Weeding Practices Makes More Both Physical Improvement In Agricultural Mindset Lifestyle And Productivity In Planted Crops 🌿🌱🌱

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We have different types of planting method which is known to be best for individual crops we plan to plant or we have planted already there are so many ways also to plant which will make things easier for us through weeding and in some cases fertilizer application when the need arises. Just like in case of agricultural mindset lifestyle this also diverts your reasoning into one side of planting techniques. Like remember some few years ago all I could reason is planting directly into the soil but this particular day I slept and woke up and I diverted my reasoning to so many aspects of planting and practical application which also brought out more reasoning diversion to me and also to be able to think wider than before.

I took a step at a time which at some point I failed because there wasn't enough check and balancing I took up the challenge to myself and I kept planting with different skills and techniques and at some other point what I planted grew up very well and things started changing for the best till this moment I was able to convert so many people into this Planting skills. This type of Planting is very rear for you to see even in your neighborhood or around yourself but when you start with a little way of planting you'll begin to expand you make use of what you have such as plastic bucket, big bowls, bucket and so on.



The Jute vegetable I planted so many weeks a fully matured for consumption but yet we have two things in one soil which is weeds. I was away for a couple of days and or call me back I came to realise that we have so many weed competing with the already planted crop which is the Jute Vegetable.


  • Take for instance this man standing upright is a weed. A grass which also has a tap root competing for Survival.



  • Initially, I already operated some small and minute weeds but this was all I gathered afterwards again. the main purpose of showing us what it takes to be consistent and be observant in what you plant in your farm is because when weeds compete with your crop it starts to change the growth and development and also it will reduce its productivity.







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