BITSPORTS - Football / Soccer : Bologna vs Hellas Verona 2021-09-13 18.45.00

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BITSPORTS - Football / Soccer : Bologna vs Hellas Verona

Category: Soccer

Match Time: 2021-09-13 18.45.00 UTC*

(*) Times may be subject to change without prior notice.

How to Play

  1. If you don't already have a Blurt account, there are a few ways to get one:

    1.1. Join the Blurt Discord and ask in the #helpdesk channel for someone to please make you a Blurt account.
    1.2. Get a friend with an existing Blurt account to create one for you using this tool Blurt Self-Service Account Creator.
    1.3. Purchase a Blurt account with Credit card or Paypal.
    1.4. Purchase a Blurt account with Crypto.
    1.5. Download and install the Let's Blurt App APK, it allows each mobile device to create a free Blurt account.

  2. Simply vote for your favourite team or vote for a draw (if applicable) in the comments below. Vote only comments generated by the @bitsports account.

  3. For maximum share of the winners' pool, vote with 100% voting power.

  4. The payouts are stake-weighted so the more Blurt Power you have when you vote, the greater the share of the winning payout you will receive. Blurt can be purchased at any of the exchanges listed at

  5. In order to Power Up your new BLURT, simply withdraw BLURT from the exchange to your native Blockchain account and visit to Power Up.

General Information

  • The winning pool will be comprised of (Post Author Rewards + Winning Team comment Author Rewards + Losing Team(s) Comment(s) Author rewards) - 15% Bitsports commission - blockchain tx fee for the memo send.

  • It is not mandatory to vote the main post, however it adds to visibility on Blurt's trending page and the rewards will be added to the winners' pool.

  • Votes made after the time the game starts will not be counted, the additional author rewards from late votes will be added to the winners' pool.

  • Once the post pays out in 7 days, the winners will be sent a memo with a link to the winning comment and their share of the winnings.

  • You will always earn curation rewards from voting on the post or comment, everyone wins something!

  • Voting multiple teams with the same account will result in disqualification, our bot checks for that so don't be clever and try to hedge your predictions.

  • Please invite your friends to play, feel free to be social and discuss the match in the comments section below.

  • E&OE

2444.021 BLURT* Superstrike!

5% of the winners' pool of each game will be sent to the @superstrike account to accumulate over time until a winner emerges who consecutively wins 5 (five) games in a row. The winner of the Superstrike bounty will be automatically paid out the entirety of the funds held in the @superstrike account. Should there be multiple simultaneous winners, the prize will be shared between them equally. Once the prize has been won, it will start accumulating again with each game.
(*) This Superstrike value is a snapshot taken at the time of the creation of this post; for the real-time value check

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Winner list

Rewards split based on rshares

@chibuzorwisdom Reward: 2.284 BLURT (0.327% of 699.038)
@eastmael Reward: 45.005 BLURT (6.438% of 699.038)
@offgridlife Reward: 78.834 BLURT (11.277% of 699.038)
@stefano.massari Reward: 0.699 BLURT (0.100% of 699.038)
@blurtmob Reward: 478.980 BLURT (68.520% of 699.038)
@kahkashanrkploy Reward: 9.657 BLURT (1.381% of 699.038) Reward: 4.213 BLURT (0.603% of 699.038)
@sunsetrider Reward: 0.359 BLURT (0.051% of 699.038)
@blurtyield Reward: 79.008 BLURT (11.302% of 699.038)

Total Payout: 699.038 BLURT

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