Writing in the age of social media and the past

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Companions are currently other than them, companions presently don't thump on the entryway, don't smell their aroma and rush behind the window when they approach, and don't hear their contention on the rooftop when they keep awake, nor embraces on vacation mornings, companions are currently a bunch of buttons lit on the PC or telephone screen, and you can kill a companion with A little "press of a button" with your little finger, without a spot of blood falling on the ground, and in one second you "add" two more youthful companions in its place assuming you wish!

While our lives are currently loaded up with "online media, for example, "Facebook", "Twitter", "Tango", "Base", "WhatsApp", "messages" and "SMS", however the "wasl" that sung by the antiquated artist is presently beyond the realm of possibilities; Friendly relations became like a gathering of counterfeit roses, and every one had a rundown of his casualties, whom he killed with extraordinary pleasure..without a sensation of culpability!

When the "correspondence" destinations are resurrected or repeated with an abnormal action, the "alienation" is developing with more dynamic steadiness. Where the exemplary thoughts, for example, "the possibility of ​​the guardians", "the possibility of ​​the family" and "family members" passed on, and they were completely supplanted by the alleged companions whom we might not have seen once previously, and even we won't ever see them!

The "Makatib" that we used to write in tears, and put it in the possession of the postal worker, please, and we continue to stand by with excitement like our own, until the mail shows up, so we convey our portion of yearning, and turn the "letter" with a shaking hand as though he fears a wiped out bird!

Social relations took on a new, and extraordinary, structure. At the point when you have 5,000 companions, and like them on another site, just as on a third site or in the midsection of the telephone, you think that you are sitting alone, gnawing your nails, going out on your trip alone, then, at that point, drinking tea alone and dozing as though you were a variety cut off!

Truth be told, "correspondence locales" depended primarily on the possibility of ​​destroying social connections, killing family and family members, disposing of conventional companions, and leasing the excess time for the vanishing of every one of these, for dry virtual connections, and packed into slim electrical wires!

In any case, by rationale, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to comprehend companionships without thundering chuckling, and long strolls on the edges of the roads, and it is preposterous to expect to comprehend daily routine without family members and grandkids who are experiencing in bedlam and commotion at home, and it is difficult to envision that your connections will be cut off and become without family members when the power or the phone network is cut off!

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