Mobile App is Impending!

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It has been 5 months from starting to make the mobile app.

The name of the project is Let's Blurt. The catchphrases are

  • Easy and Convenient Blurt
  • Safe Blurt
  • Mobile way Blurt

The release of the mobile app was initially last November, but it kept being delayed.

The development of a mobile app for Blurt is much more difficult than I thought.

But now I am proud of that I have implemented most of functionalities as well as mobile only features.

Release Date of Test App for Android

  • 31 December 2020 (1 Jan 2021 UTC+09)

Let Me Know If You Want to Use the Test Version
If you want to test the initial release version (not official release on markets), comment below.
For now only Android version is available.
ios version for test is planned to release in Jan. 2021.

I will let you know the link to download the app.

Please follow @etainclub and @letsblurt

Key Features

  • Setting Beneficiaries for a post reward
  • Translating Post/Comments to Your Language
  • Push Notifications
    • Beneficiary, Transfer, Follow, Mention, Reply
  • Multi-Languages
    • Initial Version will support only English and Korean
    • To use the app in your language, I need your help to translate the app
  • Searching Posts using Google Custom Search
  • Adding Bookmarks
  • Adding Favorite Authors
    • You will get push notification when the author posts new (not implemented yet)
  • In-App Account Creation
    • Implemented but postpone its service due to high fee
  • One Time Password (OTP)
    • When you login or transfer Blurt, you can use OTP for security
  • Switching Accounts
  • Reading a post (Text To Speech)
    • Not Implemented

For more details

See this:
Mobile App is Impending. Who Wants to Use Test Version?

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Wonderful... I love this great initiative. Kudos!

You are doing an amazing job. Hope it will be ready soon.

I'm interested in testing the app on my android smartphone.