundation doing social outreach, he has not stopped being thankful for the opportunity, and as such he has gone on to be an entrepreneur for Blurt, @double-u has undone all of this out of malice.


This post by @tekraze has further exposed hypocrisy amongst Double-u and his supporters, they created the derogatory term #IDUVTS which basically means you are an idiot if you support Vote Trading Systems (VTS), they require their supporters to add this to their profile or allegedly they won't get votes, this is akin to walking around brandishing the letter "L" saying others with different ideals are losers, they don't like labels used that offend their culture such as "Nazi" but have no problem offending others, such is the irony. This post also highlights how badly they treat smaller users and those that have different ideals, which highlights further irony due to the fact that the main objection to VTS is that it is anti-social, yet they engage in anti-social treatment of others.

First Sanctions

The Blurt community is due to receive an airdrop of STATE tokens from my personal @gamestate project after our Copperlaunch and Quickswap listing. I however do not wish to carry over subverters, as such I will be excluding @double-u for all the obvious reasons and for being the main kingpin of the MIDUVTS. @nerdtopiade (aka @opfergnome) will be excluded as well, he has already said he is leaving the Blurt community and his witness is only active as long as it gets rewards, which is why we have already removed votes from him. in addition to very toxic attitude both here and on other Cosmos groups I am in where he has been fortunate to have been given the opportunity.

Some of the others are a little more difficult to lump in the same boat, @elekezaksek for example rallies in support of double-u and has said even that Blurt should not be associated with drones (fair enough) and also the children's hospital, I don't get that part? It was started by a preacher on behalf of Blurt, we just cheered it on. She does help others so am prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt if she removes the IDUVTS tag from her profile.

@dotwin1981 is also a difficult one, he has been a great witness and resource in getting the Raspi setup working, he has been good to me in Dm with technical assistance, however has been spreading misinformation that he is not compensated where actually I support his validator personally on DIG and HuaHua chains and Notional hired him with monthly upfront pay only for him to not really engage, he does earn from his witness, his posts are also fairly repetitive and get large votes already and has not really had much interest in joining the foundation for compensation. Also, his #puke posts are a bit dramatic and inflammatory against what the foundation is trying to do, this is however a personal post and won't factor that. As long as he removes the IDUVTS tag which oppresses others, he will remain eligible and I will look at keeping my support for him on all chains.

Anyone else is this group is so far safe from sanctions provided they no longer use the #iduvts tag on their posts or profiles. I will merely use it here one last time as it pertains to the topic.

I have also put it to an internal vote to remove the official witness votes from @double-u, we have 50% in favour with 50% of votes outstanding and will effect that outcome. Final results: 75% in favour 25% not voted.

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  ·  2 months ago  ·  

Why do people always have to ruin nice things.

how does one join the pub please?

  ·  3 months ago  ·   (edited)

I believe there is a pub post coming out later today by the blurttribe team on the #blurtpub tag where anyone can stand up a pop-up pub and play host and build community. You can even create your own pub using the #blurtpub tag

I would love to join, is it on discord or something? I have been toying with starting a spiritual community tag thankyou for the info :)

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Please the two parties should not engage in this kind of dispute! Am standing here as an arbitrator between the two parties and I demand that this dispute should come to a stop immediately. Sincerely speaking, @double-u and @megadrive are prominent figures on blurt ecosystem of which I wish to be like them one day but on seeing this post now, am demoralized by this.

Please and please my dear friends stop all these quarrel and let peace reign! I just stumble on this post now for the past five days it was made! I plead with the parties to please and please settle every Malice between each other! Say no to grudges because it doesn't pay atall! This is my kind concern! Thank you!!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thanks @kpreddy for your support

  ·  4 months ago  ·  
  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

I haven't come to blurt for a while now and just today I decide to become active on blurt like i used to be.

The truth here is @double-u and @megadrive are the best people you can meet on blurt blockchain.

Both of you are the reasons why some people are still enjoying stay on blurt.

I would love to see this issue resolved.

You are mentors, leaders, and inspiration to many other users.

I love you both from the bottom of my heart.

Blurt is a place where people should come and experience a good life, we should make our blurt family a place where LOVE reigns as KING.

Dear mentors, please settle this issue amongst yourself in a DM without letting anyone know how you both settled behind the scene.

This will also teach us to learn from you, how to handle conflict with a fellow blurt users.

I would love to hear that the issue is resolved.

I love you both from my innermost being.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

May I ask. I don't understand why I'm on these graphs? Yes, I vote for the same people because I like their posts and find them very helpful. Especially to get updates on what is going on on blurt and other blockchains. But I also vote for a lot of other blogs from other accounts.
Sincerely, ozelot47

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

It was a limited set of data within 4-5 days.

You may have interacted more so you may have fallen in the list.

But the list does not means, all are bad all are wrong.

The people already know, where they stand.

So, if you haven't done anything, dont worry

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  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I was just wondering. Thank you for your reply.

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  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Beautiful , great decision ... a real leader always have to take the rights decisions
Which most of the time bothers many people ( who exist only to suck on profits )
Whaleshares is dead because of bad support and greed , may Blurt be saved and any projects in which we all put time and love in .

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  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I thought long and hard about whether to respond to your post at all. But I am very disappointed with your essay. Especially that I show up in the graphic makes me very thoughtful. I have always tried to spread my votes out as much as possible. I have supported several contests with votes and blurt. And I always didn't care if someone used VTS or not. Out of solidarity with my compatriots and because I think VTS is destructive, I also put the tag in my profile and have now removed it. I will not post any more votes for the next four weeks and will decide after PD how I will continue here or if I will continue at all. I have no desire or time for kid stuff and war games. Life is too short to get worked up over such ridiculousness. Thanks.

