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You may have seen some users post a wallet address with the "cosmos" prefix on their Blurt Blogs or may have even seen memos sent to the @cosmosdrop account and wondered what that was all about.

First let me explain that there is a Blockchain called Cosmos with the main top 30, 3 Billion Dollar marketcap coin, ATOM, and many other tokens in its ecosystem such as Akash (AKT), Sentinel (DVPN), KAVA, Osmosis (OSMO) and more.

The vision of the Cosmos Tendermint foundation is to build a network of decentralised, parallel and independent blockchains all sharing the same base code and able to communicate via the IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) protocol.

Recently several Dexes (Decentralised Exchanges) are popping up on the Cosmos network, creating central hubs of frictionless exchange between all Cosmos chain based coins. Osmosis launched recently with a TVL (Total Value Locked) of already $78 Million in its first week of launch. Gravity an Sifchain Dexes to launch soon.

@jacobgadikian has been commissioned to help launch various chains on Cosmos and I will likely be assisting in the community management of some of them. Once we have had sufficient experience launching test chains we would also like to look into having a portion of Blurt's total supply to exist in parallel on Cosmos with bridging between, where current witnesses will be able to run dual Graphene-Cosmos validators.

The idea is that users who attest their Cosmos address on Blurt will get airdropped future Cosmos tokens to that address. The official way to become eligible for any claimdrops would be only to send your Cosmos wallet address in memo to the @cosmosdrop Blurt account.

Attestation Instructions

1. Install the Keplr Chrome extension

2. Create a new Cosmos wallet account

2.1 Click the profile image on the top right

2.2 Click the + Add Account button

2.3 Click Create new account

2.4 Save the mneumonic seed you are given in a safe place and click 'Next'

Note wallets like Exodus don't give you the seed phrase and hence you might not be able to claim airdrops, so be sure if you use wallets other than Keplr that you are given a seed phrase.

2.5 Copy the wallet address that shows under your username, it starts with the prefix 'çosmos'

3. Send your Cosmos address in memo to @cosmosdrop

3.1 Visit

3.2 Click on the dropdown on the liquid balance and select 'Transfer'

3.3 Send a memo with your public Cosmos wallet address to the @cosmosdrop account

Only costs 0.001 BLURT to send!

Disclaimer: Claimdrops may or may not occur, they will be done on a best effort basis and may not eventuate, but it is a good idea to attest incase they do materialise. @cosmosdrop will become a cache of active user credentials. The more attestations we have, the more interesting our community becomes to other projects seeking to bootstrap a community via airdrops.


Ricardo Ferreira
Blurt Co-Founder


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Account Create to late.. thank

If it's not too late, may I translate core parts of this post in Korean? Many Korean users don't seem to know about Cosmosdrop. Thank you.

Sure please do, this airdrop is being finalised in the next day or so but it will still count for future drops.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I just posted about Cosmos airdrop in Korean. I hope many Korean users will participate.

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It says Kepler is NOT available for mobile. What about for those that do not have PC? Is Kepler going to be the only choice here? And for mobile only users? Is there not an alternative wallet for mobile users?


I downloaded cosmosstation from google play store for android mobile. I hope I did it correctly.

But I have another question, for the hive attestation, for the username adress, do we include the "@" symbol in the memo????


Very excited for this! Also excited to be a DIG validator :)

did it, am i not late?

I'm a little scared and am I able to accept this offer properly?

You can buy BLURT on Hive-Engine, LeoDex, and TribalDex but you can only withdraw Hive. Which makes these exchanges rather useless in this context.

You can use thirdparty bridge @blurtlink to withdraw to Blurt native chain.

I am in I guess. I think I followed the steps correctly.

I'm all in ! I got the train :)
cosmos wallet - done
activate wallet - done

Is there any alternative Cosmos wallet that's not a browser extension?

Participation complete.


When I did mine, I did not use the ibc tag but I sent a memo to @cosmosdrop
It is okay or do I need to repost and resend?

Wow its a great project cosmos to the moon🚀🚀🚀🚀

I almost missed this party, thanks to @angelica7 for updating my husband and me. I already followed the steps for this airdrop and everything was easy following these instructions that are well detailed. I find it interesting to be part of the Cosmos ecosystem.

The party is still coming so you are still in time, in fact there will be multiple parties. :)

Late to the party, but done

Done, wallet set.


Nice one bro this is an exciting project!

This idea makes a lot of sense. I hope I am not late to the party?

Nope not late, please follow the instructions.

Helpful post

Done..let's see how it goes!

Good morning @megadrive can use trustwallet, it have seed phrases. Thanks for your response

Done. Good project...(y)

hello everyone ... i have one question ... i switched the tokens from blurt to hive engine Two months ago and they haven't arrived yet. what it is? thanks 😊

This is good info and amazing!

Do you know if it's ok to use one cosmo wallet address for multiple Blurt accounts, or should create a new wallet for each blurt account alt? Doing this right now, sounds great, thanks!!!!

Thanks for sharing this. I did my attestationa as well ...

I followed the instructions to the letter, I have already sent my address.

Thank you

one question! i installed the cosmos wallet. where do i send that address from cosmos wallet? Tnx

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It says clearly in the post, send your Cosmos address in the memo to the account @cosmosdrop

I did it all in the radio and sent tokens but they didn't arrive in the cosmos wallet

Awesome. Shared with 300 Million people on Twitter #blurtlove

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Thanks for making this super clear @megadrive. It was kind of a mystery^^

I set it up with Cosmostation on my iPad. Hope it works. Staked some there too to earn 10% APR.

I set up with cosmostation and my Ledger wallet .... and now cannot get Cosmostation to communicate with my Ledger !!

I am in. Thanks a lot

When is airdrop? What is the amount? 1 BP = x ?

There will be a proper announcement made once the idea of giving airdrop is near.
I guess 1 airdrop token for 1 blurt.

For those of us user smartphone, how can we download it.

Is this the app on playstore?


yes , you must download this app and make sure to save the phrase.

Let's do this! ^_^

One thing about Exodus (and possibly similar non-custodial wallets), it uses the same seedphrase for all accounts for all coins - it is the one created when the Exodus wallet was first created. Hence one can create the same cosmos account on Keplr or Cosmostation. However, this obviously doesn't work for coins that it does not, a yet, hold.

This is just amazing! This information was completely necessary when the rumors of the Cosmos claimdrop started, I hope everything works out for the best and that we all benefit from it, this alliance would put Blurt in a very prestigious position.

Thanks for the continued effort to make Blurt awesome mister!

Please, I am a new user and am finding it difficult to upload pictures and also to access my discord so I can look for solution.?

Install the Keplr Chrome extension

Can the link is not working on my phone also.

Someone should please assist me

Hi, Keplr is for desktop only, try look for the Cosmostation app on mobile, that app will create a Cosmos wallet with seed phrase too.

You have a few options to upload images externally and then paste the link into your blog:

  3. type the whole post there and add images and then copy all across.

Welcome to blurt. I use on my phone. The pictures will be tricky for a while. Many of us host the pictures somewhere else and connect the link to our blog.

Can this be done with my phone also?
I mean do I have to get a chrome link extension before I can create a cosmos wallet

You can install the Cosmostation app on mobile that also gives you the seed phrase for creating a Cosmos account.

hello @megadrive sir , have i time to do this now or snapshot has been taken already , kindly tell me. thank you

Thanks a lot

Hello @megadrive , I wanted to ask that when i create wallet there are two options :
12 words and 24 words mnemonics which one should i store ?

Thank You.

it's depends on you, you can choose 24 words mnemonics for more secure.