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There's a coordinated effort to reduce spam on the Blurt blockchain, and we're taking a bit out of spam!

Personally I don't think I'd be able to actually take a bit of spam without being sick to my stomach, is it just meat, in a can? or is it..who knows what?

But in all seriousness there's a coordinated effort going on behind the scenes to take down accounts that:

  • Plagiarize content
  • Impersonate other accounts
  • Farm curation votes

We're cleaning up the streets! Keeping it safe for all fair and honest content creators.

With the increased curation efforts on Blurt, which is a fantastic initiative, there's sadly been an increase in bad actors creating accounts and fake posts in order to receive upvotes from these curation accounts.

To some degree I think this can be expected, and it certainly doesn't help when curators don't due their due diligence to determine if an account/content is legitimate or not. Call this lazy curation if you want, but it's a learning processes that some will inevitably need to go through.

Introducing C.O.A.L.

This isn't a secret initiative, the info is available in the Blurt Discord and within public repositories. COAL is Blurts bad actor list, it stands for Collaboratively Organized Abuse List.

It's a team effort to reduce spam and fake accounts on the Blurt chain. Once an account is added to COAL they loose the ability to receive upvotes on the UI, essentially these accounts are demonetized.

Presently your anti-spam team is comprised of @agr8buzz @skybuds420 @ericit @zahid and @megadrive. It's not glamorous work but it helps ensure rewards are going to honest content creators!

If you suspect an account of being fake or farming votes/curation feel free to speak up in the Blurt Discord, you can let anyone with the Warden role know and we'll take it from there. It's a team effort, and gradually spammers will realize it's just not worth their time.

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I really like reading this publication, because it is important that all users are informed of all the human work that the blurt team is doing every day, in part it shows the desire of each of us who make life in blurt.
You share that we want this to work and each one puts their best effort.
However, we must consider that we are human beings and we can make mistakes, but as you mention in your publications, everything is learning.
Good vibes.

Agreed, I think it's good that people know what is happening behind the scenes. And if anyone ever has a question I encourage them to just ask me.

Let's keep Blurt clean folks :)

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good job bro