Ich habe lange überlegt, ob ich überhaupt auf Ihren Beitrag antworten soll. Aber ich bin sehr enttäuscht von Ihrem Aufsatz. Vor allem, dass ich in der Grafik auftauche, macht mich sehr nachdenklich. Ich habe immer versucht, meine Stimmen so weit wie möglich zu streuen. Ich habe mehrere Wettbewerbe mit Votes und Blurt unterstützt. Und dabei war es mir immer egal, ob jemand VTS benutzt oder nicht. Aus Solidarität mit meinen Landsleuten und weil ich VTS für destruktiv halte, habe ich die Markierung auch in mein Profil gesetzt und jetzt entfernt. Ich werde in den nächsten vier Wochen keine Stimmen mehr abgeben und nach der PD entscheiden, wie ich hier weitermachen werde oder ob ich überhaupt weitermache. Ich habe weder Lust noch Zeit für Kinderkram und Kriegsspiele. Das Leben ist zu kurz, um sich über solche Lächerlichkeiten aufzuregen. Danke!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Ich werde es nicht entfernen.....
Ich lasse mich nicht erpressen.


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  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thanks for removing the IDUVTS tag, you can see in the comments some users prefer it not be used. Your name appeared in the data purely due to your voting association, I haven’t had any issues with you in the past and don’t have any with you now. I think this is our first interaction.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Sir @megadrive, what of those that uses IDUVTS, does it mean that it is irrelevant?.
Cos am a bit confused here.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

It means if you use vote trading services like upvu and tomoyan then you are an idiot, it’s labelling people and not nice.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Another lie from you!
The abbreviation says that we do not use VTS and vote manually.
The abbreviation says nothing about the users who do not use it. Especially not that they are idiots.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Okay, now I get the full insight. Thank Goodness for that. I appreciate.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  
  ·  4 months ago  ·  
  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Not true.
No one is saying that you are an idiot then.
With autovoters, the content of the posts is no longer what matters. In extreme cases, only robots vote for each other and the community dies.
That's the reason why people like me dislike it.
I have seen on Steem how negative such VTS can be.

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  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Although am new on Blurt, but after reading the article. I want to use this opportunity to drop this little comment. Because since I came on board on Blurt both @double-u and @megadrive has been a source of encouragement to me especially.
In @double-u pub, it has helped me a lot in interacting and communicating with other people while @megadrive has been providing an important information on Blurt and how it can be of more benefit for everyone.

Please, I don't mean to hurt anyone but at least both parties should get along and settle their differences. Because if peace doesn't reign we ourselves will be affected.

I know that this Blurt Blockchain was created to be of help to people and the was why I decided to leave steemit Blockchain for now because of some unfavourable rules and conditions. Please am pleading and begging that both parties shouldn't get involved in head to head allegations.
I know you both are important dignified personnel on Blurt. I want to use this moment to appreciate both parties for their work on Blurt.

All we want is peace.
Thank you very much.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

@megadrive is one of the most passionate father of #Blurt, cool talented, very professional, and doesn't hold grudges against anyone and an online friend to me as much as @double-u, @nerdtopiade (aka @opfergnome), and of course @dotwin1981 with his friendly disposition for me plus @jeenger too.

Ms. Elkezaksek rejected me as a friend for failing to respond to her comment, but I still love you Ma'am I hope that you continue to uplift lives in Uganda.

I agree with Sir @megadrive's view about how Mr. Double-u votes for people with #Idunvotfijitsusingvtservices or something like that tag and not voting for those who uses it...


@megadrive just showed the problem there complete with graphical presentation, the way double-u is casting his votes. That is fine but labeling other people with harsh words is not particularly those that are using vts. Their point is it is anti-social and yet who had been practicing anti-social here? I can accept a no vote for vts users but the things is that at least converse with them and not treat them as outcasts like a dog with mange.

I myself can absorb harsh words like "unwanted guest" taking a silent treatment or even degrading my already degraded person, I am already numb, plus the fact that I am nothing really in this world is a relief for me and anything extra in my life is now a blessing.

Blurt had been a haven for me and you all

So I thank @megadrive and Sir Jacob and those that I had mentioned and was not able to mention because you had been great with your work making one of the best social media platforms on earth uplifting the lives of many.

But since there are clashes on differences regarding different ideas practiced and done including eye-raising statements that hurts feelings these issues will just arise. It is like putting some group of friends inside a room or house and in due time they will get into each other's nerve where a mere chewing sound will be enough for someone to punch someone.

There is also a communication factor here I see and I am fairly sure that one or somebody at some point is not getting the message the other is conveying and then interpreting it otherwise. But again there are major differences in many aspects that we view on certain subjects so unsavory things will happen causing shunning, ignoring, insults, etc including witness position rank shifting.🙄

Let's just love one another, Blurt community is just too small for these kind of emotional issue. Like Ms. @anglelica07 says "Hugs & Good vibes."

Would it be possible, considering the circumstances, to remove the negative clouds that have been cast over people like @tomoyan and @upvu who offer services that many Blurters, including myself, really appreciate? Thank you!

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

I didn't cause the negative clouds over VTS services, so it is not up to me to remove, I have suggested that the IDUVTS tag no longer be used as a term to ridicule those that choose to use those services.

I didn't cause the negative clouds over VTS services, so it is not up to me to remove

My sincere apologies for having incorrectly made that assumption! I am very relieved to hear that you were not responsible for the atmosphere that has been created regarding how users like @tomoyan and @upvu manage their accounts. I don't know if there are other accounts that have been categorized as VTS. Nor do I know much about the debate concerning this issue. You surely know more than me, and seem to be very well informed, as is apparent by this very informative post that you have written. This is why I wanted to appeal to you to help stop this demonization of those who are very creative with how they manage their accounts.

