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Can someone tell me more about blurt nfts ?

Hi so Blurt doesn't have NFT's but the project airdropped tokens on Blurt holders that attested. That project will have NFTs on the Cosmos chain.

Where can I see my airdropped tokens?

Don't mind please.
Sir take care of me.
And help me sir.
I need your support for going up in this Blurt for doing great job.
So, request you to help me please!

i and my family wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2022 by heart. May the New Year bring millions of joys and blessings into your life and may you accumulate a lot of successes and a number of blurts in this year! And be happy with your family.

You have the most classy avatar 🪅

Hi Megadrive dear sir your post is very nice. In fact, I was very empressed with your picture . Thanks

megadrive Brother, have you been sick or have any other problem for a few days?

I asked you this question again so that you don't feel bad about it.


I joined the blurt official Discord
Hear is the screenshot

What’s the link? I think I’m not in the official one

Hello dear sir!
How are you? What is the atmosphere around your region? Hope you are enjoying your beautiful days.
I want to ask you that why are you not sharing your magnificent ideas and thoughts for us.

Blurt to the Moon

What a the best way to promote BLURT wow

Here is the screenshot of joining telegram


Here is the screenshot of joining twitter



i am new in blurt.
And I have followed blurt official channel in twitter and telegram.
I need your help in going up in blurt
So please help me growing up.
And i want to work in blurt.
Your support will help me and will promote me to stay in blurt.
So please......

Thanks a lot for your support bro. I wil never forget forget it.

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Is there many account which has not attested cosmosdrop address yet??

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What are you saying here on the postbfrom the owner of blurt? Do you still know what the post about?


Brother, are you Bangladeshi? I am Bangladeshi. I advice you, first find out who the guy is, what kind of post he made, then comment. How much do you know about the person you commented to? So if you comment in a hurry, it indicates illiteracy.

Sorry brother

sir, if our BP delegated, are them counted?

The picture of the rabbit you used here is very nice looking at the picture of my rabbit here why it looks so beautiful to see what is a yellow color in front of the rabbit eyes which is why the rabbit looks beautiful to me off-level

I very empressed by this picture.

Marvelous post dear . thanks

there must be more time