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The addition of the notifications feature is of critical importance. Especially for those looking to grow their Blurt account from scratch.

Let's break this down a little; Grow, and Earn.

Like anything that's of value in this world we must work hard, work smart, and invest sweat equity in order to produce something of value, or a return at a later point in time. Your Blurt blockchain blogging account is no different.

How to Build You Blurt Account

1] Engagement - I mentioned that I thought the notification feature was of critical importance, that's because it makes engaging with fellow Blurtians that much easier. Now it's easier than ever to see who has commented on your blog post or respondent to a comment that you have left.

Use this feature to keep tabs on conversations that you're having with real life people.

Engaging with people is genuine and helps build relationships over time. Most people around here are incredibly friendly, and many are willing to engage in conversation through posts and comments. IMO engaging with people is the number one way to grow your account! It leads to more friends, more follows, more votes, and more fun!

2] Comment - We all know about posting content and being rewarded for that work. But you should comment on posts you like! It could be something as simple as letting them know "hey great post" or something more in depth like a question or thoughtful comment that may warrant further discussion. Comments often get voted as well, but they certainly lead to more visibility for your account on chain.

More visibility, especially in the comments, let's other people know that you exist! It also shows that you are active and engaging with people in a friendly manner, just the type of people I like to follow and engage with myself. It will certainly lead to more people being interested in following your blog, good old fashioned organic growth!

3] Curate - Last but not least, vote on content you like, even if your vote isn't worth much. There's more to curation than earning, especially for new accounts that need growth. Do you think that authors don't look and see who is voting on their posts? Trust me they do, I do, you do, many do!

A vote may not be worth monetary value but it's still worth social value and signals that you are interested, active, and engaged. Bottom line is people notice who's voting on their posts and will often click back to your account and see what content you're creating. You may then receive a vote on existing content, and if there's similar interests you may get some follows.

Summary: Engage and respondent to comments, don't be shy with leaving a vote and comment on content you like. It's all visibility and positive engagement which will lead to account growth!

How to Earn with your Blurt Account

1] Create Quality Content - This is probably the most obvious of options to earn through your blog. So I'll put the emphasis on quality here and also throw in a mention for consistency which is also important.

You don't need to be cranking out 1,000 word posts everyday, but if you have an hour each day to put towards your blog you certainly could. A little research goes a long way, show your sources on factual information or if it's opinion that's cool too. I suggest covering one topic well, with a few sub topics to round out the post if it's an informational type of post. The use of images and videos is strongly recommended.

Lastly keep an eye on the spell check and use some blank space to break up large paragraphs if your creating a lengthy post. Bonus points to aesthetically pleasing formatting. Post frequently, as frequently as you can. I would suggest once a week minimum, but if you want to be active and visible consider posting closer to once a day. Remember that more posts doesn't mean sacrifice on quality. Post as frequently as you can while producing quality content.

2] Build Your BLURT Power - Now that you're creating quality content frequently you should start to earn more BLURT with each post. It may take a couple weeks, maybe months depending on how active you are but I strongly recommend building your BLURT power while you are earning from your initial content. It's your money and I wont tell you what to do with it.

But I will tell you there are advantages to saving and building your BLURT power. The faster you build your BP, the faster you can start to earn on curation. So when you're out there engaging and dropping votes on peoples posts and comments, the value of these votes will start to increase and will be noticed by those on the receiving end. This will in turn will drive more visibility and engagement back to your content and your account. It's compounding.

More BLURT Power shows you have stake in the blockchain and a level of commitment. People will notice this and understand that you aren't a fly by night blockchain villain after a quick buck. It demonstrates that you are here to build for the long term, and earn for the long term.

3] Curate Quality Content - Ah yes, curation, one of my favourite subjects! In fact I've written a whole post on curation which you can read here. Content creation aside, curation is or will eventually be a viable and important way to earn BLURT.

Post rewards are split 50/50 to author and curators. This is a significant amount to curators, and not all platforms are this generous towards curators, so take advantage of this. Target quality content, try to vote earlier on the post, within the first hour if possible. Use your voting power each day until it's down to 80-85% then let it recharge overnight and repeat the following day.

Now that you're creating content, and building your BP, your curation rewards will gradually start to increase over time. When at 100% voting power you can cast 10 100% votes each day before your voting power is diminished down to 80%. Or you can cast 20 50% votes,... or mix it up, dropping large votes on the best quality content and saving some smaller votes for other deserving content. To each there own.

Summary: Author quality content frequently, all the while building your BP. Use your growing BP to earn on curation rewards by putting your voting power to work for you!

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Seldom I read such helpful post with so much enthusiasm. I included a link to this article in my last post. Too bad that Reblurt is currently not working.

Thanks for the link and kind words! I just fixed up some typo's, it should now read a little better. Re-blurts would be nice, I should ask if that feature is in the pipeline..

Wonderfully written. It reminded of a rule of effective communication: Inform the reader of what you will say, convey it, repeat (summarize) what you said.

exactly, all techniques for more effective communication!

This is exactly right. I would add one more thing if you are starting from scratch it would be good to join some of the community contests for visibility and for rewards. There are great contests going on all the time here. If you haven't already then join ours #artblurt. Visiting others and commenting and curating makes this blockchain alive.

Great suggestion to join community contents and initiatives!

Yes, the Notifications feature is an awesome new feature √

Ah cool, watching the blockchain with an exploror! That's one way of keeping an eye on things. Thanksfully now it's built right into the UI 💪

Great post. Yes. Build up Blurt Power by posting original content, then earn through Curation. It adds up.

To each there own, but I thought I should encourage building blurt power. Not only will you earn more on curation down the road but it's good for the platform in general.

Yes.... that’s what I said.... build up Blurt Power.

At some time, I'm earning more from comments compared to my posts. However, since more #blurtinitiatives are curating specific content, it's a lot easier to gain attention and also earn some juicy upvotes.

What you outlined here are critical points for new & veteran users to have a good presence in Blurt. Great job!

**Thanks for the nice words! ** I really wanted this info to be suitable for those new to crypto blogging, a bit of guidance to start them on the right path.

Yeah, good to see the curation projects taking off., Curation for topics certainly provides an incentive for content creation, I think it's doing a good job of rewarding creators. It will also bring out the best creators, and probably expose those that need improvement.

I always make sure to give quality comments on as many posts as I can because no all people are here for rewards. Many people post here because they want quality feedback or some appreciation about their hard work.

And I totally agree with you about giving votes even if they are small. Right now my votes are just 0.0 but I make sure to vote because it is always good to cultivate good habits.