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I recently learnt about a term called "Social Liquidity", I was reading this awesome article on the different DeFi platforms and came across this paragraph.

Facebook is terrible, but we all keep opening the app because everyone is there. That’s also why no one leaves, even though we all wish we could. One could say Facebook has social liquidity.

It rang true for me in the context of Blurt, if we have all of our social connections on Blurt why would we use another medium? I'm not really that hooked on FB, but Discord is where all my connections are so for me Discord has the most Social Liquidity.

I think future iterations of the Blurt UI should include profile pages that are oriented to friends and team members, maybe Clan/Team tags, friend suggestions based on location and even interests and voting patterns etc, Blurt should work for its users to connect them to each other.

This will likely come in a future iteration of the frontend when we move away from the legacy Condenser. In the meantime however we should think of ways to improve Social Liquidity on Blurt and bring people here to connect with each other.

As an example, Blurt is uniquely positioned to capture the attention of the Raspberry Pi hobbyist community, which is vast. We have several enthusiasts already so why not bring in some more and teach them how to launch Blurt nodes and be part of our community.

We recently Tweeted an update with instructions on how to setup a validator node thanks to @dotwin1981.

Please share with me your thoughts on how we as a community can use the current platform and even Blurt related communication channels such as Twitter, Discord and YouTube to capture Social Liquidity.

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Hi, @megadrive,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

If you would like to support us, please consider voting for the witness @symbionts.
Or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn a portion of the curation rewards!

And thank you for your support and development efforts, you have made a great difference to Blurt!

I agree with you upon this social liquidity is important for our platform. I saw @double-u comment on discord. I agree with him as well , i think everyone should contribute in helping increase the social liquidity here.

To be honest i don't use Facebook , i rarely open it. I will be honest that i use blurt more than Instagram and Facebook.

I use whatsapp at number one place then blurt at second place but as you mention in your post that if we have all the features on blurt we can stay here and perform every activity we now do on different platforms like discord in most of our case.

When the condenser will leave us i hope that it will open gates for more developers to do something with the front end.


If every one of us brings just one contact from their external networks over to Blurt, we will double our social liquidity.

I would like to comment on that.
when i joined the platform i bring many people here on Blurt including my girlfriend , my cousin's and my friends.

many of them left and few of them are still here who really loves the platform.
so it would more correct to say that if we bring just one of person who stay intact with the Platform it will be beneficial for the platform.

Because i remember bringing 10-20 people here but only 4 are active so we should focus on brining if only one but the person who really is wanting to join the platform.

It's gotta be a place people like to be once they get here. Getting them in the door is difficult but if there is no show then they leave.

Yes agreed, quality over quantity!

Also it is important to support those who join us, to interact with them and make them feel welcome.

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Yes it is very important to support them so that they don't lose motivation of writing and staying here with us.

I don't know if you know but me , @zahidsun and @imransoudagar started our private Curation account last week with the name of Power Club.

We are currently running a daily Delegation contest there to empower new users specially.

We are coming with our second idea and it will be launching today and that's also Specially for new users.

The name of the idea is , "Instant Blurt Dispersion". I would share the post once it is published on official @powerclub account.

That sounds great, @powerclub is a strong and catchy name, I do wish you all the best and thank you all for starting this initiative.

Thank You for appreciating our idea and good wishes as well.

We could only start promoting Blurt more aggressively when things are smooth & looking forward to it with fingers crossed. Glad about having a small Blurt community building up, already. Hats off to @megadrive @jacobgadikian @double-u @rycharde & all others contributing and being a source of inspiration & motivation.
Blurt on!

Thanks for the kind words of support, appreciate having you in the Blurt community.

friend suggestions based on location and even interests and voting patterns

That's what instagram does. I get friend suggestions from the shop owner down the street and from people who like the same things. That was kind of the theme of social media that friends were there. It took me years of posting on Steemit before I found friends nearby. It's not set up like that.

Friend suggestions based on likes/votes. I like that.

Try incorporate it into the frontend you are working on

Yes. Will do.

Yeah FB does that as well, which gave me the idea.

I would like to do something like that. Actually my kids already call Blurt "the Fake Facebook" and they call Noise.cash "Fake Twitter".

