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Life is very simple if we know how to live within our means. It is not as complicated as we often take it. Truth be told all fingers are not equal - some people are born into affluence and they do not need to work too much to live the best life. While, on the other hand, some are not born with a silver spoon, therefore they have to work extra hours in order to live the kind of life they deserve. Having said that it is important to cut your coat according to your cloth.


Nowadays, social media have made so many young people think they can become billionaires in a day as a result of the lavish lifestyle that is shown off by some set of people. Whereas, most of these people live a fake life. They borrow clothes, cars, jewelries and so on to take pictures to oppress their peers on social media. Some people go to beautiful hotels, lounges and resort centers to take pictures to post on social media to "pepper" their friends and associates.

It's a pity to what extent some people go to in order to impress. They give young people the impression that they are a failure because the are not driving a car, or dressing the way they dress or hanging out with different ladies every day. Well, we have seen how some of them ended. I'd not mention names but you can see for yourself in the news and on the internet.

Some people take their children to schools they cannot afford just because their friend's children are in that school or a better school. Some buy cars on loans, rent houses they cannot ordinarily afford and have to live in debt. All these to impress? Why go through all these stress when you can buy a car or rent a house within your budget? Why?

Why do people fail to live within their means? Economists will tell you that when your expenditure is more than your income you would end up in debts.

The people who you want to impress would not be their to assist you when you eventually cannot put up with the fake lifestyle rather you'd become a laughing stock and subjected to mockery among your friends and family.


Life is not a competition in any way. We came to these world differently and you are not mandated to impress anyone.

Learn to be yourself and do not try to impress anyone.

All contents are originally written by me, @williams-owb


Williams Oluseyi is a Linguist by discipline from one Africa's Most Prestigious Citadel of Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University. He developed interest for blogging at very early stage which motivated him to study English Language in College. He is a prolific writer, an inquisitive and judicious reader, to say the least. To get his daily bread, he is currently working in a Logistics company in Nigeria.
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