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This year would have been my second anniversary on Hive in March. Except that I quit using it because I was sick of being downvoted all the time.

We can choose to jump about in dog shit and then complain that our shoes stink, or we can look at stuff we like better than dog shit instead.


I learned a lot on Steemit and HIve, including what not to do. Here are five things I gave up doing when I started out on Blurt because each one of them is a part of what became a pain in the arse.


  1. ARGUING WITH CLUELESS FUCKERS. I understand now that arguing on the internet is like seeing some dog shit and choosing to stand in it rather than stepping over it. So I have stopped doing that.

  2. BEING A DICKHEAD. If someone I follow posts something I think is bollocks, rather than trying to “educate” them, I now choose to shut my pie hole and let them be. (OK, I admit I do call some of the insider wankers from Hive "trannies" but they deserve it!)

  3. USING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. I had accounts for posting, accounts for trading liquid Hive, accounts for being a dickhead, and accounts that were blacklisted for trying to educate whales. It was bloody confusing. Yes I do still have all those accounts, but at least now they are all powered down now.

  4. KEEPING MY INVESTMENT LIQUID. Hive was turning increasingly dodgy, so for the past year I kept most of my investment liquid. On Blurt I’m doing my best to be a low key investor and casual content curator. So I’m taking a more chilled out approach, and I’ve simply powered up most of my Blurt and hope to see the platform grow.

  5. LONGING FOR THE GLORIOUS PAST. Back in 2016 and 2017 we did some cool posts and made some good wedge on Steemit, but these days I’m fully powered down, and I don’t speak Korean, so there is no reason for me to ever look at Steemit again. And same with Hive - it's glory days are over. Hive is history, and I'm not a member of the insider club, so I’m glad to move on.


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Funny, I just had a conversation with a friend dealing directly with the first two. Even though I quit religion years ago, some things stuck with me like Don't cast your pearls among swine- which is exactly what it feels like to try and explain things to people who believe the headlines and mainstream narrative. I tried in the beginning, but after awhile I could see I was just spinning my tires.

I’ve also been trying to do a few of these points namely one and two in real life and fb also

It's not easy is it? - mastering those uncontrollable urges...

I couldn't agree more! I only wish I could access my Hive account so I could convert it to Blurt while it's still worth something.

...have you been 'locked out' of your account ?



Those secret notes on the hidden USB stick?

Secret notes?

Anything to do with computing or cryptos requires secret notes/USB sticks - that is always an essential.

Now I get it, thanks!

  1. Never have a battle of wits with the unarmed. Say what you need to say with reason and logic. If all they do is go in circles, ignore them but point out their circular logic, or backwards ad baculums, red herrings, etc.

  2. Nah, I still do this. Quite succesfuly. It takes time and patience and an understanding of the others grounds. Experience matters. If I do not know the subject i just don't even bother. I focus on the part I do.

  3. I don't know the entire story behind you receiving dv. I do know that for whatever reason it was, they went too far. Thanks for being on the front lines during the battles though.

  4. No doubt! I am doing the same. I am liquidating everything bht bloody hell i never like the 13 masonic week powerdowns. It was retarded. especially for small accounts. Small accounts shouldnt have tonhave powered up anything in order to post. I loved how blurt had this differently. All one needs is liquid to start and many give it for free to newcomers. Nothing of the design is forcing people to stay powered up. And did I mention its 4 weeks. way better 3 months to recieve your full payment. Especially if the price drops before you could cash out in time. It sucked for me.

  5. Let them have it. Let them keep steem. We have the setting sun looking angry and cursing on the upper left corner of the blurt world lol.

Yes, the masonic 13 weeks is really creepy!

It’s taken me a while to rly get into feeling easy and free here that I rly can just post something simple, something for fun, just express an opinion. It’s amazing how conditioning can clip yOur wings so much without even realising it. I’m rly learning to let go and just be totally myself here and not over think any post or if it’s deemed ‘valuable’ enough to not be flagged into oblivion lol

When every post and every comment gets blasted, you end up like castratti. Well, maybe not you, but I felt like that!

I never actually got to that stage, not before I’d already decided to leave anyway and sabotaged LOL I left mostly because I couldn’t sit by and watch things happened to other people and not speak up. I cannot support a platform with the values that platform was going down. It also just became a head fuck for me that if I ever got a good ppay out and would feel excited about it, I would literally end up continually checking if it was still there. This was bad enough for me but I put myself in the shoes of people in third world countries who this kind of pay out would be life changing for or could provide life changing medicine and I thought this is one of the most mentally demoralising things people can be put through to have it taken away on the last day before pay out especially. It’s just pure bullying.

I knew that however much payout my post had, half way through day six it would be downvoted to zero - no exceptions! That is why I had the rewards turned off, or my rep kept going down.

And for a while I even had to use an alt account for commenting because all my comments got bombed too.

Yeah it sucks. I don’t know how anyone can say it’s not bullying / centralised. If it was random downvotes you could maybe argue but when an organised mob come at you hours before payout that’s not random downvotes.

A mob that always looks something like this:


Precisely that’s not people randomly disagreeing on a post and downvoting it that’s a mob, I agree with you and why I can’t support that platform even vyb as it ends up entwining

Not so relevant to your points but thisbis what I learned!

It's nice you learned from blurt. I'm learning as well. Still thinking of how to react in certain situations.

Cool to see you posting. You remind me of bastyon. Almost forget about it. lol

I still have high hopes for Bastyon! We will see...

I must get on there do you earn rewards ?

Not from posting, but you can from hosting nodes, its mainly about prepping for the new world internet, and the chat is the best around.

I like that they are integrating tor to their application. That will protect the privacy of people who are sharing there so much truth.

Yes, they are game to keep pushing things, and really want to be censorship resistant

뭐라고 ?

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Now that is the freaky shit I dont understand....

It took me a while. I actually wouldn't mind more good Korean writers, but I don't see much worth reading.

I tried translating some posts - they were REALLY BAD!

It wasn't just the translation. There is usually no content to begin with. What gets me is that they won't answer any comments whether in Korean or English. I know they are human so I guess they just want to invest in a really nice toilet to flush their stuff down.


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Haha I’ve used one of these there Is one in Japan house in Kensington it washes your bum for you 🤣 with about 6 different power settings

Toilets have software?..??