Finally it works!

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Thank you guys. I finally succeeded to run a witness node on my RPi4.



I noticed the wifi could not connect to the outside. That's why I got the error.

As you recommended , I connected the rpi4 to the ethernet.

Here I want to summarize my trials and mistakes.

1. Linux

I mainly use linux (ubuntu) instead of Windows.
When trying to connect to the newly flashed rpi was tough through a linux os because

  • it could not find the ssid of cryptopi
  • connecting display to the rpi and trying to login with root/root returned login prompt ( so I could not log in even in remote because I could not know the ip of the rpi)

2. Did not wait

The manual said I have to wait about 45 minutes after the first boot. I did not wait. Instead I executed '' because there was no blurtd process ( I had had to wait for the rpi to unzip and execute docker container)

3. Did not stop the blurtd process

When I had to relocate the rpi, I did not stop the blurtd process.
I had had to stop the blurtd container and then shutdown the rpi.
Then I should have executed docker start blurtd.

4. Used WiFi

I thought I could set wifi connection. I did and I thought it works. But actually it did not. I could connect to the rpi with the static wifi ip, but when I checked the internet connection, it was not working.

Thank you guys. It was tough but I am surprised that the witness node is run on rpi4!

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Basically the next step is to make it easier. The whole thing needs a user interface, you know?


  • plug in rpi
  • web ui comes up on port 80, offers condenser and option to set up a witness
  • no need to use command line

All of the work that people are doing now in the community testing this, leads to the above setup, and the above setup gets us to mobile phones.

Gratualtion. Then it worked out after all. :)

You can count on my support as always. Great job.

Wow, that was a rocky road. Glad to hear it's working now. Congratulations!

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