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Why would your community want to airdrop on Blurt?


The Blurt Community

Blurt is a social network of users from all over the world, who write and create content from their own voice, contributing to a new type of social economy, based on blockchain technology, where creators are rewarded for the value they bring to the platform. This makes Blurt a highly engaging medium to share stories, thoughts, art, anecdotes, and much more.

Blurt is you, it is me, we are all the users who make up the blockchain community - a network of human connections full of ideas, creations, and learning resources. A new living ecosystem, made up of both crypto and non-crypto originated users from across the globe.

The creation of valuable, creative, and original content is very important as it gives the Blurt chain personalised identity rather than just a code repository, this is what differentiates Blurt.

Blurt Power stakeholders are the curators who evaluate and vote towards the visibility of community posts and projects as well as the voting on the direction of the reward flow to the highest value content, enabling users to earn BLURT simply by writing and sharing content.

The Blurt economy is based on accumulating Blurt native currency rewards, which are assigned based on the valuation of the contributions of the content that is created and published onchain, for curation efforts and, also via network seigniorage rewards to vested stakeholders and validators (witnesses).

Projects on Blurt

Projects are awakening to the fact that they can bootstrap a creator economy of users from the Blurt community by rewarding active and creative users that take part in airdrop attestations.

Various airdrop ideas are born from this, forming strategic alliances and partnerships with the Blurt blockchain community, This makes the Blurt community interesting and in turn generates interest for other projects that seek to boost their own community through airdrops to an existing vibrant and talented one.

To the Cosmos and Beyond


Future plans to Expand the Blurt footprint to Cosmos means that we can experience rapid development and will have more possibilities for growth.

The vision of the Cosmos Tendermint foundation is to build a network of decentralised, parallel, and independent blockchains all sharing the same base code and able to communicate via the IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) protocol. Reference information, read here

Airdrops on Blurt Attested Users

As an example, Blurt has been able to secure a partnership with, where approx. 2.33% of the 1.8 Billion initial supply will be airdropped on Cosmos wallets of attested Blurt users. An attestation verification tool is available currently at and data and extraction tools can be provided by the Blurt Foundation upon request in the official Discord.

Airdrops can be facilitated for Cosmos SDK chains and users. Campaigns can easily be set up for most other blockchains and layer-2 tokens.

Reference information, read here and

Robiniswap and Yanabu Binance Smart Chain Dexes have listed Blurt staking pools and liquidity farm pairs. This provides additional exposure to Reference information, read here


Blurt Enginedrop Attestation - Gamestate Megaverse

Another example of an airdrop partnership, this time on Hive-Engine account holders is Gamestate, a cross-chain, multi-world megaverse Nexus, uniting gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants in a place of fun, discovery, and learning.

Gamestate offers sales channels for games, apps, advertising, gaming equipment, music, media, and general merchandise, as well as a Rocket Launchpad accelerator for indie game startups.

Blurt @enginedrop Attestation Airdrop - 1% (One Percent) of the 1 Billion initial STATE token supply will be airdropped onto BLURT POWER stakeholders at an appropriate time during the IDO as SWAP.STATE on and the alternative user interface. For more information read the reference here

Statistics and Demographics

Daily active users

Users that contribute to the activities on the chain in the form of posts, comments, upvotes, reblogs and transfers.

Google statistics show that Blurt has an average of 1,000 daily active users*.

However, Google Analytics is often blocked by Privacy Browsers such as Brave and certain Chrome or Firefox extensions like uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger.

Cloudflare tells a deeper story, showing 4K Unique users in a 24 hour period.

And 42.9K unique users in the last 30 days at the time of writing.

Drilled-down web traffic statistics show an average of 2.41K unique visitors per day with an upside of 4.3K unique visitors in one day.

Blockchain analytics correspondingly show a steady increase in the number of posts and comments over the same 30 day period.

Age and gender demographics figures show that there is a large percentage of female users, which is rare in the crypto industry, therefore Blurt is one of the easiest platforms to acquire female customers from. The age range is weighted heavily in the 18 to 44-year bracket.


Global region demographics show the userbase is widespread with heavy influence in Nigeria, Indonesia, UK, Germany and USA. With large pockets of users in South Korea, Bangladesh, India and Russia.

Curation Activity

Curation initiatives use tags to categorize and monitor posts. Examples of these are #instablurt, #blurtlife, and #blurtgerman.

