Mobile App is Coming! Count Down

in blurt •  11 months ago  (edited)

The final tests are being done by myself.

After this, the test app for android will be released.

More later than Tuesday (UTC+9)

I hope it will be released in a few hours.

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Super fantastic dear sir good news for all blurt user

This is a new beginning. Thanks again 😊😊😊

thanks. i hope the app helps the blurt community flourish.

We're all excited about your app.

Thank you for your work, and please let me know what we can do to help.

PS: moments after I make my first post with it, we've got a gift for you.



It's steak. Do you like to eat steak?

I've heard that sufficient steak can feed a family for a long time.

Kings eat steak.

I am a half vegitarian. but my family loves steak.

thanks again. i sent you the link to download the android app. if you use iphone you have to wait more.

Wow... I can't wait!

I'm fully expectant. Kudos

thanks.. soon i will share the link.