I will not make the same mistake by assuming that you are in favor of how people like @tomoyan and @upvu manage their accounts, but I would like to follow your example in which you rightly suggest...

...that the IDUVTS tag no longer be used as a term to ridicule those that choose to use those services.

I would like to suggest that we no longer use the term VTS at all, because it is being used to demonize those who provide those services, as this is the basis for IDUVTS.

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

Fully agree with not being in support of labels in our community:

I would like to suggest that we no longer use the term VTS at all, because it is being used to demonize those who provide those services, as this is the basis for IDUVTS.

That's wonderful! That's really wonderful! Thank you!

Unity can only begin when we walk away from everything that serves to divide us!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

i've only been on blurt for a few days. and now i've gotten right into this one. the german community around dotwin1981 has been very welcoming and supportive. what i don't understand about the whole thing is whether it's about dislike for VTS or disparaging behavior towards other users.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

No one should be offended.
The idea behind it is to protect Blurt and the community, so that at some point only robots vote, like with Steemit.
I had once made a post about it:

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Danke Dir

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

For insulting other users

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

so what i've seen on other platforms in insults went far beyond this. wouldn't it be better to clarify the matter in a small circle and get it out of the world? surely we all just want to have peaceful fun in the community. there is more than enough agression out there these days.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

yepp agression from one side, from long

Posted from

Firing my first salvo of sanctions against double-u and his supporters

If you do this, Blurt will stay divided forever

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Blurt Is not one or two people, it's a large community. Dont worry we are always a community together and growing

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

...Excessive interest on how we perceive a particular scenario always pose a hindrance in our sense of evaluation. No man will ever wish bad for himself, and in doing so; the Golden Rule holds:”Do unto others what you wish them do for you”. This is the hallmark of our Christian faith, it is a cornerstone on which humanity is build on. Even the scriptures teaches, the love of God and the love of neighbor.

For the past two weeks, we are in the know of the latest happenings around the world; the premeditated attacks on the Ukrainian government. This has given room for various interpretations by world leaders. I feel gutted to say, my heart is heavy and I’m in constant prayers so peace could be restore again. The world is not prepared for this war! The Blurt community is not prepared either. Since dawn, I have been keenly going through comments as emotions are rising from various sections. But fact is: When you angry, don’t speak
Don’t act , Don’t take decisions. No matter how misconstrued our statements are been perceived at first value, the onus lies on us to implore a critical look on what might have prompted our actions. Most at times, it is not in our nature for our writings to pose a challenge to the sensibilities of others; that’s why we need to be watchful on how other folks feels.

The blurt community is a HOME, and a HOME is where peace and mutual understanding co-exist. The absence of peace, always usher in war. We cannot be at war with one another here, rather, we should seek for a common ground where our differences though affecting others negatively will be put aside. It is my call as the Servant of God, to plead that we sheath our sword and embrace peace for the sake of what we believed in.

Let’s make blurt the HOME it’s known to be!

Thank you for the voice of common sense

When you angry, don’t speak

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Greater praise to the most high God and our hearts are gladden to see that all is ok .
You welcome 🙏

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

If you feel you need to sanction me, do so.
It has nothing to do with @double-u that I am against VTS.
I'm not just concerned with the financial aspect of VTS, but with the fact that at some point only bots will vote for each other and there won't be much left of cross-border communication. Then it's all about making money.
We have seen this in extreme form with Steemit.
I would like to preserve the positive, the community and the exchange on Blurt.
That's all...

I hope everything turns out well in the end. Discussions are part of it and I believe that everything can be a big misunderstanding

I personally apologize to @double-u, @megadrive and everyone else who has commented on this post. no intention to offend anyone.🙏

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Nothing you have said has offended, please there is no need to apologise.🙏

Thank you sir 🙏

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I have not noticed any problem ;-)

Thank you sir 🙏

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

I see this time is far from the first goal. I joined here because I see all users together helping each other and interacting together, and establishing good relationships.

I also see this platform as a gathering place for all communities around the world. But unfortunately now various problems come here that can hinder the development of

In my opinion, the witness is our guide in building a account. If the witnesses violate, then things don't go well.

I as a user hope that every problem that occurs can be resolved properly and with a cool head.

I appreciate all the witnesses, both @double-u and @megadrive and other witnesses.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Dear @megadrive and @double-u
You guys have been a source of inspiration to most of use here on blurt platform.

For instance, the Pub organized by @double-u has brought alot of people to register on blurt including my friends.

@megadrive has always Update us with blurt Updates and latest news concerning the foundation and Important airdrops.

I feel both parties shouldn't get head to head as they are very important dignitaries in the platform.

Thanks so much 🙏

I totally agree with your opinion

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thanks a lot!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

You are very much welcome sir🙏

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Letter to @megadrive, @double-u and @bestkizito

Greetings of peace 🕊 and solidarity.

Having carefully read through this post and the responses and reactions from those involved and all concerned blurt members, I can confidently say that it takes only a friend to hurt a friend. I see that you all are close friends and allies.

Therefore, I dare to say, preserving a friendship requires many skills. One of the most important of these is the ability to say I'm sorry. We all make mistakes. Hurting each other from time to time is inevitable, especially in a close friendship. Some people are incapable of apologizing, because they are unable to admit that they may have made a mistake. There is no way for a friendship to last without apologies. Saying I'm Sorry in a sincere and compassionate way will preserve your friendship and deepen the bond that you share.

If we are all concerned and worried about our common humanity as regards the invasion of Ukraine today, yet we come in here in the blurt family and begin our own invasions 🤣😂 then, we have not just failed Friendships, but we have failed Blurt as a family, we have failed Humanity and we have failed all that we have struggled to build.

I can never be a judge because am not and I can't be one and I don’t wish to be one either.

On my knees 🧎 I humbly ask, for the sake of this family, this community and this future you have created, let us beat our ploughshares into prunning hooks and entend an olive branch rather than a sledgehammer.

