600 000% APR! Stock your BBLURT-BNB Farms before launch tomorrow!

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600 000% APR! Stock your BBLURT-BNB Farms before launch tomorrow!

Blokfield, the team behind robiniaswap.com has been nothing short of amazing! They have taken a chance on Blurt and listed us on their platform at no charge, where major exchanges did not honour our airdrops.

All the team asked is that our community provides liquidity in the BBLURT-BNB pool and help spread the word about their platform. I think that is a fair deal and in the process, you can earn massive rewards.

When a new farm launches the first people to provide liquidity earn all the incentive rewards and swap fees, in this case the incentive rewards are RBS tokens, now RBS had an Initial Honey Offering (IHO), initially, they priced their token sale at $10, it sold out and gained 300% to $40 at the time of writing, so you want to earn this token.

Being an expensive token to purchase, it makes more sense to earn it, by providing liquidity.

Being a new farm, being the first to provide liquidity can earn you crazy rewards like 600 000+% APR. If you compound daily, the APY is even higher!! Much Higher!

Here's how you do it!

Step 1 - Install Binance Smart Chain Wallet

Follow these instructions to set up your BSC Wallet on Chrome or Firefox.


If you are using a mobile you can use Trustwallet..

Step 2 - Add BBlurt and RBS Assets to your BSC Wallet

If you don't already have BBLURT listed as an asset on your wallet, simply click the '+' sign bottom center of the BSC wallet to add an asset.

Then simply add the smart contract 0xb0458283033e5a3f7867f409477f53754b667dcc

Also add the RBS smart contract so you can see your earned rewards

Step 3 - Get your Blurt over to Robiniaswap

You can do this several ways, if you already own liquid Blurt then simply go to bridge.robiniaswap.com.

It works with Whalevault Chrome or Firefox

Please note that we have reported a bug to the Whalevault Github repo, where the chain dropdown doesn't work, so the workaround is to simply type blt for the chain as per the screenshot below:

Next you populate the fields on the Bridge app, note that 30 000 BLURT is the minimum transferrable amount and there is a 2% swap fee which is nothing if you are earning thousands of % in APR on the other side!

Next ensure to click the top right purple button to connect your BSC Wallet and then press the SWAP button at the bottom of the screen.

Your BSC Wallet should update with BBLURT, awesomesauce!!!

What if I don't have enough liquid BLURT?

Ok that is easy, so you can purchase Blurt on Probit.com or any of the other exchanges listed on the https://blurt.blog side menu. Note Probit, Stex and Beldex help Blurt the most because they are listed on Coingecko.

Or you can swap BNB to Blurt on robiniaswap.com or if you have STEEM you can bridge it over to the DEX and swap it for BNB and then swap BNB for BBLURT. Make sure to add the STEEM custom asset to the BSC wallet using the address 0x382d36e85178f2d3fd84e336d4e1d442fce78e8e

To execute swaps you simply go to Trade > Exchange:

This will open up a new Pancakeswap window and you perform your swap there and then go back to Robinia to add to the pool. When the BBLURT has been more regularly used we can get our logo on it.

Step 4 - Adding Liquidity

Go to the Trade > Liquidity menu.

This will open up another Pancakeswap screen to add liquidity

You may have to add and enable the BBLURT custom asset with the smart contract

Step 5 - Farm, Farm, Farm!!

Finanlly, the money shot! Go to the Farm menu and scroll down for the BBLURT-BNB farm and simply add your Liquidity Providere (LP) tokens and wait for rewards to go live tomorrow!

To add liquidity to the Farm, you first need to click Unlock Wallet > Approve Contract > Stake.

Another app to convert from most cryptos like ETH or BTC to BNB is changenow.io.

Please note this is not financial advice, DYOR - Do Your Own Research! Smart Contract platforms can be risky, bugs or hacks can lose your funds, don't farm with more than you can afford to lose.

Summary of Contract Addresses to add to wallet





Check out the BBLURT marketcap and stats on BSC



Launch Countdown

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I'm a little late to this party but great to hear this!

Oh snap, the APR is already down to 134%, still nothing to sneeze at. I was able to add BLURT on pooswap, and into the add liquidity section on pancake swap, but for some reason pancake would not let me add it to simply swap. I might try this later, just to purchase more blurt for the future.
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 5.14.06 PM.png
p.s. I wasn't able to upload an image with blurt.blog, had to go through old steemit??

wow, what a nice deal.

Great news!

Great to know that BLURT can be bridged to BSC now.
BTW, do you know what auto-compounder uses Robiniaswap?

Great update 👍. I believe it will help more open diversity for more options

Whale vault and hive-engine are messing up for me right now and sounds like others are having issues to, I have some trades I want to make to get enough liquid blurt to get in sadly it looks like I wont be early to the party.

and definitely a red flag for when I need to make fast trades.

Hi can you give me an example of the issues you are having, maybe screenshots of errors? It could be that Hetzner is having some maintenance, I saw some notices about that.

Yes so lets say I am trying to buy BYT. It is the same for any order.

I put in the order and taken to this scnreen


I then press buy and do the whale vault authorization


It then spins its wheels for a bit


Then it just goes back to this screen without anything happening.


I am also having an issue in proofofbrain.blog where I get an error when I am trying to power up, transaction canceled. So I think it is a problem across hive or with me and whale vault.

Thanks for any insight you have. I missed out on selling a 40 HBD at 2.4 hive though which would have helped significantly in funding my entry into the liquidity pool.

