[Let's Blurt] v0.5.0 Release (Android)

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Key Features

  • Choosing Working RPC Automatically
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Translation
  • In-App Text to Speech
  • In-App Account Creation (Free fee thanks to @megadrive)
  • Switching Accounts
  • Setting Beneficiary
  • Easy Mentioning
  • Bookmarking posts
  • Collecting Favorite Authors Privately
  • In-App Blurt Transfer

Download Link for Android

Click the following link.

Download link

This link will be deactivated after a few days. If not working, please ask me a new link.

The app is a test version which means it is unstable.


Currently the android test version is available. ios test version will be available soon.

  • Android Official Release: in Feb.
  • ios test release: in Feb.
  • ios Official Release: in Mar.

The source code will be open in a week! @jacobgadikian

Keep watching on this project

follow me @etainclub and official account @letsblurt.

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This worked out for me. Thanks for getting me up and running on this platform. 😀

I had not seen this. Downloading again 😁

Wow, that's some decent levels of updation. Any site which progresses to a mobile app is looking good. So, as a newbie, I am impressed.

One question. I hear that Blurt will be migrating to Cosmos, in such a circumstance would the app change in the future? Do let me know.

Is that the name of the app?


This function is interesting:

In-App Account Creation

Then onboarding would also be possible on the road...
very smart!!

Hope the tests go well!
Unfortunately I don't have the time to test it,
but in any case it looks very good!

cheers 🤠

yes. lesblurt is the name of the mobile app.

one good thing in the mobile app is that it chooses the working rpc so that it always connect to blurt unless all rpc servers are dead.

Yeah and in-app account creation is working now with welcome gift to let a new user engage in blurt actions.

Thank you for your interest and cheers.