#BLURTIT Initiative #01 | Bounty Winners Announced!

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Thank you to everyone who participated, we're all winners when we let people know about the Blurt Blockchain!

Together we put the Blurt blockchain in front of a potential audience of 13,000+ twitter users! 💖

Bounty Winners

The following campaign participants have each earned a share of the 1,000 BLURT bounty fund:

@offgridlife @cristo @megadrive @eastmael @xyzashu @sudutpandang @blurtography @andy4475

Congrats! The bounty fund of 1,000 BLURT will be divided up equally and paid out in the next 24 hours.

Next Campaign

Stay tuned, @brofund and I will announce our next bounty campaign in early September to coincide with students returning to school, or at least returning to social media 🤪

Until then,


About @agr8buzz

I value honesty, integrity, and hard work. I believe fiercely in an open and censorship resistant internet that is backed by decentralized technologies such as the Blurt blockchain. I stand for Freedom, Liberty, and Decentralized Tech.

About @brofund

A Blurt witness and proud founder of The Man Cave community, a part of the world where men can be men, whatever that may look like. Inspiring men to be the best that they can be. Join the Man Cave Discord here.

🦝 If you find this work helpful please consider voting for our witness here, thank you.


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Great job you are doing for Blurt, I appreciate the assessment and many congratulations to all those selected.

Thanks, looking forward to doing more of these in the near future.

Awesome. Thank you very much ..., I can’t wait to participate in some more Blurt Twitter Marketing campaigns #blurtit

@offgridlife Thanks for supporting this initiative! We'll see ya in the next one.

Awesome! Thanks for your work.

cheers, team effort, credit to those that shared a post on twitter.


Thanks! Had fun being part of it. Looking forward to the next initiative.

Thanks again, and the bounty has been sent.

Thank you. Appreciate it. :)

WoW! Looks like I'm a WINNER ~ Awesome 😀
Congrats to everyone √√√√

Winner winner! Bounty reward has been sent.

Awesome , just seen in my Wallet , will power some up later....

  • Thank you so much, see you on the next Twitter Campaign 👍

All bounty rewards have been sent.