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I am happy to introduce new features of the mobile app(for android)

There are so many updates from the last release of the app.

1. Push Notifications

You will get push messages of several cases such as reply to your post.

This time I fixed the problem so that you directly navigate to the post.

In addition, I added a new push message type which is a new post push. You will get a push message if your favorite author create a new post. To do, you have to click "Favorite" in an author's profile screen.

Then you will get one like this:

2. Faster Comment Fetching

I use a new API to fetch all the comments of a post at once. So it is super fast to display comments compared to previous LetsBlurt app. (It is as fast as the official blurt.blog)

3. Image Viewer

You can zoom in an image! (for android only)

4. Font size

You can change a font size for a post in settings

5 Auto Voting from @letsblurt

If you create a post through the app, then it will get voted by @letsblurt with around 18% vote weight.

6. Store last posting tags

And some other small things.

There is an issue with profile image due to recent image server.

And an estimate of a vote value is not correct (about two time bogger.)


You can download the apk file for android devices here

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Please how about for IOS devices

apple rejected the app even the test app (testflight).

Thank you for your feedback sir.

The URL for getting profile images is :

So, for example, if you want my profile image, it's https://imgp.blurt.world/profileimage/saboin/64x64.

For the size, you have the following options:


I hope this helps.

great! this is what I need to know. Thanks a lot.

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Those are some exciting updates thank you!!!!

There are something to update more. And apple rejected the app again. It's sad.

Did they give a reason?

Great job weldone here.


I didn't even know we had a mobile app.
Thanks :)

we have!

You added a lot of quality of life improvements to speed up adoption of the app. Awesome work

Yep, I did. Thanks.

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