I write this not because of any affiliates with any of the individuals involved but I write this because I am a Blurtan. I write this because of a sincerity of purpose. I write this because I believe in Blurt. I write this because of the future which begins now.

With kind regards and prayerful best wishes, I remain;

The lowly priest from the hinterlands

Cheers to Blurt! ✌ ☮

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thank you for your belief in Blurt and your kind and passionate words of wisdom. You are always valued and welcome in our community, even though parties in this matter disagree I am happy to not continue in any further discourse or disagreement, I think everyone can now just agree to disagree and carry on as normal.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thank you @megadrive. I actually just got to know you guys as the team behind this great project called Blurt. And I respect you guys, "please live let us live". The 'Ubuntu' philosophy says 'I am, because You are'. We all need each other. Remember, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

Let us never allow our differences destroy the creed we profess. Thanks to you all on the team.
Am proud of blurt.
Cheers to the future.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thank you for this wise comment!
I wish you all the best!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

The pleasure is all mine.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Anyone else is this group is so far safe from sanctions provided they no longer use the #iduvts tag on their posts or profiles.

Excuse me sir, is this a threat? I hope you don't make the decision in anger.

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

I'm not airdropping on anyone using that tag, not a threat, it's fact.

This is a threat that anyone using this acronym for being AGAINST VTS will receive personal punishment from them. I won't assume my position that automating votes and posts will be the end of a genuine chain, as seen in the Steemit and Hive examples. Hive has since stepped in and got some parts of these services under control.

This has nothing to do with decentralization, this is DICTATORSHIP!

I sincerely hope that the creator of these words will wake up and see what a serious mistake he has made again, instead of attacking everyone, a leading figure like him should not act as a ONE MAN SHOW but react prudently in the way that best serves the blockchain.

This kind of thing only creates fear and should never be used as a bargaining chip !

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I believe @megadrive and @double-u should come to an understanding, recall we look up to you guys as guides on blurt and certain conflicts could make us up coming loose focus on the platform and start having sides against each other..

Crisis and conflicts never end well ..

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thank you!
Yes, I also think that a conflict was created here that was not necessary.
Almost everything is based on rumors!
I think I do not deserve such bad treatment, because I have done a lot for Blurt.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Exactly @double-u I believe you both are good personalities on this platform the media never forgets so we could all work with each other Blurt to try world

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Hi sir
A war is going on between Russia and Ukraine and now it is starting here, hoping that both the wars end soon.

According to me, Blurt is a beautiful platform and I wish that Blurt always a beautiful platform

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

@megadrive Hey Ricardo
Where did I say I was leaving Blurt ? Where did I write publicly that I run the Witness only because of rewards ?
The only thing I said that i will run the witness and the rpc as long it is sustainable by the rewards.
If I was only in it for the money then I would have left Blurt when Blurt wasn't even worth 1 cent.
What I once said to you on discord is that you should please remove me as a mod from the DIG discord because I mainly want to take care of Blurt.
But hey, remove me from the Gamestate airdrop, it's not like I care about the project, and yet I participated in the presale on Hive to support you.

But apparently you are so angry because I was the first to dare to say something against your drone project that you are now twisting facts or making them up.
And actually I did not want to interfere further in the discussion, but this goes a little too far.

Can most of us just stay here and get on lol most of us came here fleeing from super aggressive platforms and to get away from arguing and fall outs. No platform will be perfect but no one gets downvoted here at least so we have a good chance to build nice communities.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I called for a consensus for both parties
@megadrive and @double-u .

Both of you are my mentor in this platform. Thanks

Differences of opinion are normal, anyone has the right to voice their opinion. but I really hope that, after this long debate, the friendship between us will continue to be maintained.

Love Peace😘

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

If he stopped lying...

You (@megadrive and @double-u) are role models for @blurt platform users.

Greetings from Indonesia

I'm not here to decide what's right and what's wrong. however I have great respect for @double-u as a witness as well as parents and developers of this platform. I think this debate is without conclusion. I as a new person just hope everyone will smile at each other.
Love peace🥰

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thank you! I think you are right!

You're welcome 👍

With a situation like this, will the blurt community continue to grow or vice versa?

what will happen in the future in the blurt community?

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Blurt is a decentralised blockchain, it is greater than any two or more people.

what about the current situation, does it affect the blurt community?

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

It's currently a one man show!

Hello @double-u sir!
What will you say about this insulting only for joining your pub

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

This comment of mine was not directed at you.
I have already replied to the recipient below.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Hi, I have already mentioned this above in my post, that was referring to you also.

not only attacked me personally instead of approaching me in a diplomatic manner but he has also spoken to various community members as if they are trash,

  ·  4 months ago  ·  


First I would like to [email protected] sir who has taken decision in support of a blurt user who may mistake very little not more deo to new to this wonderful platform. ignoring this mistake. I [email protected]'s post very much. Thank you sir for your kind words and behave just like a own family. I thank you for your fatherly advice and words which are just like golden for every sons.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

