MediKatie is Moving to Blurt!

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High Blurt community!


I'm MediKatie. I started posting on the blockchain on 2017 as I began to move away from mainstream social media like instagram and facebook. I was a cannactivist and cannamodel, and in 2019 @Drutter and I moved away from the city to the Okanagan for maternity leave. And as you know unless you've been in a really long coma, the "plannedemic" hit around the time I was about ready to get back to life in hasn't let up and I've recently had my second (and last) baby.


(My first baby, 2019)


Before the lockdown, I was depressed about not being able to do activism anymore, but looked forward to maybe getting back to the city in August again for a holiday @Drutter and I started called B.C. Bud Day as we had gone while pregnant in 2019 . We started it in 2016 and went 4 years in a row. We weren't able to make it in 2020, but we made a legacy because the event continued grassroots without us on a year that not even Cannabis Day nor 4/20 officially took place.


It was a bitter-sweet feeling for the event to continue without us; I regret getting mad at some friends for going on without us. We succeeded in starting an annual event that continued on after we were gone (or on hiatus). It even survived the lockdown, that's legendary. Nowadays, instead of cannactivism, our family has begun doing activism near our home town, protesting the masks, lockdowns, mandates and restrictions. We've been going to a local freedom rally on Saturdays since March 2021 with our son, and now we take our 2-month old daughter.


Polson Park Jan 29 2022_6.jfif

It Ends When We All Say No_Polson Park Fountain.JPG

Now, back to the blockchain. You'll notice that I like puns.
I first started posting on Steemit and then moved to Hive. I recently heard about Blurt when some basement-dwelling whales (or trolls more accurately) decided to start attacking my weekly tally of COVID vaccine injury in Canada.

Days 6 trolls.png

That was really upsetting because it wasn't vacuous posting; I feel it's important and valuable even if it's not seen by many people. Like many things in life it was depressing and difficult at first, but maybe the rebirth, although painful, will be worthwhile and prosperous.


I'll be posting some of my old cannamodelling pictures (and perhaps some new ones) as well as my other activism and interests, such as cannabis (& plant) research and the Canadian vaccine injury tally update. I look forward to the change. Happy Spring! :)





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Welcome here and you will have freedom, minus those negative votes... Greetings from Venezuela, I hope to continue reading you.

Hello @medikatie
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Yeah I'm not far off. Breaks my heart though but it's now out of control. All men too.

Wow! congrats for having new family member and welcome to blurt.

Ur welcome dear... Blurt is a great place to be.

Welcome to BLURT katie 💖

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Awesome. Welcome to Blurt. Upvoted via the #blurtlove Curation Project.

Have Fun !

Blurt Loves You.


WOW! I don't even know what to say. But you Rock!

Welcome to Blurt! Following and Reblurted!

Can't wait for more!

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If you ever in need of some liquid, @powerclub (if I remember correctly) gives out free blurt to real users who need it. If not, shout me a message and I will give you some to keep you going.

Its like having gas service delivery while your car ran out of gas along the way.

Yup, no Downvote with the power to take away rewards here. That would be theft. In Hive people want to imagine that it is not.

They think it is ok to take money out of the beggars hat or out of the hat of a street performer. They call it, "regulating rewards" because "the seven day pay period says it isnt yours yet".

What the latter quotes actually say is, there is no decurity sround your hat sir, i dont think you juggling deserves this x amount so I will take it away from you.

And everyone is ok with that. (delusional).

Just because one has a gun to steal foes not mean one should use the gun on whoever they see fit, unless of course you are being stolen. After all, is it stealing when you take away from the thief back to the community that the thief took in the first place, even if the thief was viewed like a saint by the majority cult mindset morons(which is what is happening on hive)?

Welcome to Blurt

We got COAL for real abusers, not for expressing your views. And people get warned about it, even if you have a long past history of plagiarizing on other playforms like graphene chains too, we give warnings then if it continues, then its black rocks in the socks for these cocks.

You'll find it easier to breathe here.



It's BOB here 🥓


Your cannabis Practivism is good juju 😎

Nice to have you here!

Hey congrats on the new addition to the family, we thought we would stop at 2 kids, didn’t happen we have more now lol.

Please check my comment to your husband’s post.

Cheers and enjoy Blurt

Welcome, it is a very lovely community here, you will love it 💗

Welcome a whole bunch of us did the same you will love it here ❤️ Let’s grow blurt

Welcome to Blurt Katie! 🍀🌞 It's so good to see you guys here! Have a great start!

Congratulations on the baby and beautiful pupils.


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No small penis man mentality here !

It's better on Blurt !
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that was quick. maybe she didnt know what denote meant. giver her a chance damn you.

I have no idea what you was only the legs that allowed her to be able to finish the whole reply....

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I see.
The table was just wide enough so any leg flirting is thrown out the window too., no, no, no, no ! eyes were taking up all my available synaptic activity, so my ears didn't have enough spare neurons to pick up on the 'wha.....?', quickly enough.

Downvoted by whales on Hive - time to move to a downvote free platform - welcome to Blurt! 😃

lets go blurt

I think it's good to have your content here on Blurt, and highly endorse this message :))