It seems to just be spinning its wheels when I try a transfer from one blurt account to another also after the whale vault authorization it does not do anything again. Is this a problem with me or whale vault is what I am wondering now?

Try a different browser. Hive Engine was doing that to me when I went to liquidate the community coins I had there with FireFox. When I switched to Chrome it stopped doing that. Good luck.

Thank you. I tried brave browser and it brought up the hive signer method rather than whale vault and everything went fine. Seems there is some sort of issue right now with whale vault right now at least for me with chrome and whale vault.

I wonder if anyone else with whale vault is having issue. Because it seems to be effecting my transfer on blurt wallet also.

Whalevault is available for Firefox have you tried that?

I ditched firefox a long time ago but maybe I will do it out of curiosity and problem solving. I have been able to make trades using hive signer on brave browser. I also got a response from hive-engine support. They are putting their bet on whalevault updating with the recent ssl issue. And I think that is probably also it because whalevault seems to be the common denominator.

Anyway thank you all for your ideas. Any other keychain or vault recommendations for blurt?

If I want to set up the BSC wallet on Firefox / Chrome,
then I have to release the following:
"Access your data for all websites"
But I don't want that for security reasons.
That's why I haven't done this yet.
Isn't that also possible via MetaMask?

Wenn ich die BSC-Wallet auf Firefox/Chrome einrichten möchte,
dann muß ich folgendes freigeben:
"Auf Ihre Daten für alle Webseiten zugreifen"
Das möchte ich aber aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht.
Deshalb habe ich das noch nicht gemacht.
Geht das nicht auch über MetaMask?

Yes actually Metamask works better as I found out, you need to add the Binance Network to Metamask, heaps of tutorials online for that. Please do use Metamask.

It will be great development for BLURT price...
Unstaking BLURT power may be higher..

I have tried to stake 700bblurt on the Blurt pool and it worked.
I think that it is not fair to limit the swap blurt to bblurt at 30k minimum while anyone can buy random amount of bblurt on PancakeSwap then stake bblurt in a pool.
What can we do to reduce the limit on bridge robiniaswap?

With more use of the bridge and the Robiniaswap platform by the Blurt community, I can negotiate a lower minimum with them. At the moment they are asking for more volume from us.

Thank you

Saw this pretty late. I'm not quite sure what to do here but I will follow your steps pretty carefully to ensure that I do just about the right thing.

Thanks for giving the platform a better wide range system and environment for survival

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Oh, that was very difficult for me.
I don't know if I did everything right.

@megadrive, would you please check.

I now see this picture under "Farms".
I have divided 500 euros in BNB and BBLURT half half.
Was that right?
Please, what do the 187,035 mean?
The APR is 68,511.08% instead of 600,000.00%
Unfortunately, I do not understand.


  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hi, this is @megadrive I posted with wrong account, so I think you did it right, 187,035 is the Liquidity Pool or stake LP tokens you received upon successfully adding liquidity. It represents a share of the pool.

Yes when I screenshotted at APR earlier there was not much locked value overall on all Robiniaswap farms and pools, maybe less than 80K USD, If you look at their home page now they have a Total Locked Value (TVL) of 700K, this means that rewards are split more evenly across this value so the APR decreases, it will continue to decrease daily until we reach realistic figures of under 100% APR, but should have some weeks in the thousands of %.

Thanks for contributing and hope you have fun.


In India we entered the new year 2022 so
Many many good and happy new year 2022
@tariqueshafique from India

Thank you for the update, I have benefited a lot

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hi @megadrive,

thank you so much for the quick reply!

Yes so the launch in around 3 hours your funds are in so you don't need to do anything, you may want to check daily and harvest the RBS token reward and sell it for USDC or whatever you like or reinvest back into a pool or farm of your choice.

If you had liquid Blurt already you could have sent it over the bridge and purchased only BNB, but if you didn't have Blurt then splitting 500 EUR 50/50 was correct and was actually better for the market because Blurt was being purchased.

Thank you!

This is really exciting! I don't know what I'm doing but I did put in some liquidity. It will be interesting to see how things go. One concern I have is that the http://robiniaswap.com/ shows up as not secure in the browser. Is this an issue at all?

Ah type https://robiniaswap.com that takes you to the SSL version, see below


Oh thanks, I didn't notice that when I just used the link initially. I forgot to check it.

This will make blurt get more recognition and visible, i am keeping my blurt and BNB to enjoy the high Apy.

Thank you for helping with liquidity!!

This is awesome and I was so excited about the Blurt Farming that I added some liquidity as soon as I had some time.

Let's see how much RBS I will be able to earn.

We should be able to earn heaps, the APR is insane, I suspect will be in the thousands of % for at least a week.

True. The returns will be huge. I am eagerly waiting to see some rewards.

Thank you MegaDrive for bringing Defi to Blurt!

Pleasure, please participate and enjoy!

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Thanks for helping spread the message!

Thanks for this post megadrive, i was successfully able to add liquidy. Its going live tomorrow , right ?

Yeah sometime soon should be live!

I just came to know that it will be live by 14:00 IST that is 5 and half hours from now.

here is the link where we ask can see the countdown : https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/11388500

already run and i did

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

already I did my first swap. Thank @megadrive

If you wish to take a route without the bridge, Metamask will swap BNB for BBLURT (once the token is manually added). The issue doing it this way is that it won't increase the amount of BBLURT in existence. ;-)

Also note that the BSC chain is fairly quick but nowhere near as fast as Graphene! It took ages for the swap pool to actually register its existence on Pancakeswap. Patience grasshopper.

Awesome. Shared with 300 Million people on Twitter #blurtlove