Haha that's cool

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Yes, Blurt has tons of Social Liquidity... there are already many awesome Communities here thanks to the early Curation Projects... #blurtafrica #blurtlatam #blurthispano #blurtgerman #blurtindia #blurtcanada #blurtcn #blurtbd #blurtkorea #blurtpak #blurtvenezuela #blurtitaly #blurtart #blurtmusic #blurtphoto

Hello @megadrive sir , how are you ?
I pray for your well being and hope that you are fine.
All of the addition features that you mentioned above sounds really interesting. will there also be a chat feature in future like we have in Facebook.
And if we bring all the features of FB won't Blurt become Facebook ?
I think we should bring only selected features from other platforms and build some unique features that are only on blurt or features that first comes on blurt.
Like we have a no downvote feature on blurt and i find it a unique feature , i don't know if there are any other Blockchain Platform with this feature as i only know about steemit , hive and Blurt and this is only on blurt.

Hi, I am well and hope you are too. A chat feature would be nice to have and I would certainly like to see it happen in future, however my post was actually more about what we can do right now with the front end and other channels we have available at present, so we can start growth hacking social liquidity right from now.

Few people interact within the platform, only a few make comments and I believe that the vast majority of us already know each other thanks to this modality. We must recognize that many of the users just publish the post and leave. At this time, as you rightly mention, there should be more connection between users. Something that we can achieve faster if we solve the problems with the Frontend. If there are notifications we can make mentions, among other options that we can add. Users continue to enter Blurt precisely because of the social connection, because other users recommend it and talk about it.

Yes I fully agree and we are working to bring back the legacy condenser on blurt.world and .blog as soon as we can. In the meantime there is this third party notification bot, I got your mention on it https://blurtworld.com/blurtopian/@eastmael/blurtopian-development-bruno-updates-a-blurt-discord-notification-bot

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we should think of ways to improve Social Liquidity on Blurt and bring people here to connect with each other.

We can look at how FB achieved it. And perhaps expand more beyond where FB reached or done.

I believe we have an advantage in Blurt that it's a blockchain. Instead of 'forcing' people to rely on blurt front end. Why not make Blurt accessible or reachable where people or the community is/are?

But I agree we need one front-end that can serve as our headquarters.

Do you think there is a way to integrate Blurt into other non-blockchain social and communication apps?

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Very possible. I've worked on discord and line (app similar to viber or whatsapp) bots. But my very first concern here is will people be using these bots (once they're developed) to interact with the chain? And once they do decide to use it, the second question there os, are they willing to use/share their posting or active keys to interact with the chain from those third-party apps? (Perhaps if we habe links and those apps and those links bring them to a front-end - poor UX but a workaround of not sharing their keys with these third-party apps).

Just voicing possible blockers if we want to increase social liquidity for Blurt. But after sayimg all this, I think the most feasible port of interaction right now are: front-end and mobile app.

It is the same in which security was thought, and find the way that was from a mobile device, to provide ease.
Finally, users like to share their happy or sad moments, but expeditiously and with a photo, a short 1 minute video has a lot of interaction.
I just think we should review, what kind of interaction model do we want in Blurt? To lay the solid foundations of how rewards are earned and what happens in other networks does not happen, because due to not being clear about the form of content that is allowed to be shared and how to receive curation, many discontent has been generated.

Yeah I agree those apps might not get much used to interact with the chain and may just be a waste of development time, best time spent would be on a mobile app and web app for Blurt.

Blurt is very good community.
Because nothing happens without discussion.
It is a very good thing with the future of Blurt

I think UI work should focus on scope restriction....

Then on modularity (add the things you described)

And by the way I think that they are correctly describing the magnetic effect of liquidity, both in terms of capital and in terms of user count.

If we could make Blurt purely as a Social Platform, that is going to be huge. Facebook is a far bigger platform and competing is kinda difficult having years of experience and development, but yes we can make Blurt a better place for everyone so that they not only enjoy using it but also make some bucks for their time spent.
Hopefully, to have the frontends coming with a bang!
Blurt On!

Yup, i think Blurt type social media sites really help users earn something for their voice. FB doesn't give you anything, not even a share of their ad revenue.

I think that by returning the notifications the social liquidity would multiply instantly, currently we have the function of BrunoBot, which is very helpful, but the limitation is that many people do not use discord. From @blurtlatam we have focused on promoting interaction between users by holding contests for comments, debates and others, we currently have a program to support initiatives or emerging communities BlurtStartup - Programa Incubación de comunidades | BlurtStartup - Community Incubation Program

We are working on bringing back notifications along with a working legacy Condenser, I'm hoping this month, but don't want to overpromise.

I think we are doing a good job with some of the #hashtags.... many artists, music lovers, photographers have joined Blurt from Steemit, Instagram, Twitter, Appics, Hive.... they love the good positive vibe here on Blurt.

Gracias por compartir tu publicación en #Blurt. Tu esfuerzo significa mucho para nosotros; por eso has recibido un voto positivo.

Te invito a votar por @blurtlatam como Testigo / Witness


I agree with you.

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