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Recently there has been a lot of hype around Solana (SOL). Institutions are piling cash into it, and for good reason. Their technology is really good, fast, scalable, low fees and my favourite NFT's with multiple royalty beneficiaries.

| Auction link | Asset link |

One of the featured apps in their ecosystem website page is, now I'm no artist, I can't draw for peanuts so when I saw they have a NFT builder wizard where you can choose shoe attributes, colours and design by painting pixels, I felt the playing field level and was able to create some designs without having to learn a 3D graphics suite.

First I made Kaktus Kickers - Inca Sun edition and then I had a cool idea to create these Blurt Bloggers after seeing a few other sneakers paying homage to other crypto projects.

New mints are displayed on the front page of the website in the "FRESHLY MINTED" zone. So I figured I would create one called Blurt Bloggers so Blurt can have some visibility there and remain immutably visible on the Solana blockchain.

freshly minted.JPG

The process was really fun and simple, depending on the sole type, or style you pay a little extra SOL for each, from what I understand that is not the minting fee, that goes to the Cryptokickers team, minting is really cheap, I read somewhere it costs around $3 to mint an NFT, whereas on ETH it costs at least $100.


Blurt Bloggers cost me about 1.2 SOL to create, but that was because of the use of the Sole Selector wizard, basically paying for the builder, I don't know if you can maybe create them in a 3D program and then mint to chain to save that fee.

It was also a great way to expose our kids to learn how to use their first crypto wallet and got them each creating their own sneakers and sponsored them the mint fees.

My daughter's creation - Cyprus Soles : Blu Bowltz⚡

| Auction link | Asset link |

My son's creation - Sound Kicks by Munchymush

| Auction link | Asset link |

Cryptokickers are great fun for the whole family and can even be used for marketing or fundraising.

Please share this cool Blurt Bloggers design on your social channels to give exposure to Blurt!

Ricardo Ferreira
Blurt Co-Founder

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WOW 😃. The pricing is somehow encouraging thou

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Nice One ,would be nicer in the blurt Colors but realy nice.

Just checked Solana's price. It's mooning.

Awesome…l bought a bunch of SOLANA a few months ago. Going to try these NFTs …. And hopefully we eventually get a Blurt NFT market going.