@megadrive doesn’t only inspire me but he treats me like his son. If you see me wearing something good or showing a happy face it is because of this man. Ever since he added me to the team with his high skilled team members which I can’t match in any way shows how much he cares about me. Every time he shows support I privately message him to say thank you for all he has done and in him I find a friend, a dad. He trusts in my ability more than I trust myself and this gives me extra energy. I saw a post about drones and I went through it and saw comments and different views including @double-u and I thought it ended there but what I don’t understand and I find very disturbing is that with his status on blurt @double-u shouldn’t be taking his whole Sunday pub to ridicule @megadrive and make it appear as if he @megadrive doesn’t know what he is doing. How is it difficult to send a dm and explain yourself and resolve issues.
Back to the main main post made by @megadrive. I dropped a message earlier about avoiding @double-u for my mental health since I am not processing all of this very well and because of the love @megadrive has for me it is normal for him to think I am suffering abuse from @double-u via dm, but far from that. @double-u doesn’t vote my post and I feel he doesn’t like the idea of blurt shirts which is okay, not everyone likes it anyway but the majority that do I know them and it is his choice. I sent him a dm some time ago and he never responded,


which means he clearly wants nothing to do with me. I told myself that I will never visit his pub which is my choice. Anybody in @megadrive position will know that for me to say I am avoiding double-u for my mental health since I have spoken to @megadrive about my mental health and a break from blurt until am stable will think something is going on between me and @double-u but no aside the fact that he is quick to take screenshot of private messages to his pub alone is a red flag and I regret ever sending him a message, if only I knew he will ignore me that way. I spoke so highly of him and how he is able to gather people on his pub each week but I do not like what he said about @megadrive on his latest post.
Finally, I know those who genuinely like me and my little contribution on blurt and those who don’t like me. I can’t force someone to like me. As long as the blurt community needs my little contribution I will always be here to help in my own little way.
Thank you @megadrive for always having my back and for your fatherly advice and words of encouragement. I wish all whales and influential persons on blurt have your heart. For now I will go off and try to be better. I hate it when people I love are attacked and belittled.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

The best way to keep your mind mentally healthy is to think positively of other people. Don't be too quick to make bad judgments about other people. Your comments prove that there is a difference between what you say and the evidence (pictures) you show. When your message is not responded to, it doesn't mean the person doesn't like you. Positive thinking will make your life more calm.

I hope you get better my friend. I really support and love what you do with the blurt t-shirt printing to promote blurt. It's so sad all these are affecting your mental health. I hope you get better. You are also one of the people I look up to, especially as we in same country, Nigeria. I love your works, and always will. Please take care of yourself, and I hope you recover soon. Amen.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Hi there,
oh, that's the PM... a hello ;-)
I'm sorry. I received so many such PM's at this time. You didn't write what you want. People can attest to that. I often support initiatives or competitions with my votes.
But I can't have a conversation in PM's after every hello. My day only has 24 hours.
I also have the attitude that we have the blockchain for our communication. I would have even voted you for a question there.
If I remember correctly, Elli supported you by promoting your post in the pub.
And please look at the picture. I upvoted this post with a 431 Blurt.
So I don't understand why you didn't come to the pub anymore. Everyone gave you kind support.


I am sorry that your health is not good.
I wish you a good and quick recovery!
Best regards

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

You all know @bestkizito the cool guy who made the Blurt shirts happen, well he is taking a break from Blurt due to emotional abuse from @double-u in private message off-chain, it was said "@double-u was kicking against his association with the foundation." As such we have temporarily lost a team member and caused a dent in the unity of the Nigerian community on Blurt.

Lying again!
I demand this document!
I do not remember any PM contact with @bestkizito.
Either there is a mix-up, or they are lying again.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

He left our team group in a hurry yesterday, some of which alluded to his mental health being affected by you, the timing was also curious. I think he is going to comment on my post soon so let's see what he says.

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

So, you don't have a document because, I guess, there isn't one.
Again, just rumors. You listen to all the lies and rumors.
If you can remember, in the presence of Jacob, you had to apologize to me three times already for that behavior!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I don't recall what you mean regarding 3x apology. I have no document of discussion between you and him, only that he said he is leaving for mental health reasons and said in context of your name, but it tied up with your dismissal of other users on your blog and the use of #IDUVTS to diminish others.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

You have nothing! Then it would be better to remain silent.

To the apologies from you to me:
They apologized to me three times in the presence of Jacob because you told Jacob a whole lot of rumors (lies) in the Facebook chat.
None of it was true!
I was able to clarify this.
Thereupon they apologized several times.
Do you want me to copy this here?

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Please post a document from the alleged PM!
I do not know any contact with you.

I respect everyone who is personal. Whether bigger or younger than me. And I understand that everyone should respect others.
But when seeing anyone's opinion, or supporting anyone, you want to reply with your proud and want to become a ruller like this

, the heart gets hurt a lot. And it feels very bad.As @double-u sir did with me. I am hurt for this. And I want justice from the blurt community. I have been waiting for this since yesterday. Some people have written in my sapport. The heart got peace from that. And I thank those people.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Ask @ciderjunkie
He had this conversation with you at the pub.
You avoided him and didn't want to honestly state your original point of view anymore.
He will definitely come here and explain it to you.

To my comment:
I had written this in my introduction on this particular day which was full of excitement. Maybe you didn't read my post.
A lot of people were very excited about your endorsement of drones on behalf of Blurt! Not only me.

"To all the comment writers who think this is so great with the killer drones and mercenaries:
You are unwanted here on my site!"

By the way: Nobody is forcing you to visit my post!

By the way: Nobody is forcing you to visit my post!

I go to learn something. Because you are a big user. it doesn't mean you give wrong reply

Posted from

We have reacted to your entry that you wrote in the killer drone post. I was stunned how someone can or wants to support this use of these drones as a private individual...

I realize that everyone's temper was very high and that perhaps we were all guided by our own feelings, but I stand by my point that you don't stop killing people by killing more people.

The aspect of wanting someone to support something that you don't support yourself also means that you are not welcome.

I think it's even ethical to say this because obviously they don't fit together.

I understand that people are afraid, but other people are too. The Russian soldier is still a human being who only acts on behalf of his country, no, I am not PRO RUSSIAN, I am PRO HUMAN, every killing of a human being only causes sorrow and suffering. Yes countries do that but it shouldn't be initiated by PRIVATE PERSONS and certainly not a community like BLURT.

