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When a new platform or blockchain such as Burt is launched it's usually followed by the rapid development of essential tools designed to help a new user maximize their experience.

We have a growing list of free tools here on Blurt, my aim is to list as many as possible in one place. Do let me know below what im missing [its inevitable].

Free BLURT Tools

1] Official Blurt blogging front end ->

This is the official Blurt condenser that allows you to publish blog content to the BLURT blockchain.

2] Alternative Blurt blogging front end ->

An alternative Blurt front end that allows you to publish blog content to the BLURT blockchain.

3] Blurt Voting Power ->

A helpful tool to check your Blurt Voting Power plus additional information that can help you manage your Curation Rewards.

4] Vote for BLURT witnesses ->

Logging into the blurt wallet required a posting key, voting on a witness requires your private active key.

5] Official BLURT wallet ->

6] Alternative Blurt Wallet ->

An alternative Burt wallet, created by @blurtdev.

7] Blurt Witness List ->

This tool shows the current rank of BLURT witnesses as well as their current Fee settings, blockchain version, and other additional information. Created by @blurtdev.

8] Official Blurt Blockchain Explorer ->

Displays loads of information including current block, block production schedule, BLURT price, rate of inflation, Staked BLURT, current reward pool size, etc.. Created by @ericet

9] Blurt Account Signup ->

An alternative account creating method, payable with STEEM, HIVE or BLURT, it will deposit extra into your account for fees and even has a 14 day faucet if you pay in STEEM or HIVE.

10] BLURT Richlist ->

Created by @ericet, this tool displays the top BLURT hodlers and includes additional information on delegations, power downs, and account value.

I hope that this list of tools is helpful!

I'll be bookmarking this so that I can eliminate the other half dozen separate bookmarks I currently have.

Please let me know if there's a tool you would like added to this list!

If you found this helpful please consider voting for my witness here, thank you.



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Very useful post thanks for that!

Cheers, just wanted to make it easy for folks to find all the essentials.

consider voting for my witness here

The link leads to Discord, but I found it anyway ;-)

Here is also a collection of useful links: Sammelpost für nützliche Links auf Blurt.

Oops, fixed..Good catch!

Thanks! That's a good list... all beginnings are tough and it takes a while to get things up and running. I hope someone eventually builds an all-in-one type front end/interface like SteemPeak/PeakD.

Cheers, I'm positive we'll see gradual improvement in the official front end, and various other UI's..

Wow! Your composition is great! Thanks a lot!

Thanks, bad formatting bothers me sometimes :p I still think this post is a little messy aesthetically..

Hi @agr8buzz,

different font formatting on one page always makes a bumpy picture.
In addition, the list also makes a bit of a unrest.
But, I think that can hardly be prevented in such a post.

But your post has fulfilled its purpose very well and has already been praised very much;
also in my pub ;-)

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Thanks for taking the time to share these tools. Please may I curate it for reuse on our Blurt Quora Space?

It will be useful to our existing and potential new Blurt community members there.