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Hey Guys
Mufasa here

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16 days ago, I posted that I wanted to buy a new phone, but I was confused about which phone to buy. After posting my post, I also got some comments, some people also recommended me some smartphones. After the remarks, I discussed with my girlfriend which phone to buy, then she said that don't buy the phone now because the laptop EMI is still running. I got a little sad and then I started focusing on the festival Because Eid ( Festival ) was about to come and I had not made any preparations.

Then just a day before Eid, I came home after shifting my night, and as soon as I came home, I went straight to bed and slept then I got a call from Monica and she said why didn't you pick up the phone. I said I was asleep then she scolded me and said check your phone. When I checked my phone I saw that I had received 10 missed calls from an unknown number. Monica told me he is the delivery guy I have ordered something for you so call him then I called the delivery boy and he picked up my phone and he said that he was near my house but I did not pick up the call so he left. I apologized to him and said please come now, then he said that he will reach my house in 20 minutes.

Then I called Monica and asked her what did you order for me, then she said that it is a gift. Then I asked her what gift? she said I would know when I get the box. then she asked me whether I have backed up my phone data or not. I said yes, and I back up my phone data daily. She said that if the delivery man comes, give your phone and take the gift and she disconnected the call after saying this.
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I was about to call her back but I got a call from the delivery person. And he said that he has come to my location So I got down and went to him then I found out that Monica has ordered a new phone for me. Then the delivery boy told me that you give me your old phone, then I will give you a new phone after checking. Then he started checking my phone and I was wondering what is happening. After checking my old phone, he gave me a box, then I took it to my room. When I opened the box I saw that there is a new phone in it which is very beautiful like Monica.

Some time ago I told him that I want to get a new phone and she ordered a new phone for me without informing me. I am very happy and surprised to see this gift which I received from Monika.

I didn't get time to say thanks to you, But I am telling you right now that @iammavi you are a beautiful person and there is no one like you.

❤️ ❤️

If you are thinking that the post is over, then it is not because any post does not end without reacting. If you like my post then follow me so that I can follow you too, you can also vote and comment if you liked reading my post.

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Oh wow this is so beautiful. Congratulations

Awww thankyou so much.....mufasa
I m glad that you shared your experience here..
No need to say thanks.....bcz you deserve this gift 🎁.....🙂