Why can the TERM "YOU ARE TOO DANGEROUS FOR ME" arise in such a case because you keep looking, what do you think a PUTIN is doing when he finds out who sent the drones, don't you think that he will seek revenge for his killed soldiers . And if he can then read up on BLURT who has promoted it, it may be that he is proceeding in a targeted manner, but it is much more likely that such a person will just lump everyone together, as was called out in the name of BLURT FIRST. The fact that the original post was changed only indicates that one is desperately trying to change the facts and to change the basic position...

There's nothing wrong with saying in the heat that a couple of drones wouldn't be bad...

But that was much bigger that wasn't a it wouldn't be bad but a LET'S DO THIS!

In that case, quote with your own words:" YOUR IDEA IS VERY GOOD. IT SHOULD BE WORKED ON QUICKLY. I AM READY FOR THIS "

This means you are ready to Kill some HUMANS , and it will never be okay to do so....

I hope you can understand my anger now which i had in the moment when i found your Answer to his Post and why i reacted with all of i did....

We want all the SAME .... PEACE .... but we want to choose different ways....


  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I'm new to blurt, I just want the blues community to be the best.
you are a senior and very experienced I hope you are an example for us, I really respect you.
thank you.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

whatever it is, keep our comfort and safety, blurt media users,
we blurt users really hope for peace .

peace greetings.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

It is very sad situation now here in blurt community.newbie don't know what he do. I also was traped #iduvts.double u is a very senior person.we respect him but he should think about his work.its totally unfaire.we are with truth.blurt community is a everyone's platform.double u should apologise and keep continue good work.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thank you for speaking out about the shame in which you have been labeled, while the shamers vote themselves in a similar fashion, the only difference is manual vs automatic.

First of all , I would like to thank you
dear @megadrive sir for always giving a balanced direction to the blurt community. He wants to take all the people with him without any discrimination and high and low. And try to teach the right lesson of humanity. Of course @doubleu is also the owner of great grandeur, I respect him. But I understand, that he should not have insulted any particular blurTian inside his private pub program . Because it reduces the degree of tolerance of man. Discrimination and feeling of inferiority are created among the people. For example, you are known that @tanveeralam has been insulted by his personal program. Indeed, this thing is very shameful and that has fallen from the dignity of human beings. That's why I graciously request that honorable @doubleu sir make a post related to this and put it. So that all of us can understand that everyone has equal rights and respect in this Blurt community. And it is a free social network site. No fear or dread of any kind. Thank you
May God give strength to all of us Blurt users to understand the situation. And give strength to work with each other with love, goodwill and sympathy. Let us all promote brotherhood, there should be no difference of any kind. May God save all of us from this.
Please, peace! peace! peace!

I am really sad to hear that such a great person @bestkizito who has done alot in promoting blurt in his country has taken a break. I hope he comes back soon and continue to enrich blurt.

It was really wrong to humiliate a person with small blurtpower in his account and for commenting on your post. In this entire world we might not know where the different countries are but it does not mean we should not support them.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Please read his comment above.
He was not humiliated by me!

I was unaware of the tension between bestkizito and double-u. He came to you so I am sure you are handling that.

As for the IDUVTS (I don't use vote trading services) tag, I care little about whether they keep it on their profile or not. If its like a curation gang where only its members are voted upon well fine. These sorts of things are just a thing waiting to happen anyways. Some people will circle jerk.

As Blurt Warden, I must look into every matter carefully and make decisions not based on opinion of politicks or where their moral sticks lie. It is my duty to protect this platform from abuse. Granted, I have been inactive for a bit. Already I have some entries, just working on organizing the findings before I make my post to the warden team.

Note: To anyone who reads this, The warden team needs more abuse checkers. Come to discord and inbox me to discuss how to join the team

Anyway, I am still waiting on double-u to respond to the allegations. I need to see every side of the story before I make a decision to devote or keep as a witness on my end. At the moment I am swamped with blurt work, but I will try to squeeze in some time to look further into this.

Good things are coming to blurt. I feel it.

Drama is just childish, but also fun to watch (sometimes).

eats popcorn

@bestkizito I hope you come back. You have been a very contributing factor and friend to many people here on blurt. Your enthusiasm for blurt is unmatched in my eyes. You deserve better, for sure.

Cheers for now.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I was unaware of the tension between bestkizito and double-u.

There was and there is no tension between @bestkizito and me.
Please read his comment above. Thanks!

I have read the entire threads to this point. Glad to see things are clearing up. I am getting a bigger picture, but more questions arise. I think I will keep these to myself for the time being. I am not so easily rattled into making harsh decisions.

The rest is just freedom of speech at play. People expressing their views. I am loving the fact that clarification is being given. Imagine trying to make a court judge clarify? It's a kangaroo court at best when you try to clarify because they always put words in your mouth. Some of which I have seen illustrated above to a small degree. At least there is no real invisible gun. I am unsure as to whether megadrive will remove his votes. It is nothing to fret over either. to each their own. We all see things differently. Which is why we must try to bridge the gap even when our opinions clash. It happens. Even the best of us suffer from this. It is just a natural part of the process of trying to get along. Dick Heads Are everywhere and within us all, but we shouldn't let them get us down. So lets rise up and have a laugh eh?

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

OK. Thank you for your kind comment!
I've been giving out at least 300 votes to small accounts every week for almost 5 years now (steem, Hive and Blurt). But I'm being portrayed here as a monster. No one has asked how I'm doing. And I immediately invested 46,000 euros from my pension plan in Blurt when Blurt was still very uncertain. At that time, megadrive carried me on his hands. But he must have forgotten that :(

I think that’s the whole point of no downvotes is it literally forces us to learn to communicate again. That’s easy when it’s nice comms but when you work on a business or a lot rides on something things can get veeeeeerrrry triggering, bad words can be said in anger, if people can’t step beyond their pain body. It’s inevitable small things can grow into huge disagreements but here no one can lash out with downvotes so eventually communication beyond ‘[email protected]@k off cause I have a big downvote and can punish you harder ’ (hive style) has to occur for people to stay working together. You know what they always say the truth is generally somewhere in the middle

No one has asked how I'm doing.

