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I'm an advocate for curation.

It's evident that curation plays an important role in all social media applications. Whether it's done by human actions or it's automated through the use of fancy algorithms, it impacts your experience.

On the Blurt network a concept called Proof of Brain [PoB] is used to identify "quality" content. This is done by rewarding the author with a monetary vote which subsequently pushes the content up on the Hot and Trending pages, increasing it's viability and chances of being voted on by others.

Network participants are using their brains and judgement to decide which content is more valuable.

Currently, the Blurt blockchain operates on a 50%/50% sharing formula for author/curators rewards respectively. Half of the rewards generated goes to the author while the curators share the other 50% based on their influence and time of vote. If you're interested in learning more about how the Blurt rewards curve works you can read my previous post explaining the convergent linear rewards curve here.

Blurt Blockchain Author-Curator Rewards Split

Sometimes a contentious topic, but everyone has their own opinions, and I think different opinions are a good thing that should be valued.

Personally I'm in favour of a 50/50 split, not because I don't think the Author deserves more but because curation is in charge of discovering quality content, and more curation leads to more author rewards.

I think sometimes people forget when thinking about the 50/50 split that the more people curating the better content discovery is. Better content discovery translates into more rewards voted onto the good content, and the more net rewards the author is capable of earning.

How to Curate Content on Blurt Blockchain

It's as easy as following content creators so you have an interesting Feed with your favourite authors content to vote on. You can always use the Tags on the left hand side and browse by topic and curate your favourite subjects like #travel #photography #crypto #gaming whatever it is that you're into.

If you have stake in this platform please use it, it's how quality content is discovered for all network participants. I'm not saying burn your voting power down to the ground, but anything within the 80-85% range will fully recharge by the next day. And your favourite authors will receive rewards and incentive to keep creating for their audience.

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Thanks for sharing this @agr8buzz Please permit me to curate this post to the Blurt Quora Space with full credit to you.

Absolutely! I'm fairly familiar with Quara, I think that's a good imitative, keep it up.

Thanks. I hope to be able to draw in a good number of new members from there while building greater awareness.

Awesome! please here's the space link below, and if you don't mind I can add you as a contributor there.

Thanks, I started following the quota topic yesterday [James Robinson]. I would be happy to help contribute from time to time. Regarding the rewards, that's odd for sure. I know when I was at 1k I was giving something, although small. The rewards are increasing everyday as the rewards pool continues to fill..

Also, I noticed that my vote gives zero BLURT. Why is that? Too little BLURT POWER?

with 1k Blurt Power it should be worth something. Maybe it doesn't show with only 2 decimal places shown on the front end, for example if you vote is worth .004..

I have over 1000 BLURT powered up. My vote is counting as 0.000 and NaN BLURT sometimes.

It's sad the people I'm voting are not getting anything.

I found this discussion about making the author/curator split adjustable interesting. How would people decide?

Probably I would choose 50/50 as it is now.

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Yeah 50/50 is fair.... it takes both.... Creators, Curators + Investors to make it work....