Blurt also has an Trending Tags page to monitor which posts have gathered the most vote.

Blurt uses upvotes to reward user posts and comments. It's one of the indicators one can use to see how active the chain is.

The same with posts and comments, we see a steady increase in users' votes.

New and Existing Accounts

Currently, the Blurt blockchain has a total of 1,392,440 accounts (wallet addresses). The period between October and mid-November, Blurt saw an uptrend in the creation of new accounts.

Alexa Rank

Alexa site statistics awards a top 400K global ranking and a strong top 16K ranking in Bangladesh.

Primary Social networks

Discord [1627 Members]

Twitter (2398 Followers)

Synergy Partners

The Blurt Foundation has developed close ties to strategic and highly resourced synergy partners in the blockchain space, partnering with the Blurt Foundation and airdropping on our community opens doors to collaboration with our partner network.


The Future of Blurt

Blurt is in essence going from words to action, to fulfill a dream based on the trust of all those who thrive in the blockchain community in freedom and where the human factor is considered as a contribution of value.

The Blurt platform aspires to grow every day with collective work, to fulfill the goal of providing an alternative and neutral cryptographic social media experience where users can feel safe to express their views and be shielded from the adverse effects of downvotes.

At the technology level, we strive to reach high edge-of-network distribution factor, through the implementation of raspberry pi nodes to support global network transactions without central datacentre dependency.

The Blurt Foundation welcomes partnerships from all blockchains and dapps and hereby extend an invite to contact the Blurt team in Discord at


Special thanks to the Blurt team @angelica7, @eastmael, and @bestkizito for their assistance in frameworking this post draft. Each have been set as beneficiary of 33% of the post rewards.

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I love how quickly blurt is growing

Me alegra ver todo esto que está sucediendo en tiempo real, Blurt ha sido una apuesta muy grande para muchos, esto seguro que pronto muchos más usuarios seguirán contribuyendo al crecimiento de nuestra plataforma y por ende seguirán llegando nuevas Ballenas que robustecerán el desarrollo económico de esta plataforma y ecosistema. Mars está de vuelta!. Saludos!
I am glad to see all this happening in real time, Blurt has been a very big bet for many, I am sure that soon many more users will continue to contribute to the growth of our platform and therefore will continue to arrive new whales that will strengthen the economic development of this platform and ecosystem. Mars is back! Greetings!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide an english translation of your comment. :)

Thank you so much for your support.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Very informative post .. I've recently started exploring how Blurt is doing and it looks like it's been busy.

Has anyone developed something like GINABOT to help get notices when some publish?

I just saw this. Please checkout @brunobot if he serves your needs. He’s still in the rough stages as I still haven’t gotten back to refactoring his codes.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thank you @eastmael.. Just had a look. Not sure you're familiar with GINABOT

GINABOT is available on Discord and where you can register an account on Hive and then configure it for post notifications. So, if I want to know when you put a post out I can add that to GINABOT or If I want to follow a discussion about Brunobot's development as well as the account I can add a notice when Brunobot publishes and when someone mentions it. I can get also get the notifications like are given here in Blurt.

That's what I was wonder if anything was available on Blurt.

Hi @shadowspub, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’m familiar with GINABOT’s functions and features and currently subscribed to her. Unfortunately, BRUNO’s not that elegant and only has support for discord commands.

Daily active users are continuously increasing day by day. This is big thing for us. I am happy for a part on blurt. Thank to all team members for give us this wonderful platform. Blurt to the moon.

Blurt have gained a good position in a short peroid. That is staggering. Think about eight months ago. It is not stable. But now blurt is in a better position. Thanks megadrive and the team for everything.

It is a perfect time to be on Blurt and contribute to the growing activities on this wonderful blockchain.
I can't thank enough the development teams, authors and curators as they serve as proof for all the data generated in the article.
Blurt will reach higher goals in the roadmap and even better results.

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will be going to see blurt going to the moon.

I am very happy to see the userbase coming more from my country Nigeria.
I will continue my relentless work of massive recruitment.
I really hope the large pocket users will start coming from africa too.
I must express my happiness seeing @bestkizito among the team.
Thank you for this update @blurtofficial
We are happy,together we will all win

Thank you so much my brother!

You are welcome bro

What an explanation! All credits go to whole blurt official team. You hard working and genius guys deserve a lot thanks from us. You are doing best to make blurt ecosystem more stronger and effective. That time is no far away from us when blurt will equal dollar and one day will exceed it as well. Our all wishes with you.