Do not wait to be asked, you old fart. You ought to know that by now. Go ahead and freely express yourself. Publicly or in private. I do so with my pets, and they never care how I feel. They just want their next meal, to have fun, fuck or get fucked (depending on sex), shit, eat again, etc. I don't know, I am not so much as sociable in person these days. I like my privacy. But online, I can express myself in liberty without having to risk getting bashed in the head as I turn around. Albeit, I still get hate mail for expressing my worldly views to the public in my city, but in the end, who really cares. I am far past the fear of death. If you really need someone to talk to outside of family and friends within your circle, try a stranger sometimes. I get emails from people in prisons and they just want to talk and have someone to listen to. they do not care much about being understood. they just want an ear. So, I got an ear for you. Whatever topic it may be. Just don't give any expectations, that is where suffering lies.

And thank-you! for that hefty vote. I am going to show it off and rub it in a few friends faces who think this blogging thing is silly. ;)

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

It doesn't get any more central than this!

Hello @double-u!
I respect you
I am not against you
But if you want to make difference or distance between us Blurtians, if you want to destroy our blurt platform and community we can not bear it.
Blurt for everyone .
Blurt is a free platform, everyone can express his opinion, everyone has right to support anyone , and we did it, if don't want to support anyone, we can not force you, and we are not doing so, but you can't say anyone get out from my site, blurt for everyone,
Please be positive
Think positive.
We are not against you.
We want peace
We need peace
We stand for peace

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I am not a destroyer of the platform.
I've been a supporter of the platform from day one.
Unfortunately, many discussions take place in Discord.
Therefore, I regret that you probably do not know all the backgrounds of some topics exactly.
Please ask witnesses if you want to know something for sure.

I said this below but I think what you are forgetting here is that suddenly powering down a huge amount of blurt before the platform is built isn't really hurting mega drive who is probably rich anyways it's hurting the average user, some of whom this platform allows them to stay above the breadline. It is everyones free choice to power up and down but as a huge stake holder it is good to take some responsibility of how that affects everyone when you do it very quickly. For a lot of people it's more than a few savings it's turned their life around.

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

I did not start this lying blurt war!

now you have every right to move that stake as you please, it's yours but you do have to take some responsibility that when you have a big enough stake to change peoples lives for the better or the worse you do have to stand back and really think about the way you do something and why you do something. That is all I am saying.

  ·  3 months ago  ·
Sorry, you have to use a translator.

hey I never accused anyone of lying or starting anything, I have no idea who started what I am just saying as a big stake holder you unintentionally have a large impact over a number of peoples lives and what you do affects a huge net of people not just one or two.

What will you say about @tanweeralam, as you and your follower and imitator @ciderjunkie insulted him

Posted from

i ansewered to him already, and im not his IMITATOR , im an Individual human being as you are.

To accuse me of such a thing is to say that I am not in control of my words and actions.

I have served in various wars on this planet, I have seen people die in wars, men, women and children. I have my personal opinion on war and the use of war machines.

May I ask if you have ever been to war and seen things that I have seen??

Are you still accusing me of not being able to make my own decisions???

In all the hatred they are currently blaming from the war on people here on the chain, we should all get back to where we all agree...

We want PEACE and nothing more than that!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I already wrote to him in a comment above.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

You accuse me of centralisation yet you are the whisperer in the ear of the foundation of who to vote and who not to vote, quote from you:

My suggestion:

I would think it would be great if you guys would vote @gamer0815 into the Top20 with the > > accounts you always use for it.

In case there is no vote left in those accounts, I suggest removing @afrog's votes. He has already done enough damage on BLURT with his lies and sick envy. My opinion is he should be far away from the top20.

I hope you guys can do this.

personally I wouldn't exclude someone though from getting an airdrop as it's just playing the same game, sometimes one has to take the higher road and offer compassion to everyone.The same as I even upvote the aggressive hive peoples comments when they come here as then they are learning a different kind of energy and way of dealing with conflict. Fighting with who has more power is really never going to get anyone anywhere, sometimes it has to be done if someone is literally threatening the foundation of a platform but sending someone an airdrop isn't going to do that. I actually and it's only my opinion think maybe you should get someone to do the blurt updates who isn't you/. I find when people are really attached to their business they struggle with neutrality and to not be emotionally driven in comments and it loses professionalism. This is why big companies have people manning the phone lines. It's almost impossible to emotionally detach from your own project.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

By the way, you are the first user I have come across who is so out of character to post a private message from another person on the blockchain!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

What about you sharing the entirety of @tomoyan's DM to you and ridiculing him over it, I don't hold back from you as you do unto others so am happy to give you a taste of your own.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

You're lying again! That seems to be your system.

I deliberately did not publish the PM from tomoyan!
I do something as shabby as you do not!
I told tomoyan in my PM reply that I do not accept secret conversations on Discord, and that I will post my reply on Blurt. We could talk further there.
I have never posted a PM of someone else publicly!!!

People are realizing more and more how many times you've lied now. This is very bad for Blurt.

