Blurtopian : Fostering Open-Source Contributions

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This is my proposal to @socialgraph foundation for a 1 million Blurt Power delegation.

I was part of the Utopian team. I loved the concept behind it and would like to continue where it left and discover how a social blockchain can help foster open-source contributions.

Core Values

I identified my core values in one of the emotional quotient sessions I attended. In addition, I practice Scrum and believe in its core values.

For Blurtopian, these are the core values the project will adopt. These will be elaborated in a separate post.

  1. Transparency
  2. Faithfulness
  3. Innovation
  4. Service
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Boldness
  7. Humility

The same with Scrum, success of Blurtopian depends on the community living out these values.

Contribution Categories

Initial categories to be curated:

  1. Blog
  2. Development

More categories will be supported once a platform to manage and review contributions becomes available.

Blurtopian Tasks

These will be posted using the @blurtopian.tasks account.

Voting Scales

This will be defined in the succeeding days.

How will the Blurt Foundation benefit?

I believe in the balance of diversity. By delegating to @blurtopian, the platform will have a dedicated team curating open-source contributions, bringing out the open-source enthusiasts in the Blurt community.

How can the Blurtopian community benefit from this ?

Increase visibility by getting bigger upvotes from @blurtopian which may land them on trending and be noticed by others in the community.

More rewards in terms of upvotes which will result in revenue, increase Blurt Power and help others on our platform.

An investment towards a stronger crypto portfolio if they opt in to re-invest.

How can one opt-in and be curated?

A combination of tags will be used to curate #blurtopian contributions. For development posts, it will be a combination of #blurtopian and #development. For blogs, it will be #blurtopian and #blog.

Blurter's will need to ensure that their posts are of quality and most importantly not plagiarised in order to get curated.

I, @eastmael, as member of the Blurt community appeal to the foundation to grant me this request and I will pledge to manage this responsibility with the utmost integrity without personal self-gain or malice.



Blurt Car Community Proposal

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I spent a lot of time contributing to the Graphics section of Utopian. I learned a lot and so I'm excited to see Blurtopian Proposal here in Blurt.

Blurt Team is moving in the right direction by awarding BP delegations to these kinds of initiative.


Thank you. Hope to see you contribute again on the category. Should be open soon too!

Thanks for coming up with the idea to replicate Utopian on Blurt, I was sad to see Utopian become defunct, it was a great idea and am glad to see it potentially live on through Blurt. I will provision the delegation for this account shortly and give you custody of the posting key. I look forward to the great things you will do with it.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you for the delegation. Yes, I was waiting for the team to revive after it's last announcement. I felt a void when it halted operations. @blurtopian filled this void for me. I hope it will for others as well.