After reading the whole block, I actually understood a lot. Thank you veritably much. You have come up with a veritably beautiful design which I suppose will be veritably useful for us.
There are a lot of people out there who have no idea about this airdrop. Through this post you'll be suitable to get detailed information about airdrop by yourself and how to change their points through blurt. I suppose it'll be available

Hey hey I love this picture has good energy. Keep up the courage to share and I am glad that the publication has been useful to you.
Good vibes.

Thank you so much my dear for your reply. This photo I am making and use blurt because of I love blurt blog.

Alexa site statistics awards a top 400K global ranking and a strong top 16K ranking in Bangladesh.

First of all i am really happy to see these statistics , we are improving with every day and let's hope to climb up this rank in future.

Secondly this is the best write up i think i could send to anyone to know about Blurt. Probably i would say this is really a good detailed post.

I will share the link to this post on my other social media as well.


WOW... What a great post. Very detailed and useful for a new user like me who joined a couple days ago.

I hope in near future, @blurtofficial will write basic information for new users. Info such as Blurt Power, Upvote, the witness vote etc.

So new users will find the very useful and detailed info they needed to start their journey in Blurt ecosystem in one place (account).

There were tutorials created by me in the past when blurt was launched almost one year ago. I created all the basic tutorials but have to dig in to my last year post to find them.

maybe a fresh post will be great as well.

Thanks for your response, my friend. I'll dig into your post, I'm sure I can learn a lot there.

Growth of Blurt is now out of my capacity to comprehend. To the moon and beyond!

Yes blurt is on its way to the moon and beyond 😊✌️.

Just seeing this and please how what is a cosmos memo and how can I be part of this too

Hello @lordemmy , i think the time to attest your cosmos address has expired now.

but you can take part in upcoming blurt engine drop attestation. For that you must have an hive account with you.

if you have a hive account then just send 0.001 blurt to @enginedrop with your hive username in the memo and you will be part of it.

you can also see the featured post for more info.

here is the link to that post :

I was able to do the cosmos today and have done the @enginedrop too

This is a good write up and am expecting blurt to go higher than this soonest...blurt to the world 🌎🌎🌎

This is wonderful post with so much detailed information. I didn't know half of this. Blurt is the place to be with so many interesting projects going on.

I wonder at times if more posts like these would be beneficial? I learned a lot and thank you.

We will try our best to put out more regular informative posts.

It's just the beginning

What you said is absolutely correct. I hope it is a successful project

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @r2cornell, which is the curating account for @R2cornell's Discord Community.

Curated by <@bestkizito >


Thank you for the retweet!!

all the best blurt and teams.
I am happy to see a lot of development and partnership from another blockchain project.
lets see what will the future hold for blurt and the comunity, but i believe soemthing bright is coming

Good work. Not wasted effort so far. Just waiting for the time to explode. Boom..... ! $1 to Blurt.

$1 and beyond!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

#Blurt in the #Cosmos will make us reach our own stars! @blurtofficial


Blurt to the moon...........

Blurt is really going to affect lives positively. This blurt project I know will not abandon us.

Blurt to the moon. Non stop.💪

Blurt was always meant to uplift the masses, let's make it so!

I'm proud to be part of the Blurt family. I found an atmosphere that suited my heart and mind.

With the progress and achievements that have been obtained, as well as Blurt's programs in the future, I believe that Blurt will be at the forefront.


Thank you, I am very pleased to hear, we are glad you have found peace, we are happy that like minded people have been attracted here.

massive growing adobtion and partnerships coming 💙 #blurt 🆙

After reading the whole block, I actually understood a lot. Thank you very much. You have come up with a very beautiful project which I think will be very useful for us.

There are a lot of people out there who have no idea about this airdrop. Through this post you will be able to get detailed information about airdrop by yourself and how to exchange their points through blurt. I think it will be available

Thank you for the feedback, posts like this are very informative indeed, we can't assume users know everything. We probably should have done more like this from the start.

Yes sir I totally agree with you because new users are not supposed to know this kind of information in any way and they don't know it. Will be

I'm sure the future of Blurt will be brighter if seen from the Blurt developers have worked so hard over the years.

good draft, it is clear and understandable for all readers. I hope blurt is getting better. and thanks to all the hard working team and all members of the blurt community