Blurt isn't mega drive. By arguing and powering down all the time you hurt the regular person, the person in a war torn Ukraine thats surviving on these payouts, the person in a country with a struggling economy. For you two this is just an argument that affects some savings, but as people like to herald these sights as ways to empower people struggling below the breadline, to just withdraw everything over an argument is really hurting no one but these people.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Yes, and without @gamer0815 blurt would not run at all.
He has corrected and improved all images.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I am personally request to @double-u please think about your age, we respect you still and will also.
I think a special tag #IDUVTS was a trap to rule over the newcomers like me. You will upvote me or no, I don't care, I am requesting you say sorry to @tanweeralam and others your personality will be great, because you have treated with him very rudely. we know you have a big number of BP, but Blurt platform is not your private property, you have tried to satisfy your ego, as megadrive sir said a very active member of blurt platform @bestkizito become inactive because of you. You are trying to become a ruller, but keep it in mind Blurt for everyone, it is not a private property of anyone .

These are only my point of view.
I am sorry if you are against me and our blurt community

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I am sorry to have to say this:
You are formulating strange thoughts here.
I've been promoting Blurt from day one.

Please read @bestkizito comment above.
He and I have no tension!

  ·  4 months ago  ·  


I will only address the points that concern myself here. First of all, thanks for appreciating my work on the RasPi. And also thanks for the support on my HuaHua and Dig Validator. I fully acknowledge that. But me receiving a monthly payment from Notional was a one time thing. After the first month, I realized that you guys were asking more of me than I was capable of making and dropped out. Still, thanks for the opportunity then.

But where I won't say thank you is that you/you are now starting to exclude people from projects who, bottom line, just have different opinions than you/you. Even though they were there from the beginning and always gave their all for Blurt. I just can't approve that!

I will draw from it my consequences and tomorrow (since it becomes again late) a final decision make, which I consider now for longer already. Jacob knows there already!

Please come back to your senses, you can't be serious about the whole thing!


Posted from

to make sure everyone gets heard properly

I think blurt head team needs some peace makers tbh, kind of like a peace treaty it would help a LOT.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

This is the first and only project that I have practiced any exclusions and I have the right to choose what community will come onto it. We always said we should have been more selective with Blurt, we inherited a lot of issues from being too inclusive. Regarding Notional we would have possibly appreciated letting us know you didn't want to continue instead of fading away, the only reason I bring this up is because you have said on chain that you didn't get paid for your contributions, which is far from the truth, we have always opened opportunities for you, infact your position as top20 witness is influenced by Double-u's personal request, but you do deserve the position given your technical prowess.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

I have let it be known that I do not feel able to pass at Notional. With a longer Discord message to Jacob on October 10, 2021.

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Ok that wasn't conveyed to me, we closed your Slack account after mutual discussion (Jacob and I) that you had not been engaged and no one has heard from you. Maybe he didn't get your DM, I was the one who recommended you, put your name forward and onboarded you, probably better to have let me know.

But no matter we have no issue with that now, just clarifying that we do try compensate you and include you where we can.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Ah ok, I didn't know that as Jacob himself had written to me with the offer. Therefore, I have then also sent to him the message.

At the time I had fallen into a deep hole and was away for a while.

I was just wondering, because I had received no response to the Discord message until today. 😅

Posted from

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

lol ok no problem all is good, I appreciate everything you have done and generally we have been friends.

ya I wouldn't do that if I were you

Hello @jacobgadikian sir !
I am very happy to see you here
I know you have a big and great mind but today I want to request to you , if anyone whispering you against anyone , If a sinner comes to you with any news, investigate, lest you harm some people out of ignorance, and you become regretful for what you have done.
Blurt is free platform and I am saying freely.

Posted from

Can you be more specific?

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Didn't you say that we should have been more selective on Blurt genesis, I'm taking the same advice.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Do what?

yes, I have read and followed the post from @tekraze. I think he has worked hard to build this platform. but he got unpleasant comments to hear from some irresponsible people, they don't do anything on this platform, they are just people enjoying this platform

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Many people love peace, but the war is getting busier, I'm confused about it.

That they do. However, taxpayers are getting exactly what they deserve. Never give power to the power or else they come back to take the liberty harder each time. Peace is one thing. War is another. And yet it is fascinating how a great majority has this double think that they are synonymous. It is like yelling for silence. You get not silence from it, just like you won't get peace by making wars. Yet, here we are witnesses to a dying age of darkness as more people are realizing that all that $$ given to the "gov" was going to be used against them.

Kinda off-topic from what is being talked about in the post don't you think? Why mention the war? I am confused as well.

Cheers, Sincerely an "enemy" of "Santa Claus"

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

The first post I read on Blurt belongs to @Megadrive showing an update on Blurt. Remarkable.

Lately @megadrive Being fiercer is scary, in a day can make two different decisions.scares me even more.

and this is the third decision @megadrive . in 2 Days.

@megadrive's first post about updating on Blurt has been lost in my memory.

Now I remember three @megadrive decisions that scared me.

That's what I mean by war.

Sorry I just do not see the fierceness sorry. I met who have and myself been fierce myself. But since you are talking about being afraid, and me being interested in the study of human behaviour, I can not help but be a bit curious as the foundations of your "fear".

Indeed Megadrive has made quite a number of posts about the updates. And I have read each one thorougly. Albeit, I do not agree with everything, I do however respect his work and contribution the blurt platform and the blurt foundation.

Like the VR avatars, I am totally against that as I do not think humanity is conscious enough as a whole to be living in VR worlds. But to each their own. I am only worried about the human pysche here.

I get it if you are unfortable discussing this over public domain. If you like, come find me in the DM of discord for a more private conversation. your choice.

Thank you for clarifying about what you meant about "war" above.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Thanks for inviting me to discord. You're the first person to invite me to a discussion on discord.

If it's a discussion of the Blurt problem, I want to discuss it here, but if it's personal, I will meet you on discord.

so you mean invite me to discord to discuss what problem?


No real problem as far as I can tell. I am just trying to be an ear for those that may need one. You can find direct link to blurt official discord server on any of my posts if you so choose. I was under the impression you needed to talk about the "fear". My bad.

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Ha ha. OK I understand. thank you. the problem point has been found.